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Every time the colours and lighting in season two of Heartstopper had a deeper meaning

Just one more reason to absolutely adore this show

Not only does Heartstopper season two have an amazing storyline, but it’s also visually stunning as well. As it was first created as a series of graphic novels by Alice Oseman, homage is paid to the original books by cartoon-esque illustrations occasionally appearing on screen. Not only this, but the lighting and colours of the show is absolutely stunning as well. The lighting and colours of certain scenes is well thought-out and actually has a much deeper meaning than just making the show look pretty but it can so subtle you’d be forgiven for missing them. So, here’s a rundown of all the times the colours in Heartstopper season two had a deeper meaning:

Blue and yellow represents Charlie and Nick

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Carrying on from season one, Charlie and Nick are represented in the show by the colours blue and yellow but it can so subtle that you could watch the whole thing without noticing.

The entirety of season two is much warmer in tone than season one

heartstopper season two colours

Since the first season, colours have been used to convey meaning. Season one was framed more in blue and dark tones whilst the colours in season two of Heartstopper is more yellow and warmed toned. Fans believe this was done to show the emotional difference between the two seasons, with season one being a little more somber and season two being more upbeat for the most part. In many scenes, Nick is overlayed with the colours of the bisexual flag as well

In many scenes, Nick is associated with the colours of the bisexual flag

heartstopper season two colours

In season one we saw Nick label his sexuality as bisexual. In many shots where we just see Nick, purple and pink lighting representing the bisexual flag is used.

Sahar has LGBTQ+ lighting in her bedroom

In the show, Sahar is openly bisexual and her bedroom is lit in pink and blue lighting representing the bisexual flag.

LGBTQ+ colours are again used when Imogen watches Sahar perform on stage

heartstopper season two colours

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A scene in the season two finale where Imogen is watching Sahar play guitar on stage at the year 11 prom suggests that something may happen between the pair in season three. This speculation is furthered by the LGBTQ+ colours used in this scene but fans are split on whether it’s the colours of the bisexaul flag or the lesbian flag.

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