Old pictures of Love Island’s Molly have resurfaced and she’s had a huge transformation

She used to not even be blonde!

Molly Marsh is the Love Island 2023 Islander everyone is talking about – so it’s no surprise people have gone hunting for old pictures to see her transformation. And, surprise surprise! She’s had a pretty wild one.

Molly is a content creator, drama girlie and influencer – so these days her socials are pretty slick and well put together. But, back in the day, she was victim to dodgy makeup trends and over filtering photos just like the rest of us.

A bunch of old photos of Molly Marsh are floating around Instagram and TikTok at the moment, showing her transformation over the years, way before Love Island 2023 time.

Old photos of Molly Marsh show her Love Island 2023 transformation

via Instagram

On Instagram, there are photos from 2017 and 2018, when Molly would have been around 16, and they show her rocking brown hair and giving major Marina and the Diamonds flashbacks.

It’s the garden photo shoot in front of a brick wall, for me.

via Instagram

There’s also a TikTok of her transformation going around, and the picture shows Molly with much more bold eyebrows, and dark, heavy eye makeup. “Molly became a natural queen,” one person said in the comments.

Old photos of Molly Marsh show her Love Island 2023 transformation

via TikTok

Speaking previously, Molly said she has had Botox and veneers in the past, despite saying she doesn’t feel the need to change herself as she wants to be a “role model” to younger followers.

“I’m very strong on the opinion of don’t change yourself for anything or anyone,” she said. “I don’t or never have felt pressure to do so. I want to be a role model for my sister more than anything. And for my younger followers.

“Being natural is beautiful. I’ve never had anything to change what I look like. I don’t think I ever will – I wouldn’t want to.”

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