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You’re fired! All the Below Deck yachties who were given the boot and why

I could do a better job and I’ve never stepped foot on a yacht in my life

The Below Deck franchise has established itself being up there as one of the best shows on television. The drama is as good as any old drama you’d get on any reality show but there’s just something about it being set on a mega yacht that sets it apart. Whilst most of the yachties come on and do a great job, others doggy paddle, splash about a bit and inevitably sink. Honestly,  I could do a better job than some of them and I’ve never stepped foot on a yacht in my life. Here are all the crew members who have ever been fired from Below Deck and why:

Luke Jones – Bosun, Below Deck Down Under

Luke was fired from Below Deck

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Bosun Luke was fired in season four due to inappropriate behaviour on a night out. Whilst Stew Margot Sisson was sleeping, Luke entered her cabin while naked and got under the covers before producers stepped in. “We can’t do that,” a producer told him, “she said no.” Luke was forced out of Margot’s bed, but not before he slammed the door several times in producers faces before leaving and storming back to his cabin and swearing at producers. Luke was made to sleep off the boat that night and Captain Jason fired him the next day.

Laura Bileskaline – Stewardess, Below Deck Down Under

Laura was fired from Below Deck

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In the same season, Stew Laura was also fired for similar inappropriate behaviour. Not only did she verbally sympathise with Luke and expressed her disapproval that he had been fired, but she also gave Deckhand Adam Kodra an unsolicited massage in his bed causing producers to once again step in. Laura has since apologised about her behaviour on the ship. After the scenes aired, Laura issued an apology to her crew mates on her Instagram story, which has since been made private.

Kyle Dickard – Deckhand, Below Deck Down Under

Kyle was fired from Below Deck

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Self proclaimed “cowboy”, Texan Deckhand Kyle was fired in only the third episode for not only kissing one of the stews in front of the guests which pissed off Captain Kerry but he also threatened his roommate Nathan Morley with a “tussle” when Nathan politely asked Kyle to flush their communal toilet. Kerry deemed that he was a danger to the crew and he was booted off the boat.

Magda Ziomek – Stewardess, Below Deck Down Under

Magda was fired from Below Deck

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Ah, Magda. The ditsy stew was fired in the first season by Chief Stew Aesha Scott for being more focused on drama with her boyfriend than her job. Girl, dump him!

Ryan McKeown – Chef, Below Deck Down Under

Ryan was fired from Below Deck

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There were quite the aromas coming from the galley when Chef Ryan was onboard but it wasn’t his cooking, it was his stinking attitude. Ryan was only interested in cooking the food he wanted to cook and constantly criticised the guests requests leaving them, and Captain Jason, underwhelmed. Jason had to suffer through with Ryan longer than he wanted to as no chefs were available, but as soon as one was, Ryan was fired so fast. As he was walking off the dock on his departure, Ryan pulled his trousers down and mooned both the camera and boat crew with his bare arse. C’mon, it’s a little bit funny.

Shane ‘Sunshine’ Coopersmith – Deckhand, Below Deck

Shane was fired from Below Deck

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Poor Shane, despite a great attitude to life which got him the nick name “Sunshine”, he was just a bit shit. He left the laz door open, took a nap in the middle of the day and slept in one morning missing his shift. He kept a notebook of everything he learnt though so hopefully it was only up from there.

Elizabeth Frankini – Second Stewardess, Below Deck

Elizabeth was fired from Below Deck

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After the first charter, Chief Stew Francesca made Elizabeth Second Stew only to strip her of her double stripes later on. Elizabeth was never truly bad at her job but was just not very intuitive and it seemed as though Chess just sort of had it in for her from the get go. The beginning of the end for Elisabeth was when she mixed soap and bleach together in the laundry room, which they apparently used in World War II as “Mustard Gas”, and nearly poisoned the entire crew – even after Chess had told her to do it outside. The final straw, however, was when she slept in a guest cabin without asking permission and was fired with only two charters left.

Camille Lamb – Stewardess, Below Deck

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Stew Camille was fired on season 10 for having a general attitude problem and, in particular, did not get on with the Second Stew Alissa. They got into a screaming, fighting match whilst a charter was happening and guest were on board the boat which the Captain had to break up. Chief Stew Fraser made the call to fire Camille to get rid of the tension on board which caused Ben, her boat chirpse, to cry. Like, A LOT.

Alissa Humber – Second Stew, Below Deck

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Ironically, Alissa was fired shortly after Cami. Alissa was very good at her job which is why Fraser made her Second but after Camille was fired, her attitude grew to the point it got her fired. She had no respect for Sandy and her role and would often call her by her first name rather than Captain: “Thanks Sandy, I mean Captain.”

Chandler Brooks – Bosun, Below Deck

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Bosun Chandler was fired by Captain Lee in season five because Lee deemed they weren’t a “good fit” and had “no chemistry” to which Chandler replied that he was “so relieved” as he had been overwhelmed. I mean, at least he was honest.

Chris Brown – Deckhand, Below Deck

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Meathead Deckhand Chris Brown, no relation to the rapper, was fired after being just generally bad at his job. N’owt else about it. In his confessional, he naturally blamed everyone else for his fuck-ups rather than taking responsibility for his actions, saying: “I was just dealt a shitty hand and nobody seemed to do anything to help me with it.” His parting words leaving the boat were: “Who gives a shit?” Charming.

Leon Walker – Chef, Below Deck

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Look, Chef Leon and Chief Stew Kate Chastain were never going to get on, everyone could see that. And Leon even had the cheek to blame Kate for a fire that started in his galley. Ultimately though, it was him who was given the boot by Captain Lee.

Mila Kolomeitseva – Chef, Below Deck Med


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I watched the few episodes that Mila was in in season four in disbelief, she was just utterly terrible. She was so bad that it was funny. Despite apparently having years and years of training under her belt in numerous different cuisines, in many different countries, she served up a plate of nachos that looked like something my Sim would produce in Sims 2 with only one bar of cooking skill. The third stew, Anastasia, then had to step up and help her in the kitchen and eventually replaced her when Mila was fired after two charters.

June Foster – Third Stew, Below Deck Med

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After Mila left and Anastasia took the job of full time Chef, June was brought in as a new Third Stew. However, as not a professionally trained chef, Anastasia quickly became over-whelmed and moved back into the stewardess position and Below Deck living legend Chef Ben Robinson came in to save the day. This did result in there no longer being a job for June, Sandy: “Your position is now redundant” but tried to soften the blow by saying: “I’ll give you a great reference”.

Hindrigo ‘Kiko’ Lorran  – Chef, Below Deck Med

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Season five’s chef, Kiko, was possibly the nicest guy ever. He and Chief Stew Hannah had a great friendship which made his time on board run smoothly as it could. He did have some accomplishments such as doing a six course meal for 12 people, totalling 72 plates, but he just wasn’t up to the standard of a super yacht chef. Kiko was fired in the middle of dinner service but still made to finish the charter, and ironically the guests that charter had such an amazing time that they cried when they left the boat.

Hannah Ferrier – Chief Stew, Below Deck Med

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Below Deck icon Hannah Ferrier being fired was probably the biggest controversy in the history of the whole franchise. Hannah was fired mid season after Bosun Malia reported to Captain Sandy that Hannah had unregistered valium on board the boat, as well as a weed vape pen which Hannah claimed was only CBD to help with her anxiety. Hannah wasn’t always everyone’s cup of tea but no matter what Malia says, she definitely hounded Hannah out for not letting her bunk with her boyfriend.

Lexi Wilson – Second Stew, Below Deck Med

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The crew of season six of Below Deck Med all became super close and even all went on holiday together after the season was over. However, Second Stewardess Lexi Wilson never really bonded with the rest of the crew and got into repeated altercations with Chef Mathew and her other colleagues. One explosive fight in particular happened early on in the season after a crew night out that ended in the hot tub and things got so heated that production had to step in, although this was not shown. The growing tension with Mathew and the crew, along with Lexi’s insubordination to Chief Stew Katie Flood, ultimately saw her get fired. Reflecting on Lexi’s actions on Watch What Happens Live, Captain Sandy said: “[Her behaviour was] disturbing and I wish that the crew would have painted the picture for me. Just hearing it’s bad isn’t a description of behaviour. In the position I am in, I need details and I didn’t really get details until the end which is when I let Lexi go.”

Delaney Evans – Deck-Stew, Below Deck Med

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Poor Deck-Stew Delaney was thrown around like a rag doll and had to be fired twice before she actually left. She was initially brought on as Stew to support Chief Stew Katie Flood who was feeling over whelmed but it wasn’t until she was actually on the boat that Delaney revealed that despite what she had said on her CV, her only Stew experience was uncovering pre-made Costco sandwich platters. Ultimately, she was more hassle than she was worth and she was let go soon after arriving.

Raygan Tyler – Bosun, Below Deck Med

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I’m not sure Raygan actually read the job spec before stepping on the boat in season seven because she was in way over her heard. Her organisation was bad, she was a terrible leader and also spent the day in bed when she was meant to be on shift, throwing up and hungover before trying to play it off as food poisoning. My favourite moment was green deckie Jason asked Raygan what he should be getting on with and she replied, over the radio I hasten to add: “I don’t know. Anything you want really.” Needless to say Sandy fired her and promoted deckhand Storm Smith as her replacement.

Pete Hunziker – Lead Deckhand, Below Deck Med

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In season five of Below Deck Mediterranean, Lead Deckhand Pete made inappropriate sexually explicit comments to Chief Stew Bugsy but later apologised for his behaviour. Ultimately, Pete got away with a warning after Bugsy said she was happy to give him a second chance but he was demoted from his position as Lead Deckhand. However, after filming had wrapped for the show, Pete made an inappropriate comment online which saw him fired from the show itself and the series was edited to reduce his presence as much as possible.

Tom Pearson – Deckhand, Below Deck Sailing Yacht

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Tom was fired in season three after receiving more than one warning from Captain Glenn for preferring to lounge around chatting than actually working. The curtain came down on his time on the boat when he didn’t alert anyone to the fact the boat’s anchor was dragging during heavy winds whilst he was on watch, putting the boat and those on board in danger. Rookie error.

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