A rundown of all the times Jessie tried to get famous before Love Island 2023

This wasn’t her first rodeo!

Jessie Wynter was pretty famous before Love Island 2023, from her time on the Australian version of the show. Because of that, a lot of people initially questioned her authenticity and if she really liked Will, or if she was just there to get a few more Instagram followers and a brand deal.

But, being on Love Island Australia isn’t the only time Jessie has had a go at TV – this definitely isn’t her first rodeo. Our gal has been carving her way to minor fame for years, she’s really put in work.

Here’s a rundown of all the times Jessie tried to get famous before Love Island 2023. You have to respect the graft.

She was on Love Island Australia in 2019

Jessie Wynter was famous before Love Island 2023

via Love Island Australia

Obviously the most obvious one is when Jessie was on Love Island before. Jessie’s first TV appearance was on Love Island Australia, when she was in the 2019 series.

She was an OG Islander, made it to the final, and left with her then boyfriend – but they broke up a few months later. She had an up and down ride in the Aus series too, breaking up with one guy she was with on the show because she thought he was on the show for fame.

Last year, Jessie was on a show where OnlyFans creators went to work on a farm

via OF.TV

Last year Jessie appeared on a show called Model Farmers, and it’s everything you’d expect from a trashy TV show with a title like that. The show saw women who are OnlyFans creators swap their glamorous lifestyles to work on a farm.

The girls had to work in teams for a week, and get stuck in down the farm – quite literally – in a bid to be a named a “model farmer”. It featured Jessie, as well as 2021 Islander Shannon Singh and 2017 Casa Amor Islander, Danielle Sellers.

She was entering beauty pageants right up until her Love Island Australia days

Jessie was competing in beauty pageants until weeks before she entered the Love Island Australia villa. She competed in Miss Universe Australia and, although she didn’t win the competition, she went far and managed to get to the final.

“The key thing I learned in Miss Universe Australia is it’s actually not looks-orientated. It’s all about what you bring with your personality,” she told 9Now. “When I walked out on that stage in a bikini, no one was looking at all the little flaws. I could see they were looking at my facial expression, like am I enjoying it? Am I engaging with the crowd? That’s what people are looking for. It’s not about all looks. It’s about what you got on the inside.”

Jessie was influencing from day one

Jessie Wynter was famous before Love Island 2023

via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

Jessie was influencing before most of us even knew what the word meant. From the moment she could, Jessie was posting ads and making a name for herself on Instagram.

The first, most obvious advert on her page is with GHD – back in 2018. “Ok I’ve always loved my GHD but the new GHD Platinum+ Smart Styler is next level 😍,” she said, with a picture of her holding her straighteners.

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