Winter Love Island winners Kai and Sanam are quitting fame to focus on their relationship

‘You have to decide what you want more – the fame or the person you’re in a relationship with’

Winter Love Island winners Kai and Sanam are quitting fame so they can make more time for each other and  focus on their relationship.

Having just celebrated their one year anniversary last month, Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan have announced they are choosing each other over the life style that the fame from the show brought them.

“The difference between Love Island couples and ordinary couples is that there is a lot of pressure on the relationship when you leave the villa,” Kai told OK! “What makes Sanam and I different is that you have to decide what you want more – the fame that comes with the show, or the person you’re in a relationship with. You get invited to parties but we wanted each other more than that lifestyle. We enjoy every moment together and we do things the other person is interested in, too.”

They’ve pair have already made some big steps as a couple having moved in together just three months after the show ended and Kai even gave Sanam a promise ring in August last year, saying at the time: “The big one will come soon don’t worry.”

“I’ve never been interested in chasing fame. But being given the opportunity to go on a show like that at 24 years old, I think most people my age would have done the same. It opens doors, but it’s about how you use it.” Kai also said he’d never appear on a show like Love Island again: “I’d never go on Love Island again – you couldn’t pay me enough,” Kai added.

The couple made history in March 2023 after becoming the first ever couple to have met in Casa Amor to win the show. Despite pursuing a social media influencing career and posting regularly, Kai and Sanam have both now gone back to the jobs they had before Love Island.

Just 1o months after the show ended, Kai announced on his social media that he was returning to his day job of a semi-professional rugby player and made his Jamaica debut in October last year. Then only two weeks ago, Sanam followed suit similarly announcing via a get-ready-with-me video that she was returning to being a social worker.

Sanam said: “I didn’t go on Love Island for fame and I never had that sort of lifestyle before the show. I was a social worker beforehand and still am.”

This comes after Kai and Sanam very openly spoke about not getting offered work after the show. They said compared to previous winners they feel they’ve been offered little opportunities.

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