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You did it! Here are all the freebies you can get this Results Day for surviving your A-levels

Because everyone loves free food

It’s A-level Results Day and whether you got the grades you wanted or not, there’s one thing absolutely everyone loves and that’s free stuff. Every year, food chains and brands give out loads of free stuff if you show up with your A-level results. I remember opening up my grades on my results day and having known about all the free stuff that I was entitled to for suffering through the trauma that is sixth form and A-levels would have softened the blow massively of not getting the grades I needed and having to go through clearing. So, whether you’re in full panic mode today trying to figure out what the hell you’re going to be doing come September or you got absolutely spotless results and are off out to celebrate, what better way to line your stomach before a heavy night than with free food? Here are all the freebies you can get this A-level Results Day:

The Dungeons

The Dungeons are back again doing God’s work and educating the masses by offering anyone who got a D or lower in their history A-level free access to the London, York or Blackpool Dungeons either today or tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll learn some much needed history as you clearly didn’t learn anything in school.


Free food is always a winner and the only thing that can make free food even better is when it’s free Nando’s. Students will be able to claim a free starter or quarter chicken when showing their results slips in-restaurant today. You can also purchase a special limited edition Results Day peri-peri sauce from supermarkets labelled “hot marks”. Still tastes the same though. 

Frankie & Benny’s

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then Bill’s is the place to go this Thursday as they are offering all students who show their result’s transcript and student ID a free dessert when any main is ordered – no matter what grades they got.

TGI Friday’s

Adding to the list of freebies you can get this A-level Results Day, the leavers class of 2023 can get 23 per cent off their bill at TGI Friday’s today only but will need to sign up to the Stripes Rewards Scheme in order to qualify.

Las Iguanas

You know what, Las Iguanas is right: Churros are always the answer. Not only are they tasty but they’re great at wiping away the tears shed for not getting the grades you wanted. All you’ll need is your ID and proof of your results and you can obtain a portion with either chocolate or dulce de leche sauce, as well as 25 per cent off the total bill.


If you’re a garlic fiend like me then Chiquito is handing out a free garlic tortilla bread and a coke and all you need to do is show your grades. Honestly, this is my ideal meal.

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