Queen’s University Belfast to implement 11pm curfew on all Holylands student house parties

A leaked email has revealed students could face a £200 fine if they don’t adhere to the curfew

Queen’s University Belfast has issued a mandatory curfew for all students living in the Holylands order to tackle anti-social behaviour.

A leaked email sent to all staff revealed that at 11pm students hosting and attending house parties will be ordered to vacate the area, and keep noise to minimum after a “significant increase in the number of complaints” over the past few months.

The curfew will commence on 8th April, with Police Officers patrolling the Holylands for stray students, or anyone engaging in disorderly conduct.

Offending students will be disciplined using the university’s procedures and could face a £200 fine or even suspension.

In the email, Queen’s University Belfast said: “In recent weeks we have a significant increase in the number of complaints received from residents regarding disturbances caused by student gatherings, particularly during late hours.”

It stated it was “undeniable that students were responsible” for the anti-social behaviour and furthermore “the rowdiness and public disruption” due to excessive alcohol consumption had “a negative effect on local residents.”

“These measures are necessary to uphold the integrity of our community standard and to ensure that all students understand the seriousness of this issue.”

Despite the explicit ban on Queen’s students, no comments were made regarding the status of Ulster students living in the area.

Understandably, many were students upset over the decision. April Walsh, an anthropology undergraduate told The Tab Belfast: “The curfew is massively unfair. Hosting iconic house parties is literally my only personality trait. The university can’t do this to me, I’m going to have withdrawal symptoms.”

Biochemistry student Liam Murphy and his housemates came up with a cunning plan to get around the curfew: “I don’t get how they’ll check we’re students. I’ve always been told I look older than I am, and half my friends look like they’re taking their GCSEs.

“We’re planning on pretending to be a family if anyone asks and just sound proofing whatever walls we can.”

Whereas, Aisling McCarthy, a local resident who has lived in The Holylands all her life was overjoyed by the news: “It’s only right a curfew is imposed on students. The next step should be shutting down the university entirely. No one in Belfast cares about Queen’s anyway.”

You should probably check the date, you April fools!

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