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From start to finish, all the drama that happened between Love Island’s Jake and Liberty

They very nearly became the nation’s sweethearts of 2021

Love Island: All Stars is finally here, which means we’re getting the pure chaos of 2021 Islanders Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish back in the villa together. What could possibly go wrong?

You probably remember the rough vibe of Liberty and Jake’s Love Island journey: It was all going so well, and then it all went so tragically wrong. So, as they head to South Africa to reunite, here’s a complete recap of all the drama that went down when they first met in the villa, until now.

Jake and Liberty coupled up on the very first day of Love Island 2021

Jake and Liberty together during Love Island

via ITV

From day one, Jake and Liberty looked like they were going to be the golden couple of Love Island 2021. We’d seen it work with Jack and Dani in 2018, and we were calling out for a couple to get together on the very first day, and win the whole thing.

Jake and Liberty coupled up on the first day, and stayed together for the majority of the series. During the second week of the show they went on their first date together, and they were the first couple to open up The Hideaway that year.

Ahead of Casa Amor, Jake and Liberty went official

Just before the big Casa Amor twist, Jake famously asked Liberty to be his “guuuurlfriend” and they were official. The couple both stayed loyal during Casa, and came back and continued their relationship.

Despite being loyal to Lib, Jake got loads of flack after Casa because he’d been egging on the other boys to test their relationships and crack on with the new girls.

Jake and Liberty together during Love Island

via ITV

Things went downhill for Liberty and Jake after Movie Night

It’s safe to say Liberty wasn’t too impressed with Jake egging on the boys during Casa Amor, especially seeing as she’d built up a lot of close friendships with the girls. A clip shown to the villa also showed Jake confessing he didn’t want to “rip Liberty’s clothes off”. This of course was what created the meme moment of Jake reassuring Liberty, and calling her his “guuuurlfriend” over and over.

Lib also pondered over the fact she told Jake she loved him way before he returned the gesture, and the girls sat her down and told her Jake might just be saying what she wanted to hear.