Actually good gift ideas for every type of dad this Father’s Day

Not a ‘#1 Dad’ mug in sight

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one if you’ve forgotten Father’s Day is just over a week away. And if you’re still racking your brains over what to get him, this Father’s Day 2024 gift guide completely has you covered.

I need you to step away from the god awful “#1 Dad” mugs, leave the Lynx Africa in Boots, and get him more than just a cringe dad joke filled card on Moonpig.

Whether he’s the coolest man on earth, thinks he’s the best cook the UK has ever seen, or is just the kinda guy who always asks for you to not get him anything – here are all the gift recommendations you need.

The ‘ohh don’t get me anything!’ dad

Guinness NITROSURGE – £30

Father's Day gift guide ideas 2024

There’s no other way of saying this other than if your dad is obsessed with a creamy Guinness – he needs this. Does he go on about how you simply can’t get the perfect draught pint at home? Tell him he’s wrong. By clipping the NITROSURGE device onto the top of a Guinness NITROSURGE can, Guinness lovers are welcomed with the creamy pour by pushing the button and pouring. Revolutionary. 

Remington RX7 Ultimate Series Head Shaver – £74.99

Look, every dad needs grooming products. The RX7 Ultimate Series Head Shaver offers a bit of a minimal aesthetic, with quick and precise head shaving. So, whether he’s daring to try a new style or needs a handy gadget to tidy up his existing style, the RX7 has everything he needs for barber-quality grooming.

Slick and Sleek mug by Designers Guild – £30

Put the “#1 Dad” mug DOWN, and instead get your dad one that’s actually nice, he’ll use, and won’t just stay at the back of the kitchen cupboard forever. This mug is a huge vibe, and he can sip his morning coffee knowing he’s the coolest man in the room. 

Dad’s Perfect Gift Hamper – £34.99

Dad’s Perfect Gift Hamper – £34.99

Filled with delicious goodies every dad will love, this hamper from 123Flowers really is perfect for Father’s Day. Tasty Yorkshire crisps, caramelised peanuts and creamy fudge are all accompanied by a delicious Pennine Brewery IPA. The hamper also comes with a luxury gift bag and a Father’s Day card included – because I know you’’ll forget otherwise.

The cool dad 

Lost Sheep iced coffee – from £8

No cool dad can be seen without an iced coffee to complete the vibe, and if he’s looking for a tasty, barista style coffee on the go then get him on Lost Sheep iced coffee. If he’s a latte or a mocha kinda guy, he’s covered here.The taster packs make great gifts – four cans for just £8 or eight cans for £16.

Bose QuietComfort Headphones – £259.95

If, like me, you’ve had quite enough of his old man dad tunes blaring in the house on a Sunday morning, a pair of headphones is the way to go. These from Bose are so damn good there’s a chance he’ll never play his music aloud again. Phew. Plus Dads love gadgets and these are quite literally the best ones on the market. You can buy them here.

Ellesse Men’s 1/4 Zip – £60

Father's Day gift guide ideas 2024

If your dad is marginally cool but just needs a push in the right direction, how about a quarter zip? A quarter zip says “dependable dad”, but this one from Ellesse screams “dependable yet stylish” and will set him miles apart from the Ralphie wearers while he’s out doing the big shop. Win-win. You can buy it here.

Earl of East air freshener – £12

Truly freshen up your dad’s life with this air freshener from Earl of East. He can place the scent tag in the car, wardrobe, gym bag, or anywhere else he fancies.

NIO Cocktails – From £19.50 for a box

NIO (Needs Ice Only – genius) has some super fun pre-made cocktails that your cool dad will love to sip on. They fit through the letterbox so dad doesn’t even need to get up from the sofa – and he can serve up anything from a Cosmo to a Negroni – cheers! 

Greasy Finger’s Big Buttery Chardonnay – £10

Father's Day gift guide ideas 2024

I mean, are you not just sold at the name? A bottle of wine is the perfect gift. Greasy Fingers Chardonnay is a generous and flavoursome Aussie favourite. Pale straw in colour, with an aroma of warmed peaches, vanilla custard and cinnamon spice. A generous palate of peach crumble, toasted marshmallow and smoky bacon.

Minor IV wireless earbuds from Marshall – £119.99

In a market that is as over-saturated as earphones it can be hard to know where to begin. But these Minor IV from Marshall aren’t just any earbuds, they’re a blend of signature sound and rock ‘n’ roll legacy. With supreme comfort and more than 30 hours of battery life they’re perfect for dads who are always on the go. Plus, they’ve got that iconic look— cool enough to make any dad feel like a rock star.

Clarks Torhills Hi Black Suede – £110

If your mum really is as cool as you think he is then he already knows that Torhills are the it shoe this summer. Prove to him that he taught you everything you know about fashion and gift him a pair of Torhills from Clarks for Father’s Day. Cool kids wear the hi ones but they also come in a low version with both varieties available in a bunch of fun colours and patterns so there’s guaranteed to be a pair your dad loves no matter his style.

Superdry Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt – £44.99

Some Dads are addicted to Hawaiian shirts and there’s nothing you can do to change them. The heart wants what it wants. But you can get non-garish ones if you look hard, and he will thank you for it. This wave detail retro shirt is the perfect combination of loud, yet cool. You can buy it from Superdry here.

The foodie dad

Nando’s wrap kit – £3.30

Does dad think he’s a genius in the kitchen but needs a little direction? He can’t go wrong with Nando’s. As part of its cook-at-home collection, you can now get Nando’s wrap kits – a real crowd pleaser. 

Russell Hobbs Air & Grill Multi Cooker -£164.99

Cooking fried chicken in the Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air & Grill Multi Cooker surrounded by a variety of other air fried snacks

All dad’s love to BBQ, it’s the ultimate outdoor power move. Nothing makes them feel more alive than fire, meat and mastering the grill. But alas, the British weather isn’t always on the side and sometimes the grilling needs to be brought inside. Make sure rainy days don’t dampen his fun by getting him this Russell Hobbs Air & Grill Multi Cooker for Father’s Day.

Seasoned Pioneers Summer BBQ rub collection – £29.95

Father's Day gift guide ideas 2024

The sun is out, the Euros are starting and dad is desperate to get the BBQ out. This collection of 10 BBQ rubs will be the perfect addition to his summer. Get the steaks sizzling and the kebabs prepped, you will be spoilt for choice with the possibilities using this Summer BBQ Rubs Collection!

Cotswold Gold oils – £11

If your dad is a genius in the kitchen, really add to his arsenal with a selection of bits from Cotswold Gold. The BBQ oils will change his life this summer. 

Vanletina Hamper – £39.95

Father's Day gift guide ideas 2024

How about a brilliant Father’s Day hamper from the famed Italian delicatessen Valentina? It’s packed full of artisanal Italian ingredients to help make the most delicious Father’s Day barbecue this summer. It includes salsiccia sausage, along with burger patties from Sicily, a mixture of four bottles of Italian beer, essential BBQ sides such as chargrilled peppers, smoked scamorza cheese, and a firelli hot sauce from Palma.

Sylt Great Taste Pickling Starter Pack – £16.99

Pickling is a hobby that combines dad’s love for DIY projects with a culinary twist. Plus, it’s a gift that keeps on giving, just think of all the delicious, homemade pickles you’ll get to enjoy! Sylt’s Great Taste Starter Pack not only provides you with the finest pickling liquids in town, but also a one litre pickling jar–so you and your dad can easily turn cucumbers into yummy, crunchy pickles.

Grind Flavoured Coffee Pods – £12.75

Any coffee snob will know that not all coffee tastes the same, and these Flavoured Coffee Pods from Grind are no exception. The hottest new caffeine fix on the block, Grind pods will work with your dad’s coffee machine at home so he no longer has to make himself late for work trying to grab a drink on the way in.

Chocolate covered liquorice from LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW – £19.95

Father's Day gift guide

Dads love liquorice, it’s just a fact. There’s no explanation for it because as all us childless people know, liquorice is in fact pretty grim. Or at least, that’s what you thought before you tried this chocolate covered liquorice from LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW that comes in a bunch of tasty flavours including new milk and honey. Also, it’s Danish so it’s got to be good, right?

The outdoorsy or travel mad dad 

Haute Florist Pineapple Plant – £25

If you want to send Dad a truly unique gift, you can’t go wrong with this delightful (and really, really cute) pineapple plant. This plant naturally improves air quality which can help improve sleep – some claim it can even stop snoring!

dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve – £165

Father's Day gift guide

If there’s one thing that crunchy dads love to do it’s go for a walk. Getting outside in the fresh air is their perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Father’s Day? Walk! Boxing Day? Go for a walk! Had a bad day? Going for a walk cures all! If that sounds like your dad to a T then the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day is a dryrobe. Originally born for surfing, it’s the perfect thing to throw on for a whole host of activities and pursuits. Dad can ever wear it into the office if he likes – I’m not judging!

Beats Fit Pro – £219.99

Father's Day gift guide

Over-the-head headphones are overrated and in all honesty make everyone look like a tech bro who’s primed to “jump on a call” at any given moment. That’s why these Beats Fit Pros are the obvious choice, and they come in a range of really fun colours. They’re noise cancelling and have a wingtip design making them perfect for sport and lifestyle. And if dad is the forgetful type then you can get the earphones engraved to show everyone who they belong to.

Super Dad wine case – £39.99

For a dad who loves the world and is also a wine enthusiast, there is nothing more enticing than trying wines from all corners of the globe. This gift includes wines from Australia, France and South Africa, all presented in a stylish wood wine drum with a world map.

Peak Design Medium Packing Cube – £39.99

The boss dad 

Elizabeth Scarlett God Jungle Leaf Laptop Case – £40 

An embroidered laptop case from Elizabeth Scarlett is the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day. Not only will it protect his precious tech, but it’s also a serious upgrade from that worn-out, plain sleeve he’s been lugging around. Imagine your dad walking into his office, laptop snugly encased in elegant embroidery – he’ll be the envy of all his colleagues. Plus, every time he reaches for his laptop, he’ll think of you. Who knows, maybe he’ll buy you a new laptop to say thank you. You can only hope.

Eco-friendly phone case from Wave Case – £25

If you’re sick and tired of seeing your dad carrying around a crusty old phone case, it’s finally time to do something about it this Father’s Day. You know the one, the fake leather is peeling, it doubles as a wallet and the clasp is hanging on by a thread, just like his style if he carries on using it. So do everyone a favour and get him one from Wave Case, they’re biodegradable and plastic-free. Imagine your dad proudly showing off his phone, feeling good about doing his bit for the environment. Adorable.

Italicus & Savoia aperitivos – £21.99

Father's Day gift guide ideas 2024

Unique and elevated cocktails for the top man in your life? I’m listening. Italicus & Savoia has a whole range of aperitivos, for fathers who appreciate fine spirits and the art of leisurely sipping. Try the Savoia Americano, or the Savoia Orancio for the perfect weekend tipple.

Boss Crew Socks – £35

Obviously, dads aren’t the boss (ever), mums are, but these socks will at least let him believe he is for one day only. And they’re a pretty chic replacement for his no doubt hole-ridden white Nike socks he’s been holding onto for years. You can buy them from JD Sports here. While you’re there keep your eyes peeled for updates on JD’s New Wave campaign where you can see the freshest summer fits, plus they’ll be doing ticket giveaways to the biggest UK festivals.

York Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells 2 x 10kg – £48.99

Father's Day gift guide ideas 2024

The York Fitness 10kg Rubber Hex Dumbbells are the perfect tool for helping your dad with his fitness workout routine. These weights are great for strengthening and toning and come with chrome-plated knurled handles which offer him better grip whilst he trains.

Euros Mystery Football Box – £42.99

With the Euros 2024 approaching, what better time to give Dad a new football shirt, ready for kick-off. This box contains a mystery football shirt from any national team competing in this year’s Euro 2024 competition. The shirts in this box are guaranteed to be from a team competing in the competition but can be from any year or tournament, including Euro 2024. So much fun!

The dad who desperately needs a break

Lush Adventure Island gift set – £28

Father's Day gift guide

Any time something goes remotely wrong in your dad’s life if a glass of whisky can’t fix it, then a bath can. Or if things are really bad then a glass of whisky in the bath. Containing a mixture of limited edition products and all year round favourites, this Adventure Island gift set from Lush will elevate your dad’s bath to the next level and ensure he never feels an ounce of stress ever again.

Lush The Good Hour spa treatment – £140

Father's Day gift guide

You might think that your dad can carry the weight of the world on his shoulders but those shoulders do get sore after a while. The best way to remedy that is with a massage, and this The Good Hour spa treatment from Lush is perfect for it. The Good Hour is a reviving 70 minute firm full-body massage that will work all of your major muscles and let your mind drift away ensuring even the toughest of dads will be able to relax.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré – £21.99 

Father's Day gift guide

If there’s one thing your dad is guaranteed to have it’s dry skin. You tell him time and time again that he needs to moisturise but he doesn’t listen. Give him no choice but to prescribe to the skin care routine you’ll be enforcing on him with this French pharmacy classic Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. It’s quite literally the best moisturiser on the market and also doubles as a shaving balm and post shave balm. Buy now from Sephora.

TEN PM The Night Drink – £35

Pact Coffee AeroPress set – £35.95

If dad loves coffee, the AeroPress is an invention he needs in his life. It’s compact, easy to use, and makes espresso and filter-style
coffee in a matter of minutes. And if you get him one, it’s only fair to get a set with some beans he can use with it!

If in doubt, just go for beers

Crafty Brewing – £12.50

Father's Day gift guide

There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with beers – so some Father’s Day personalised ones are really the chef’s kiss of gifts. Crafty Brewing lets you personalise one of its beers with any design you want. Include a message to your dad, or a picture of your favourite memory together to create a very special gift this Father’s Day. Crafty has just introduced a three-pack option for £12.50.

BrewDog craft beer set – £19.95

Father's Day gift guide ideas 2024

If you really, really want to make sure you can’t go wrong, the answer is BrewDog beers. You can personalise a can for dad this year, or just go for the classic craft beer gift set (including a glass!). Either way, he’ll be chuffed.

Discarded Banana Peel Rum – £29.99

We all know how dad wants to end Father’s Day and that’s with a cheeky bev, ideally in the garden shed or something like that. But with alcohol being such an over saturated market it can be hard to find the diamonds in the rough so sack off the six pack and get him something he’s guaranteed to love like this Banana Peel Rum from Discarded Spirits Co because he really doesn’t need yet another craft beer in his life.

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