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Five months on from filming, this is who from The Traitors season two is still friends

You just know the group chat is comedy gold

It’s been over five months now since filming ended for The Traitors season two and with the final episode having aired two weeks ago, loads of the contestants are now sharing photos online of their lives since and who they’re still friends with from the reality game show. With the incredibly high stakes of the up to £120,000 prize pot along with all the murdering and banishments, there was lots of scope for fall outs. It could be hard at times when watching to decipher which friendships ran deeper and which were nothing more than a strategy to not get banished.

Through out the course of the show, we saw mother and son split up, friendships betrayed and traitors banishing traitors so despite all the drama along the way, here are all The Traitors season two cast members who are actually still friends now that the show is over.

Jasmine and Mollie

via @mollie_pearcee on Instagram

During season two of The Traitors, a friendship between Jasmine and Mollie wasn’t really shown to us as the viewers whilst they were in the castle but these two are very much still friends, or have become closer since filming ended. They’ve hung out together a couple of times including Jasmine attending Mollie’s birthday party where they took some really vibey pics.

Ross and Zach

The Traitors season two still friends

via @mollie_pearcee on Instagram

No words necessary. This picture speaks for itself.

Mollie and Harry


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Despite having being really close throughout their in the Scottish castle, after the excruciating finale where Mollie put her upmost faith into Harry only for him to completely betray her trust and steal the money I wouldn’t have blamed her if she never spoke to him again. But the pair have clearly made amends as not only they are going on double dates with their respective partners but they’re also able to joke about it all on social media now. I mean, I would also be friends with someone if they promised to buy me a holiday.

Miles and Diane

Despite murdering her, much to the absolute distress of the whole of the UK, Diane appears to be harbouring no bad blood and is still friends with Miles. She might have forgiven him but I’m not sure the public has. His only saving grace is that we caught possibly the most iconic piece of television out of it that was Diane’s funeral.

Zach and Jasmine

The Traitors season two still friends

via @jzmne_1 on Instagram

These two had a terbulent relationship in the castle and by the time Jasmine was banished, things had really turned sour between the pair. However, they seem to have to put all that behind them and have frequently hung out since the show ended, often times along with Ross. On The Traitor’s uncloaked Jasmine even called Zach her “bestie”. Sorry but I ship it.

Ross and Diane

The Traitors season two still friends

via @mollie_pearcee on Instagram

Now this duo it would be kinda awkward if they weren’t still friends considering they’re mother and son and entered season two of The Traitors together. Thankfully the ferocity of the game didn’t seem to put any strain on their bond and the pair are just as close as ever. Ross seems to be his mum’s biggest fan and is constantly making supportive posts about her on his socials. I’m utterly obsessed with them both.

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