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channel 5 submarine documentary

Channel 5 to take ‘in-depth’ look into missing submarine during live documentary tonight

It will feature interviews with experts and individuals ‘close to’ those on board

Channel 5 is broadcasting a live special this evening about the submersible with five on board that went missing on its eight hour round trip down to the wreck of the Titanic. The documentary will go live only a matter hours after the reserve oxygen onboard the submarine is expected to run out, with the US coastguard confirming it would at around 11am this morning.

With the vessel still lost and a search and rescue still underway, theories have been emerging of what could have possibly happened to the ship that saw it lose contact only one hour and 45 minutes after departure. But with so little actually known about the incident, people are wondering what could possibly be included in the Channel 5 documentary that was seemingly produced incredibly fast. This is what you can expect from the special, including what time it’s on and who is presenting it:

The submarine special will be broadcast live from 7pm

The Channel 5 documentary about the submarine has been produced in collaboration with ITN, a media production company that specialises in factual story telling, and will be broadcast as part of a live special about the submersible and its attempted journey down to the Titanic.

Airing at 7pm this evening, the documentary will be presented by Channel 5’s Dan Walker and will feature interviews with experts as well as with individuals who are “close to those onboard”.

It will take ‘an in-depth look’ into the incident

A synopsis for the programme, that Channel 5 rearranged it’s scheduled broadcasting for, outlines that it hopes to “bring viewers the latest on this story, taking an in-depth look at the extraordinary events”.

Ian Rumsey, managing director of content for ITN, said: “This programme will chart everything from the exploration itself, to the rise of extreme tourism, to the rescue attempts, but above all it will tell a very human story that has captured the nation which is about five people, all with families, who are trapped at the bottom of the ocean.

“Our expertise and heritage in fast-turnaround documentaries and reputation for responsible filmmaking means we always treat such stories with great sensitivity.”

Featured images via OceanGate and YouTube.

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