Love Island 2023’s Ella has had a wild transformation over the years

Wow, ok then!

Old pictures of Love Island 2023 contestant Ella Thomas have been circulating, and the transformation she’s had is pretty wild.

A TikTok account has dug out some pictures from way back, and people are also sharing pictures of when Ella was blonde, after it was spoken about on the show.

On TikTok, a really old picture of Ella on holiday has been shared. Her vibe is completely different, with a bold red lip and statement eyebrows and makeup, much like how many of us did our faces back in the 2010s. “That does not look like Ella at all,” someone has commented.

Ella Thomas before and after Love Island 2023 transformation

via TikTok

In the comments, a few people have pointed out that Ella has extremely defined cheeks now, but it looks as though she’s always had prominent cheeks, and she’s never spoken about filler or cosmetic work. Some are just blessed with a model face, and Ella literally is an award-winning model!

There are also a few old pictures of Ella circulating on Instagram, showing her pre Love Island 2023 transformation. It’s mainly her style and makeup trends that have changed, but she does look really different.

Old pictures of Ella Thomas from Love Island 2023

via Instagram

In the first episode of Love Island this year, Ella said she already knew Tyrique, who she’s coupled up with. He said he didn’t remember her because she was blonde at the time, so naturally, people went straight to Instagram to find out how different she really did look.

Ella Thomas Instagram

via Instagram @ellathomas_

The blonde pictures aren’t from that long ago, around February this year, and The Tab did some further digging and found the exact place and time where Tyrique and Ella must have met.

23-year-old Ella also appeared in a music video before she was on Love Island, with Headie One and Burna Boy. What a life!

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