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Phoebe Kowhai
Bournemouth University

Universities, student lifestyle, campus culture, higher education, All Below Deck franchises, Selling Sunset, rock music

  • Phoebe Kowhai oversees all of The Tab's 30 local sites which are directed regionally at different universities
  • She is an expert on universities, student lifestyle, campus culture and higher education having been a part of a local Tab team whilst at university
  • In her free time, Phoebe Kowhai enjoys backpack travelling, having visited over 30 countries, and attending concerts


Phoebe Kowhai joined The Tab in 2022 after graduating. Whilst at university, Phoebe Kowhai joined The Tab Nottingham as a student contributor, going on to become Features Editor and eventually Co-Editor in Chief.


Phoebe Kowhai graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2022 with a BA Honours in Liberal Arts, majoring in English Literature and minoring in Classics.


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Teenager dies in hospital after car hits pedestrian outside Oxford Brookes University

Police are now appealing for witnesses or any dashcam footage of the incident

This is what AI thinks students at each Russell Group look like and it’s honestly insulting

Leeds was done so dirty

Saltburn to You: Every time a UK university campus has been used for filming

Imagine bumping into Jacob Elordi on the way to the library

Actually good Valentine’s gifts guaranteed to make them fall in love with you (fast)

Your situationship won’t know what’s hit ’em x

All the glaringly obvious signs Taylor Swift’s new album is about Joe Alwyn

Miss girl wasn’t even trying to be subtle

Five months on from filming, this is who from The Traitors season two is still friends

You just know the group chat is comedy gold

Loads of The Traitors season two cast are on Cameo now – here’s how much they charge

I would pay anything for a video from Mother Diane

All the shows you need to watch if you loved The Traitors to fill the void of it ending

I need something to make me feel alive again

Just a bunch of cute pics of The Traitors season two cast hanging out since filming ended

Jasmine and Zach are finally friends again!

Photos of Claudia Winkleman with light hair have resurfaced and she looks wildly different

In my mind she came out of the womb with a fringe

Not to alarm anyone but Barry Keoghan has teased a deleted Saltburn kissing scene

I am screaming, crying, begging for a director’s cut

17 juicy behind the scenes facts and production secrets about how The Traitors is made

Before every banishment the cast are made to listen to The Hanging Tree from The Hunger Games soundtrack

A brief history of all of Paul’s desperate attempts to get famous before The Traitors

He literally had his own TV show in 2012

All the subtle and seriously clever foreshadowing in Saltburn you definitely missed

Who knew Oliver and McLovin had so much in common?

All the completely unforgivable historical inaccuracies in Saltburn

Sorry, am I watching Saltburn or Back to the Future?

All the contestants from season two of The Traitors who have previously been on other shows

Take a shot for everyone who was on Deal or No Deal

PSA! Below Deck is holding an open casting call for the next season, here’s how to apply

All my yachtie dreams are about to come true!!!

Believe it or not, Ebraheem from Dubai Bling has actually been married three times

He first got married when he was only 17!

The juicy production secrets and behind the scenes facts you need to know about Saltburn

Everything about this film is absolutely unhinged and I’m so here for it

Um, Diane from The Traitors actually has a famous actor son who was in Game of Thrones

She didn’t tell him she was going to be in the show before it aired!

Who is Diane from The Traitors? The retired teacher who’s already reached icon status

Her son is a famous actor who was in Game of Thrones!

Who is Hasnain Lehri? LJ Adada’s millionaire, model boyfriend who proposed on Dubai Bling

He was voted one of the sexiest men in the world

The end of an era! Chrishell has hinted she’s leaving Selling Sunset after the next season

What are we going to do without mother???

All the signs that Madeline Argy and Central Cee are already back together

Mum and dad have reunited!!!

How to see your Astrocartopgraphy Map TikTok is obsessed with, and what it actually means

Apparently my best chance at finding love is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

The key characters you need to be following on TikTok for all the 9 month cruise drama

Who wants to buy me a ticket? It’s only a cool $60k

Almost a year on from filming, this is who from Squid Game: The Challenge is still friends

Some of the allegiances were definitely fake

Talking bans to deleting social posts, a look inside the Squid Game: The Challenge contract

There was allegedly even a clause that said the winner couldn’t share the money with any other players

This is why the winner of Squid Game: The Challenge hasn’t received the prize money yet

It’s been almost a whole year

Millionaire make outs and celeb gal pals: Inside Sophie Turner’s hot girl post-divorce life

We stan an unbothered queen

Surprise! Selena Gomez is already back on Instagram after threatening to delete her account

She lasted a whopping …seven days

Luke from MAFS previously tried to find love, and fame, on another reality dating show

He had to move all the way to Spain for it!

What the Love Is Blind season five cast actually do, according to their LinkedIns

Why do I feel like Uche is trying to get me to join a pyramid scheme

All the desperate ways this year’s MAFS UK contestants tried to get famous before the show

Take a shot for everyone who was previously on Celebs Go Dating

Not another one! MAFS UK’s Laura was also on Celebs Go Dating and dated Gary Lucy

She also went on a date with Pete Wicks

Twilight transformations: This is how different the cast look 15 years later

Charlie Swan is still daddy

Dive into the vibey Instagrams of the Below Deck Mediterranean season eight crew

Tumi is back!!!

Married At First Sight UK’s Georges was on Celebs Go Dating and went on date with TOWIE icon

Aged 25, he said on the show he was a professional model

Netflix icons, TikTokers and pop stars: Inside Olivia Rodrigo’s mega famous friendship group

At this point, who isn’t she friends with?

So, what happened between Below Deck Down Under’s Tzarina and Joao after they left the boat?

Tzarina said she saw Joao’s ‘true colours’ when he came to Palma to with her

‘The children were not abducted’: Joe Jonas’ lawyer responds to Sophie Turner lawsuit

In a statement to The Tab he claims the lawsuit is ‘misleading’

It’s getting messy: Every bombshell detailed in Sophie Turner’s lawsuit against Joe Jonas

Sophie allegedly found out about the divorce through the media

Sophie Turner is suing Joe Jonas to bring their two children ‘home’ to the UK

The lawsuit alleges the two children are being ‘wrongfully retained’ in New York City

Right, are Below Deck Down Under’s Culver and Jaimee still together?

The couple left the boat together in the final episode

Chef Tzarina has explained why there won’t be a Below Deck Down Under season two reunion

She said on Instagram that the cast are trying to ‘protect Margot’

Posho ranking: These are the universities with the most private school students in 2023

Who let the Tories out?

This is where you’ve seen the cast of Netflix’s new rom com Love At First Sight before

I will watch literally anything with Hayley Lu Richardson in

Guys, the new ‘explosive’ season of Married at First Sight UK is starting THIS MONTH

I’m so ready for the drama

All the Below Deck stars who have made an OnlyFans account since disembarking the boat

Natalya is also now a Playboy bunny!

MAFS’ Layton gave Melinda an ‘eternity ring’ to celebrate their one year anniversary

It’s so cute I can’t cope

Right, here’s exactly what is going on between Charli XCX, Rina Sawayama and Matty Healy

They’re going AT IT

Vinted girlies and skater boys: All the best dressed people at Reading Festival 2023

Thankfully there wasn’t a Greggs bucket hat in sight this year

Phillip Schofield has been deleting his Instagram photos, including one of him and Holly

57 photos have been deleted from his account since his public scandal

All the friends who have stuck by Phillip Schofield since his public downfall

He has recently been seen for the first time since the affair dining with friends

Lavish trips and family time: Inside Holly Willoughby’s summer break after Schofield scandal

Holly extended her usual annual leave after Schofe left This Morning

University of Liverpool incorrectly told 119 students they had a place at the uni

The uni then sent a follow up email hours later revoking the places

TikTok has just discovered that Hello Kitty isn’t actually a cat and I am so confused

But she literally looks just like a cat???

Here we go again! Here’s Jeremy Clarkson’s annual A-level Results Day tweet

The day wouldn’t be complete without it

You did it! Here are all the freebies you can get this Results Day for surviving your A-levels

Because everyone loves free food

This Morning saga continues: Schofe’s been sinking pints and Holly’s had a HUGE pay rise

Plus: There’s a new presenter?!

These are the Russell Group unis that are currently offering courses through Clearing

There are nearly 2,000 courses up for grabs

Find out once and for all what your Ken job would be with this Barbie quiz

To beach or not to beach

Everything Phillip Schofield has been up to since his life came down in ruins

He’s still got a better social life than me

You’re fired! All the Below Deck yachties who were given the boot and why

I could do a better job and I’ve never stepped foot on a yacht in my life

Luke and Laura’s behaviour isn’t the first time crew have been inappropriate on Below Deck

It’s really not okay

A look inside the off-screen love lives of the wholesome Heartstopper cast

Look, I just wanna know if Kit Connor is single

Every time the colours and lighting in season two of Heartstopper had a deeper meaning

Just one more reason to absolutely adore this show

The Heartstopper creator has shared which season two moments were improvised by the cast

It’s literally all the cutest scenes, I am dying

From Taylor Swift to The 1975: A roundup of the Heartstopper season two soundtrack

Every single song is a banger

Every single book Isaac reads in Heartstopper season two and the meaning behind them

He’s such a little bookworm

There’s a fun little Marvel easter egg hidden in the second season of Heartstopper

I completely missed it!!

This is where the ‘Jeffy, did you get a speeding ticket?’ TikTok sound originally came from

Skrr skrr

Here’s the hilarious reason Ryan Gosling is always refusing to eat on camera

His commitment to the bit is admirable

They’ve graduated! Here are all the Love Island contestants who went to Russell Group unis

They’ve got beauty AND brains

This is where the ‘Where’s my dad? I’m all alone’ TikTok sound originally came from

It’s a real tear jerker

Guys, someone is selling the actual Prank Patrol van on Facebook Marketplace

Does anyone want to lend me £10k? x

These 19 crying Barbie memes show we’re all out here living the same female experience

I’m just a girl

Um guys, a study has found oat milk actually isn’t that good for you

Literally nothing will make me give up my silly little oak milk iced lattes

These are undoubtedly the biggest British child star glows ups of all time

Are glow ups only reserved for actors? Asking for a friend x

This is where you’ve seen the cast of Netflix’s new feature length thriller The Tutor before

I will watch literally anything with Noah Schapp in

Cryptic lyrics and lavish holidays: A rundown of Central Cee and Madeline Argy’s relationship

Are they looking for a third? x

Underage puppies, no water and deprived of sleep: Harmful practices of puppy yoga exposed

In some instances, puppies were taken away from their mother weeks before the recommended limit

These are the Russell Group unis you need to go to if you want to earn the most as a grad

Because let’s be honest, it actually is all about the money, money, money

I’ve finally found my dream job: You can now get paid £1,000 to binge watch Black Mirror

Sign me up!

An in-game tribute to Lance Reddick has been added to Horizon Forbidden West in latest update

‘Thank you Lance for everything you brought to the role of Sylens: your gravitas, energy, wisdom and more’

TikTok videos outline exactly what may have caused the submarine to implode

Those on board died instantly after the sub suffered a ‘catastrophic loss of chamber pressure’

A rundown of everything the submarine billionaire’s step-son has said since he went missing

After confirming his step-father was on the vessel, Brian Szasz attended a Blink-182 concert

Channel 5 to take ‘in-depth’ look into missing submarine during live documentary tonight

It will feature interviews with experts and individuals ‘close to’ those on board

St Andrews is best university in UK for student satisfaction, according to new league table

Oxbridge could never

Here’s how to get the red flag filter on TikTok everyone is using to expose themselves

It’s scary how accurate these are

Avocado toast and white linen trousers: 51 beige flags every posh girl can painfully relate to

8. Ordering a Guinness

Meet the Brookes students who got a private helicopter to see Beyoncé after finishing final exams

Surely the best graduation gift any student has received from their dad

These Race Across the World behind the scenes pics will make you want to sign up for the show

Oh to be running around Canada eating poutine

London student dies after ‘catastrophic’ allergic reaction to nuts at brother’s wedding

Tania Kaur Khasriya suffered a hypoxic brain injury which left her in a vegetative state

Omg, the woman who owns Chanel the parrot has been charged over an £800k cannabis haul

Maybe that’s why Chanel flew away

Guys, BeReal will now add the song you’re listening to on Spotify when you post

Still not enough to get me using BeReal again though

Four years on, this is what the cast of Race Across the World series one are up to now

They’re all still besties, I am literally weeping

What is WaterTok and why can’t Americans just drink regular water like the rest of us?

I will never take Ribena for granted again

University of Sheffield paid private investigators £40,000 to look into student occupations

The university has justified its actions by claiming other institutions do the same

St Andrews student went to A&E with headache told he had ‘tennis ball’ sized brain tumour

Rhudi Baume-Kennedy has made a recovery after undergoing multiple surgeries

Will and Kate are hosting an exclusive viewing party of The Crown for St Andrews students

A student from each course at the university will be chosen at random

The Norwich Tab is looking for new writers and we want you!

We’re hosting an open meeting on Wednesday 8th March at 4pm over Zoom

Warwick students are occupying The Oculus in protest of the Warwick Economics Summit

Student Action Warwick are also demanding the uni abolish all tuition fees

Sheffield students are occupying The Octagon in solidarity with striking university staff

And for some reason they’re wearing hazmat suits

Bournemouth Uni student arrested after faux bomb threat saw campus buildings evacuated

Dorset Police said the threat was made in a ‘malicious electronic communication’

Buildings evacuated and police present on Bournemouth University campus

Police responded to a call about a ‘malicious online communication’

Molly-Mae has announced the name of her daughter and it’s so wholesome

No one could have guessed this(!)

These are the Islanders who have the largest percentage of fake Instagram followers

How do they all have so many ?!

Put it in your diary: Here are the dates for the 18 days of strikes at University of St Andrews

There’s no point even getting out of bed this term

Who is Alix Earle? The new TikTok ‘it’ girl everyone is obsessed with

She has said that she loves Molly-Mae and wants to be like her

Oxford Brookes staff to strike for 18 days before Easter, beginning in just two weeks time

Strikes will begin on February 1st

Confirmed: The first day of strikes at Sheffield Uni and Sheffield Hallam is in two weeks

Strikes will begin on February 1st

Confirmed: The first day of strike action at University of St Andrews is in two weeks time

Strikes will begin on February 1st

Serial rapist police officer David Carrick has been dismissed from the Met Police

Carrick has plead guilty to 49 charges against 12 women

Staff at both Uni of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam set to strike for 18 days before Easter

Over 70,000 staff at 150 universities will be striking

University of Lincoln staff set to strike for 18 days before Easter

Over 70,000 staff at 150 universities will be striking

University of Warwick staff set to strike for 18 days before Easter

Over 70,000 staff at 150 universities will be striking

Bournemouth University staff set to strike for 18 days before Easter

Over 70,000 staff at 150 universities will be striking

UEA staff set to strike for 18 days before Easter

Over 70,000 staff at 150 universities will be striking

University of St Andrews staff set to strike for 18 days before Easter

Over 70,000 staff at 150 universities will be striking

A King’s professor has been recognised in the New Year Honours list

Professor Sir Vernon Bogdanor was appointed a knight for his contribution to political science

Arts University Bournemouth providing free tea and toast for students and staff on campus

This is just another initiative the uni is taking to help students with the cost of living crisis

Whilst you can’t afford to heat your home, the Vice Chancellor of Imperial is earning £700k

Last academic year saw lecturers go on strike for 18 days over pay

Not that we needed telling, but London has ranked as the best city in the world for 2023

Still bloody expensive though

A UCL law student has been recognised in the King’s New Year Honours list

Zakaria Dada was awarded a British Empire Medal for his community efforts during Covid-19

The rise and fall of OxShag, Oxford Uni’s casual sex database with every student’s details

Inside the 72-hour whirlwind of the seedy new site

Okay, so where did the ‘Didn’t I do it for you, Kermit?’ TikTok sound come from?

I will not rest until I have a long dog in my life

18-year-old arrested after bringing a knife into a Nottingham night club

No injuries were reported

OxShag will not be running this term as creator says they ‘made some poor choices’

In a comment made to The Tab, the creator has hit back at critics and told them to ‘have a laugh’

University of Warwick branded ‘cowards’ for putting trigger warnings on ‘offensive’ text

Sir Walter Scott’s novel Ivanhoe contains ‘offensive’ depictions of black slaves and Arab muslims

St Andrews student called ‘fashion God’ after wearing a bucket hat on University Challenge

Get him to Paris Fashion Week right now