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Okay, we finally know whether Martha’s emails in Baby Reindeer were actually real

Sent from my iPhone

Netflix’s new hit show is already creepy and griping enough before learning that it’s entirely based on a true story, centring around the real events that happened to the show’s creator and star Richard Gadd.

In Baby Reindeer we see Richard’s character Donny be subjected to hundreds of daily emails from his stalker Martha and now Netflix has confirmed that this part of the show was true to real life.

Over a period of four years, Martha sent Richard a staggering 41,071 emails so what is shown in the episodes is only a fraction of what he actually received.

She also sent him 46 Facebook messages, very subdued compared to her emailing, and also 744 tweets, and 106 pages of letters – both of which were left out of the show.

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After managing for so long to keep his number away from Martha, the final episode of the seven part mini series sees Donny include his mobile on his Out Of Office receipt on his email, accidentally granting Martha access to the one channel of communication he had left.

He then obsessively starts categorising the voicemails she left him with the show ending with voicemails still unheard by Donny. In actuality, alongside the emails we see in Baby Reindeer, the real Martha left Richard over 350 hours of voicemails so it’s no wonder it took him so long to go through them all.

However, what still remains unclear is whether the content of the emails, spelling mistakes and all, appeared in the show exactly as they were in real life and why Martha signed every single one as “Sent from my iPhone” despite seemingly not owning one.

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