Leaked email reveals St Andrews University will ban all applications from English students

The ban is already in place with all prospective students from England to have their offers revoked

A leaked email has revealed that St Andrews University plans to implement a ban on all incoming applications from English students.

StAnd will be the first UK university to implement a ban on student applications due to their nationality.

The reason for this ban, the email revealed, is because to “uphold the values” of the institution with staff members claiming that the uptake in English students has become a detriment for what the university stands for.

The leaked email was obtained by The Tab St Andrews from an anonymous university staff member, who said: “The university has been discussing a ban such as this for years”.

The staff member added: “They’re calling it a ‘limitation’ but it essentially is a ban. Some senior staff members wanted to implement the ban years ago, but were originally met with a lot of hostility.

“Now, since the university has become pretty much overrun with students from England, the university board has finally allowed the ban to be put in place. The general consensus is that us Scots have put up with the English for long enough.”

According to the email, the ban is already in place and any English students who have already an received offer for the upcoming academic year will “regrettably” have their offer revoked.

First year student, Robert from Surrey said: “In all honesty, it seems a little anti-English. I can understand that it’s maybe unfair on Scottish people as a whole to keep increasing the number of non-Scottish students but the attack feels a little personal.”

Whilst April, a fourth year student who has lived in St Andrews her whole life, said: “It’s a long time coming. We put up with a lot.”

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