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Chrishell leaving Selling Sunset

The end of an era! Chrishell has hinted she’s leaving Selling Sunset after the next season

What are we going to do without mother???

Chrishell is definitely not without her faults but no matter what you think of her, there is no denying that Selling Sunset wouldn’t be the mega success that it is without her. But now it appears we’re coming to the end of a very iconic era as Chrishell has hinted that she’ll be leaving Selling Sunset after the next season.

Replying to a comment on one of her Instagram posts which asked “what are your goals for 2024?”, Chrishell said: “Get through one more year of filming with my sanity,” which many fans have taken as the realtor soft launching the fact she’ll be leaving Selling Sunset at some point in the next year.

However this news might not come as a shock to all as the latest season of the Netflix reality show saw Chrishell begin to distance herself from the rest of The O Group and set up a life for herself in Australia after marrying her musician partner G Flip.

And it seems that her on screen colleagues are already in the loop, as when speaking to the Daily Mail O Group momager Mary said: “I know that she’s expressed frustrations where she’s like, I just don’t need this in my life.”

While Mary “hoped she would stay”, she added: “I really don’t know what her decision is going to be. I haven’t heard that she’s leaving, but I also just know from talking to her that she just wants peace. She’s kind of on my page.”

Chrishell’s departure would see her following the likes of Davina Potratz, Maya Vander and Christine Quinn who all left the show in earlier seasons, and more recently Heather Rae El Moussa who took a step back from filming whilst pregnant with her first child.

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