Vinted girlies and skater boys: All the best dressed people at Reading Festival 2023

Thankfully there wasn’t a Greggs bucket hat in sight this year

Every year, the Summer bank holiday is only correctly spent if you went to some sort of festival. Between Reading and Leeds, Creamfields, All Points East and Notting Hill Carnival we were spoilt for choice with festivals and there truly was something for everyone. The only decision harder to make than what festival to attend is what fresh festival fit to wear over the long weekend.

Now when you think of Reading and Leeds 2023, best dressed festival goers isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, it’s 16-year-olds getting drunk in a field after miserably failing their GCSEs. At least, that’s what my Reading experience was. But this year, thanks to the like of Depop and Vinted, the young people at Reading are actually, uhum, fashionable? I know, I can’t believe it either.

These are the best dressed people at Reading Festival 2023:


best dressed reading festival 2023

Reading local Emily was attending the festival for the day by herself and took it as an opportunity to serve a massive slay.


best dressed reading festival 2023

Grace was an absolute ray of sunshine and shyly admitted that everything she was wearing was either second hand or stolen from her big sister’s wardrobe.


20-year-old Aaron was at Reading Festival with his equally as vibey dad to celebrate his birthday and wave goodbye to his teenage years. The sunburn was a planned accessory.


Zoe looked incredible in her all pink fit and expressed how she wished everyone would just “wear what they want”.


best dressed reading festival 2023

You’d be forgiven for thinking Abbie was attending a Harry Styles concert and not Reading Festival as parts of her outfit, namely the feather boa, were reused from when she saw Love on Tour earlier this year.


best dressed reading festival 2023

Coco didn’t just look good, she was chic. Not only was she the only person I came across wearing designer (her shorts were Dolce) but the other brands I hadn’t even heard of which I’m taking as a sign of a very good outfit.

The girlies

best dressed reading festival 2023

I didn’t catch these girls names as I was so enthralled by their matching t-shirts which they admitted their mum’s would “kill them” for wearing if they knew.

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