The children of the Dragons' Den millionaire investors

Introducing the Dragons’ Den nepo babies, set to inherit their investor parents’ millions

Oh to be!

The Dragons’ Den investors are rich rich – which means their children are already living the high life. A few of the tycoons have big families, and enjoy the finer things in life with those closest to them.

But what is it like to have a parent who spends their money investing in businesses on the telly? The Dragons’ Den investors who have kids of their own have shared a bit about their lives, and even how they intend to go about making sure their kids don’t just rely on inheriting their huge sums of cash.

Here is a rundown of all the children of the current Dragons’ Den investors.

The richest Dragons’ Den investor Peter Jones has five children

Dragons’ Den OG Peter Jones is an actual billionaire, and is set to share his worth with five – pretty vibey – children. He has four daughters, called Annabelle, Isabella, Natalia and Tullula, and a son called William. Annabelle and William are shared with his ex-wife, and Peter’s three other daughters are with current wife, interior designer Tara Capp.

Natalia is 21, Isabella is 18, and Tullula is 17. Talia has loads of famous followers on Instagram, and posts pictures constantly on holiday in locations such as LA, The Bahamas, Corfu and Dubai. Her page is literally all vibey holiday pictures. Izzy has recently finished her A-Levels, and Tullula doesn’t share much, as she has a private Instagram account.

Annabelle and William are much older, with William often seen in pictures playing golf with his dad and other famous faces. Annabelle works in a nursing home, and published a book called You Are You in 2021. She is currently pregnant, expecting her first baby.

Peter has been quite open in the past about how he supports his children financially. He has said he does help them out, but based on “incentive”. He’s said he will give “money on top” of what they earn themselves, so if his kids don’t get a job and earn, he will give them nothing extra. “Every year for the rest of their lives the trust will double their income,” he explained.

Touker Suleyman has two daughters

Touker Suleyman, who has a net worth of a very casual £200million, has two daughters, called Tashia and Taya. They are 25 and 21 respectively.

The fashion mogul has clearly passed on his interests to his girls, as Tashia is a fashion stylist and her work has appeared in Vogue before. Taya is currently studying English Literature and History of Art at Edinburgh University.

Sara Davies has two young sons

Sara has been married to her husband, Simon Davies, since 2007. They met as teenagers, and have been together ever since. The couple co-founded the business Sara runs, Crafter’s Companion, which has made her a multi-millionaire. The couple have two young sons – Oliver and Charlie.

Oliver is 10 and Charlie is seven, and Sara shares loads of wholesome pictures of their family life on her Instagram. She has told The Sun she wants her boys to grow up not “banking on” her inheritance, and said if they do grow up like that, she will be inclined not to give her cash to them. Sara has a current net worth of an estimated £37million.

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