Young Sheldon cast married

Young Sheldon cast members who played married couple on show also got married in real life

Love is real!!!

In what is possibly the cutest sequence of events ever, two Young Sheldon cast members who played a married couple on the show also ended up getting married in real life.

When watching Young Sheldon, if you thought that Pastor Jeff and Officer Robin seemed to have a crazy connection between them it wasn’t just because they’re both incredible actors but because the cast members are actually married in real life!

The fact that Officer Robin and Pastor Jeff couldn’t keep their hands off each other at their wedding reception isn’t a pinch on their real life chemistry as these two are truly in love.

Matt Hobby and Mary Grill tied the knot in 2011, meaning they had already been married for six years by the time the first season of Young Sheldon aired in 2017.

In celebration of their 10 year wedding anniversary, Matt posted a photo of his and Mary’s real life wedding in comparison to their on screen one – which actually had some spooky similarities!

Matt captioned the post: “Tonight on @youngsheldoncbs, I get to remarry my true love, @megrill. In real life we got married in 2011, not 2010, but I couldn’t resist the 10 year thing. We are so fortunate to get to pretend together on this show. I love you Officer Robin!

“Also, I can’t believe how much our real priest and our TV pastor look alike. And our TV wedding has better photos! .
See you tonight at 8:00 on @cbstv!”

And if you thought their real love story couldn’t get any cuter, the couple actually have three children together, a daughter named Roxanne Elizabeth born in 2017 and then twin boys called Ernie and Lyle born in 2021.

My heart is so full!

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Featured images via @matthobby on Instagram and ABC.