London student dies after ‘catastrophic’ allergic reaction to nuts at brother’s wedding

Tania Kaur Khasriya suffered a hypoxic brain injury which left her in a vegetative state

A London student has died four years after suffering from a “catastrophic” allergic reaction to nuts at her brother’s wedding.

Tania Kaur Khasriya suffered a hypoxic brain injury which left her in a vegetative state and saw her admitted into a nursing home where she received 24/7 care.

The 24-year-old’s palliative care was withdrawn with her family’s consent in April 2022 after a doctor ruled her to have “no appreciable quality of life”.

At an inquest into her death, the court heard how an ambulance was called to Mehfil Indian restaurant in Southall, west London after the then 18-year-old had become unconscious after suffering a cardiac arrest. Tania had tried to administer her own inhaler before collapsing.

The grieving family claim they informed the restaurant about Tania’s severe allergy but the restaurant disputes ever being told. The catering companies director, Rashmi Raikhy, provided booking forms which made no mention of any allergies and told the court that Tania had even tried some of the food at a tasting for the wedding banquet menu held months before the fatal incident.

Raikhy said: “The Khasriya family were regular customers and had eaten at the restaurant before; they knew our style of cooking. There was a tasting for the family members to try the food and Tania attended along with members of her family.

“One of the dishes was Sadabahar Paneer. Cashew nuts were used for the marinade for the paneer.

“I spoke with Mr Khasriya who said Tania had liked the food and enjoyed the meal despite being quite a fussy eater. We were not told that anyone attending had any allergies.”

Medical professionals caring for Tania at her Buckinghamshire nursing home said she “couldn’t physically or verbally communicate” any sense of “pain and distress” and it was “unclear” as to whether she could understand anything said to her.

Eventually, the decision was made by the family to have her CANH care, medical treatment to provide food and fluids to patients who cannot eat or drink, withdrawn.

Coroner Lydia Brown recorded a conclusion of accidental death as a direct result of Tania’s allergic reaction in 2018, saying: “What the family have been through does not bear thinking. I pass you my most sincere condolences on your loss.”

Story via SWNS.

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