‘It was total madness’: Tink has spilled all after being dumped by Montel following Casa Amor

‘In the nicest possible way, Leah can have him’

Last night was one of the most dramatic Casa Amor recouplings ever. One of the biggest Love Island 2023 moments so far came when Tink made some confessions about herself and Montel, after he’d decided to stick with Leah.

In short: Tink was pissed. She seemed pretty sure Montel was going to pick her over Leah, and said their time in bed together “hadn’t been PG” and that Montel had told her he liked her more than Leah. But, in the end, Tink was dumped and now Montel has some explaining to do. So, what has Tink had to say following her Love Island exit?

Tink after Casa Amor on Love Island 2023

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How does Tink feel to have left Love Island?

After being so sure she was going to be chosen and have a ticket into the villa, Tink must have been pretty gutted that her Love Island journey came to an end so quickly. “Obviously it is sad to be leaving, especially because it’s short and sweet but that’s to be expected with Casa Amor,” she said. “I was still shocked as I didn’t expect it from what I thought was the genuine connection I had with Montel, so I was 90 per cent sure I would stay.”

‘I was flabbergasted, he gave me no inclination he would sway to Leah’

When asked if she genuinely was shocked by Montel’s decision to stick with Leah, Tink said she was, and added: “I think my reaction shows it all. I was flabbergasted because of the time I spent with him and the things he had said to me.

“Montel told me that in the two days that we had together he knew we had a lot more in common than him and Leah. We had similar interests with our friends and family life being the same – he gave me no inclination that he would sway back towards Leah. He was very open and instigated a lot, asking me to stay in his bed and pulling me to the terrace.”

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 ‘In the nicest possible way, Leah can have him’

Now that all this is over, is there bad blood with Tink and Montel? She described him as “a caring person” and said she does think he feels bad for how he treated her. “We probably would have been friends if none of this would have happened because of how much we have in common,” she said.

She added: “For me if you can move mad like that I don’t want any involvement. In the nicest possible way, Leah can have him…”

Tink still thinks things could have turned out differently for her on Love Island

Tink and Montel on Love Island 2023

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“I do think a bit of extra time would have solidified how Montel felt which could have meant things turned out differently,” Tink said. She added that got on well with Sammy, who was “attractive” and made all the girls “feel welcome”.

Talking friendships overall, Tink said she was close with all the other Casa Amor girls, but her “bestie” was Tyrique. “I can’t wait to see him when he gets out,” she said. “I was welling up around the fire pit. He has been so golden in there and shown real growth, so I really felt for him.”

Overall, how did Tink find the Casa Amor recoupling of Love Island 2023?

Tink said: “It was total madness. Outside of my situation with Montel, the most shocking moment was seeing Tyrique stand on his own at the fire pit. Even though he said he missed the game he really has shown a lot of growth and he was so honest in his speech.”

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