Almost a year on from filming, this is who from Squid Game: The Challenge is still friends

Some of the allegiances were definitely fake

It’s been almost a full year now since filming ending for Squid Game: The Challenge and with the final episode having aired last week, loads of the players are now sharing photos online of their lives since and who they’re still friends with from the reality game show. With 456 contestants on just one show, there was lots of scope for fall outs but also for allegiances however it could be hard at times when watching to decipher which friendships ran deeper and which were nothing more than a strategy to not get eliminated.

Through out the course of the show, we saw families split up, allegiances betrayed and friends eliminating friends so despite all the drama along the way, here are all the Squid Game: The Challenge players who are actually still friends now that the show is over.

Roland and Mai

Each episode Roland wore his hair in french braids which became quite a trade mark look for him. It wasn’t until one of the episodes later in the season that we saw it was actually Mai, who went on to win the show, who was the one plaiting his hair for him and that the two were close. However, in a savage twist, Mai chose to eliminate Roland in Circle of Trust in episode nine as she knew no one would suspect her due to their friendship, whilst risking their entire relationship at the same time. However, it seems to all have worked out as Mai walked away $4,560,000 richer and her and Roland appear to have put the past behind them as they have shared photos of them smiling and hugging since the show has ended.

Trey and Roland

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Roland had Trey, who happen to share the same birthday, had been friendly throughout the game but not as close as some of the other friendships in the dorm. However, their loyalty to each other really showed when Roland chose Trey in the game of allegiance in episode six, saving him from elimination. Since the show wrapped up filming, Trey and Roland have grown closer by playing Fortnite together and even recently ran a whole marathon together! On their friendship, Roland said: “I’m so thankful that Netflix has brought this beautiful man into my life.”

Trey and LeAnne

Now this duo it would be kinda awkward if they weren’t still friends considering they’re mother and son and entered Squid Game: The Challenge together. Thankfully the ferocity of the game didn’t seem to put any strain on their bond and the pair are just as close as ever with LeAnn making personalised posters and cheering both Trey and Roland on when they recently ran a marathon together.

Phalasia and Ashley

Squid Game: The Challenge still friends

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Phalasia quickly became a fan favourite on Squid Game: The Challenge after she shared her life story and had everyone rooting for her from their sofas. In episode six, Phalasia and Ashley paired up, unbeknown that they were putting themselves head to head in a game of marbles. After a real close game that was decided on the final throw, Phalasia was eliminated and the friends had to say a teary farewell. Since filming of Squid Game: The Challenge has ended, the ladies have shown they’re still friends by swapping their turquoise trackies for glad rags and meeting up for cocktails.

Bee and Amanda

I was routing for these two in Squid Game: The Challenge and am so glad to see that they are very much so still friends. During the show, Amanda started up a allegiance between the final nine women left in the game, forming a bond between them all but her and Bee had been close from the start. What have I got to do to be invited on a night out with them?!

Phill and Jackie

Phill and Jackie were besties from the moment they met and have hung out loads since filming for the reality game show ended. On the show, we saw Jackie teaching Phill some words in sign language and she has continued to do so over the past 10 months since filming ended and recently made a video showing that Phill now knows quite a wide vocabulary and is actually quite proficient in it.

Stephen and Dr Rick


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Arguably the most whole friendship to form between any of the 456 players in Squid Game: The Challenge was that between Stephen and Dr Rick, and honestly I don’t know what I would do if I found out if these two weren’t still friends. After getting eliminated only a matter of minutes apart, Stephen and Dr Rick have stayed in touch and seem to be closer than ever. Stephen is very active on TikTok and has been sharing loads of content of the pair hanging out, giving fans the content they so desperately want.

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