One year on, this is what the cast of Race Across the World series three is up to now

The cast all still hang out and refer to each other as best friends

It’s now been over a since we we watched the wholesome cast of Race Across the World series four on our screens and nearly two years since the 10 contestants actually filmed the show.

Series three saw the duos try their luck at travelling the unforgiving landscape of Canada on a very tight budget, a feat that ultimately saw father and daughter pair Kevin and Claudia drop out due to lack of funds. Brothers Marc and Michael were first to leave the race, receiving their elimination text whilst in a tent as they were so far behind the others and hadn’t even made it to the check point. Obsessed with the fact that producers let them pitch the tent first before telling them.

Despite an extremely close race between the remaining three pairs, ultimately it was Tricia and Cathie who ended up winning the show and its £20,000 prize fund.

So, what have they all been doing since? Here’s a rundown of what all the cast members of series three of Race Across the World are up to now:

Tricia Sail and Cathie Rowe

Tricia Cathie Race Across the World

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The winners of Race Across of the World season three were childhood best friends Tricia and Cathie. During the race Tricia received a call from home to let her know that her husband’s kidney transplant, which he had received 16 years prior, had failed.

At the point of the show airing on TV which was almost a year since filming took place, her husband was still on dialysis and waiting for another kidney. Tricia told The Tab that due to diabetes and vascular disease which often comes alongside kidney failure, Mattie is now a double amputee and uses a mobility scooter to get around.

Tricia now lives in Devon and the 10 per cent vision she had left when on the show due to degenerative eye disease has now deteriorated even further, with Tricia claiming she will eventually lose all sight.

Since returning home, Tricia and Cathie trekked the Great Wall of China together in October last year and Cathie went on a cruise with her dad in January. They also spent a weekend at GoApe hanging out with fellow Race Across the World contestants Mobeen and Zainib.

But most excitingly, Tricia and Cathie are returning to Canada in June to revisit some of the places they ran through and meet up with the couple, Dean and Teri-Lynne, who gave them a free lift right at the end of the race.

Mobeen Qureshi and Zainib Khan

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University sweethearts, Mobeen and Zainib, who met whilst studying at Glasgow are both doctors within the NHS and presumely went back to being a psychiatrist and orthopaedic surgeon respectively. The couple had already been open in earlier episodes of the series about their struggle with fertility and the final episode of the Race Across the World saw the couple meet Brent, who told them about how he was adopted whilst he gave them a free lift.

The couple have continued disclosing online their infertility journey, campaigning for more awareness around the issue. The pair have stayed in touch with pretty much all their cast mates, attending football matches with Marc but particularly with Tricia and Cathie, labelling them their besties.

Their around the world adventure even inspired Mobeen’s parents, both in their 60s, to go an adventure of their own and they undertook a three week road trip driving from Manchester to Lahore in Pakistan.

Ladi and Monique Ajayi

Race Across the World series three cast now

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Father and daughter Ladi and Monique quickly became fan favourites on the show and narrowly missed out on the £20,000 prize pot coming in third place. Before the show, Ladi worked as the head of sport for a consultancy company which focused on organisational change, a job which he returned to after filming was over.

Monqiue has since started a new job as a project manager for a financial services company but has also continued modelling on the side. The family duo also started up a podcast together called Generations Unplugged. Both Monique and Ladi have kept up their love of travel and between have visited Tanzania, Dominican Republic and Thailand where Monique got engaged!

Claudia and Kevin Dawkins

Race Across the World series three cast now

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Claudia and Kevin had a rocky relationship to say the least which reached a head when they ran out of money, forcing them to withdraw from the race early. Before the show, Claudia worked marketing for a company called Kingfisher which is the parent company for DIY brands like B&Q and Screwfix. Claudia is still at Kingfisher and was promoted in February to brands communications manager.

Claudia has continued travelling and has visited India, Greece, Egypt, Czech Republic, France and Turkey since the show ended. Most recently, she and longterm partner Aaron bought a house together and a sausage dog which the named Slinky.

Kevin isn’t on any social media and Claudia hasn’t posted any photos with her father since the show except for throwbacks to filming so it is unclear what he is doing now.

Marc and Michael Sally

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The first duo to be evicted in Race Across the World season three were brothers Marc and Michael without even making it to the checkpoint. Since the show Marc has visited Rome, the Vatican City, Edinburgh, the Canary Islands and the Peak District with his partner Katie before the couple brought in the new year by purchasing a house together.

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Marc has also stayed in touch with his fellow Race Across the World contestants and attended a football match with Mobeen saying that the pair “clicked instantly” from the first conversation they had. Both Michael and Marc have also kept in touch with Claudia, with photos of the trio hanging out shared online.

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