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The Heartstopper creator has shared which season two moments were improvised by the cast

It’s literally all the cutest scenes, I am dying

Heartstopper season two dropped last week and if you didn’t binge watch it on the release day then you definitely spent your weekend watching each episode back to back. With the first season becoming somewhat of a cultural phenomenon with how just big it got, the second one was highly anticipated and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Having loved the first season so much I was worried the second season might fall short but it was just as heart warming as the first with a lot of cute scenes.

Whilst the Heartstopper script is obviously fantastically written making it the show we know and love, some of the scenes from season two were actually improvised by the cast. In an interview with, Alice Oseman, the shows creator and author of the graphic novels, revealed exactly what scenes from Heartstopper season two were improvised moments:

Charlie ruffling Nick’s hair in the opening montage

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The new season starts with a montage before the title card that shows Nick and Charlie’s first few months of being in a relationship where they’re super loved up. In the montage the couple are kissing a lot and none of this was scripted as the director wanted it to all feel super real. At one point, Charlie is seen ruffling and messing up Nick’s hair but Kit wasn’t informed this would be happening so we see his real genuine, reaction on screen.

In an interview with The Queer Review, about the opening montage, director Euros Lyn said:  “There’s a scene where they’re playing Mario Kart and Charlie’s losing, so he ruffles Nick’s hair. We improvise lots of these things with the actors and when we decided to do that I whispered it to Joe and we didn’t tell Kit it was going to happen. So that reaction that you see on screen is completely genuine. Kit’s going, ‘What the hell?! You’re doing this to me when I’m on television?!’ That sense of fun was was really important and really key for that sequence.”

Nick and Charlie fighting over the phone

In episode three, when the gang are in the woods, Nick tickling Charlie to get his phone back was improvised by kit. It’s so damn cute.

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The montage of Elle and Tao exploring the museum

Elle and Tao’s date in episode three at Musee de Montmarte was improvised by Yasmin and Will and I am so ready to believe that this moment was improvised as well because Will is so goofy in real life.

Nick and Charlie staying up all night in Paris

One of the cutest moments from season two is when Nick and Charlie pull an all-nighter after Tara’s party and just chat in bed. This scene was improvised by the pair.


Charlie and Nick slow dancing at the after-prom party

This one has got me right in my feels. Charlie and Nick slow dancing at prom was improvised by Joe and Kit.

All the meaningless background chatter

If you din’t want to be besties with the all already, Alice Oseman revealed that all the times we see characters in the background of scenes chatting away, this is all improvised and is actually just the actors all talking as friends.

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