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Uh-oh! People have spotted another dodgy editing error in Love Island 2023

Ok, this one was so obvious how did producers not spot it?!

Here we go again! Love Island 2023 viewers have spotted another editing error on the show, this time from the episode when Ruchee left the villa.

It was sad when Ruchee left, after the Islanders had the tough decision between whether to send either her or Ella home. They chose to save Ella, given her connection with Tyrique, and Ruchee had to say her goodbyes, and pack up her things.

During these scenes, there was a very obvious moment when all the Islanders were gathered by the villa’s front doors, seeing Ruchee as she left. Mehdi made a big point of handing Ruchee her named water bottle, and then Ruchee hugged everyone, with the water bottle in hand, and was seen walking down the front entrance of the villa, swinging her bottle in the air.

Editing error with Ruchee and her water bottle in Love Island 2023

via ITV

Then, straight away after the scene, it cut to the boys all gathered in the kitchen discussing the recoupling and vote. Mitch was talking about his “game plan” with Molly, and they were reflecting on the decision they had to make to send Ruchee home.

Buuuuut, whose water bottle is on the side next to them as they’re doing this? Ruchee’s! This isn’t even a cut away scene which might have just been some background footage used to fill a transition, it’s literally as the boys are stood there talking about Ruchee leaving!! We saw her take that water bottle with her!!

Editing error with Ruchee and her water bottle in Love Island 2023

via ITV

I’m confused, and someone needs to explain HOW this has happened, right now.

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