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The key characters you need to be following on TikTok for all the 9 month cruise drama

Who wants to buy me a ticket? It’s only a cool $60k

TikTok has been completely taken over by people setting sail on a 9 month cruise and I am so here for it. Yes you read that right, a 9 month cruise. The boat named Serenade of the Seas by Royal Caribbean set sail from Miami on 10th December, and over its 274 day voyage will stop at over 60 countries, earning itself the nickname of “ultimate world cruise.”

With so many of the people on the cruise now emerging content creators, it seems a new character gets unlocked everyday and honestly at this point, it’s my favourite TV show. I just need them all to meet up stat so that the drama begin and I can lay back in my bed on the safety of solid, cold ground and watch the chaos unfurl through my screen. Here all the people you need to be following on TikTok who are currently onboard the epic 9 month cruise.

Brooklyn Schwetje


UWC BOARDING DAY!!!🌎🚢 #ultimateworldcruise #royalcaribbean #serenadeoftheseas #royalcaribbeancruise #royalcaribbeaninternationalcruise #worldcruise2023 #cruisetok #worldcruise #royalcaribbeanworldcruise #uwc

♬ Simple Hit – Dombresky

Current following: 106,900

Brooklyn is spending the cruise with her sister and her parents and appears to be one of the youngest people documenting their time on the 9 month cruise on TikTok. So far she has made videos pretty much everyday, capturing what life on the boat itself is like as well as the excursions they get up. And her content is clearly going down well with viewers as she’s already gained a ton of followers, more than 30k since she embarked the boat.

Ale and Andrew Kenney


WAIT UNTIL THE END…. This is why we think we have the best room!! . #fyp #aak #uwc #ultimateworldcruise #worldcruise #travelingcouple #royalcaribbean #serenadeoftheseas #cruisetok #roomtour

♬ original sound – Andrew & Ale Kenney

Current following: 49,100

Ale and Andrew are a young married couple from Florida who spend their time travelling. Andrew is a professional videographer so I’m expecting some really high level stuff from them, after all somethings get to set their TikTok content apart from all the others also on the 9 month cruise. Their following has also grown exponentially, from only 12,000 to almost 50k in only two days.

Little Rat Brain


I’m just surprised everything fit into their spaces so well tbh #ultimateworldcruise #uwc #worldcruise #worldcruise2023 #royalcaribbeanworldcruise#royalcaribbeaninternationalcruise #seranadeoftheseas #royalcaribbean #royalcaribbeancruise #cruisetok #cruisecabin #cabindecor #cruisedecor #cruiseshipcabin #roomtour #roomtouraesthetic

♬ original sound – Little Rat Brain

Current following: 52,000

Little Rat Brain, who doesn’t seem to share her real name online, is bringing the vibes to the boat. Not only is she there for a good time but also a long time as 9 months is a bloody long time to be onboard a boat. She has shared lots of fun content already including a tour of her interior room which means it has absolutely no windows so we’ll see how long it takes her to get cabin fever. If the 9 month cruise was a TV show, Little Rat Brain is already my favourite character and it appears others love her as well as she’s shot up from 19,000 followers to 50k in just a matter of days.

Ami Oosthuizen


A glimpse of what I would eat on a cruising day! There’s so many options, but we just ate at the buffet area on this day 🍔🌭 #SAMA28 #worldcruise #travelvlog #royalcaribbean #foryou #travel #fypシ゚viral #cruisetok #fyp

♬ Deck the Halls – Lofi – Gentle State

Current following: 66,100

Missing up the nationalities onboard the boat, although it does just seem to be majority Americans, is Ami and her partner from South Africa. She is already a seasoned influencer, having made lots of fashion content already. With a drinks package included in the ticket, we’re all wondering just how much alcohol the attendees are going to be consuming over the 274 days and Ami is the first of the bloggers on the boat to make a “what I eat in a day”. Big click from me.

Angie Linderman


Take a more in-depth look at my cabin and what I have done to make it feel like home for the next 9 months on @Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas. #RoyalCaribbean #crusing #explore #solotravler #worldCruise #UltimateWorldCruise #UWC #SerenadeOfTheSeas #cruise #travel

♬ original sound – Angie

Current following: 98,400

37-year-old Angie from Portland, Oregon has been really transparent in her content so far about how she’s been affording the cruise which starts at $60k for a basic rate room. Angie said she has been planning to go on the cruise for about a year and a half and had recently lost both her parents to cancer so was able to pay for it through life insurance money and inheritance. Angie has also opened up that she is also at high risk to both breast and ovarian cancer so just wants to spend her time travelling. Honestly, Angie seems like a real one and I wish her all the best.

Shannon Marie


🌍✨ Hey there, fellow travelers! 🚢💕 Set sail with us on an incredible journey around the globe, where every port brings new joys and discoveries for our family! 🌊🏖️ From breathtaking sunsets to cultural treasures, our cruise will be a heartwarming tapestry of shared moments and cherished memories! 🥰🌅 Join us as we explore diverse destinations, savor delicious flavors, and make everlasting connections! Stay tuned for more updates from our unforgettable voyage! #FamilyAdventures #UltimateWorldCruise #CherishedMemories #AroundTheWorldCruise #MakingMemories #BrannonFiles

♬ original sound – Shannon Marie

Current following: 42,600

Shannon Marie, who is on the cruise with her family, appears to only have made her TikTok account in order to document her experience on the nine month cruise as she currently only has three videos and the first one is from the day she embarked the trip. Despite this, people seem to be loving her content as she has already accumulated over 40,000 followers.

Emily Blinkhorn


Empty room tour for Royal Caribbeans Ultimate World Cruise – Ocean view stateroom🚢🌍 #royalcaribbean #royalcaribbeancruise #ultimateworldcruise #serenadeoftheseas #worldcruise #fyp #traveltiktok #cruisetok #worldtravel #cruiselife #travellife

♬ Livin’ The Suite Life (From “The Suite Life On Deck”) – Geek Music

Current following: 2,715

Whilst Emily hasn’t yet made the most engaging TikTok content yet, she is the only Brit so far I’ve found to be on the 9 month cruise so representation and all that.

Brandee Lake


Hola, so nice to meet you! This is us, our family of 4, we have set sail and are currently residing on the ultimateworldcruise. Follow me and @Shannon Marie on our journey. #uwc #blackworldcruiser #serenadeoftheseas #Wanderlust #cruisetok #blacktraveltok #blackgirlmagic

♬ original sound – Brandee Lake

Current following: 13,300

Brandee is another brave soul who has decided to embark on the cruise with her entire family; her sister, mother and father. She appears to be no stranger to the traveller lifestyle, having already visited over 75 countries.

Frugal Vagabond


#ultimateworldcruise #royalcaribbeancruise #serenadeoftheseas #cruisetok2023 #worldcruise2023 #royalcaribbeanultimateworldcruise #worldcruise2024 #worldcruise

♬ original sound – FrugalVagabond

Current following: 28,600

Another character on board the cruise who doesn’t share her real name online is Frugal Vagabond. Frugal appears to be travelling with her partner and had a pre-existing TikTok page before setting sail on the 9 month cruise about travel, personal finance and retiring early.

Featured images via @brooklynschwetje, @amikeoosthuizen and @little_rat_brain.

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