Meet the Brookes students who got a private helicopter to see Beyoncé after finishing final exams

Surely the best graduation gift any student has received from their dad

Beyoncé is one of the biggest artists of our generation and after tickets for her world tour went on sale earlier this year, fans did everything to secure their place at one of her gigs. These four Brookes students proved just that after they took a helicopter from their uni house in Oxford to Cardiff to watch Queen B perform live before they graduated.

Final year students Anna*, 21, Lucy*, 22, Sarah*, 22, and Tom*,20, have lived together since first year after meeting in halls and bonding over their mutual love of Beyoncé’s music. Having bought tickets for her Cardiff show back in February, the foursome were then left at a short end when Sarah’s exam timetable was released to find her final ever university exam was at 4:30pm on the same day as the concert.

With only three hours between Sarah’s exam and the venues doors opening at 7:30pm, and the drive between Oxford and Cardiff taking about three hours on a good day, the friends realised they were at risk of not making it to the gig in time. Therefore, 22-year-old Sarah’s very generous dad “last minute” arranged for the students to fly to Cardiff in a chopper.

The friends commented how lovely the pilots were

“The helicopter was a last minute plan because Sarah finished her last exam at 4:30 and we were worried about getting there on time so her dad arranged it as a treat because we’ve all just finished our degrees,” 21-year-old Anna told The Tab.

Popping their helicopter cherries, the four friends took the short 30 minute flight from London Oxford Airport landing in Cardiff at around 6pm alleviating all concerns they would miss the first few songs. But with no time to pre before setting off, pres had to happen in the air with bottles of Moet being popped left, right and centre and the great vibes flowing.

“The flight was really quick and so smooth. The pilots were really nice and they gave us Moet after our safety briefing. We were all just drinking, chatting and taking pics during the flight. It was great vibes and we made it just in time for the concert which was insane,” said Anna.

Having waited their entire university careers to watch Beyoncé perform, Bey did not let them down: “Beyoncé was such a good performer and put on an amazing show,” Anna told The Tab.

Living a life of luxury

With no return flight booked and the prospect of a lengthy drive home back to Oxford the following day, the group did what any final year students who had just finished their degree would do and went on a night out in Cardiff until 3:30am before crashing at their friend’s uni house.

“It was such a crazy experience and just a great way to finish uni!”

*Names changed to preserve anonymity

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