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crying Barbie memes

These 19 crying Barbie memes show we’re all out here living the same female experience

I’m just a girl

By now we’ve all seen the Barbie movie and if you haven’t then you’ve definitely consumed enough of the unavoidable memes online to have a complete understanding of the vibes. The Barbies featured in the movie are super diverse so everyone can for sure identify with at least one. And whilst we’d all probably like to think that we’re most like Stereotypical Barbie, the most relatable thing to come out the movie was Depressed Barbie; we’ve all a bit anxious, we’re all contemplating death and we all definitely have at least a little cellulite.

People are now using crying Margot Robbie to illustrate all the woes in their life and it’s honestly the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. How Margot still looks that good whilst absolutely weeping is beyond me.

Here are the funniest crying Barbie memes from Twitter:

1. What a way to ruin the weekend

2. I’ve still not recovered from this trowma

3. Grab jobs really aren’t all they’re hyped up to be

4. Still mad we didn’t get a Taylor X Barbie cross over

5. Please don’t fire me

— Lee Travis (@LeeTravis_) July 25, 2023

— ana folklore 💜 MADRID (@behindthemall13) July 24, 2023

7. Cows will never know how much the girl pops love them

8. I don’t think an email has ever found me “well”

9. Watching Barbie with my mum was pure pain

10. I would do anything for Eras tour tickets

11. I swear I just shut down

12. Alexa, play Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre

13. Please say my 30s are gonna be easier than this

14. Where’s my Mr Darcy?

15. This is the most heartbreak I’ve ever felt

16. It just does what it wants to

17. Only an entire work day still to go!

18. BookTok really has me spending all my money

19. I really did not anticipate leaving the cinema having an existential crisis

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