A deleted scene from Baby Reindeer showed how things really ended between Donny and Teri

Five months after the events of Baby Reindeer took place, the real Teri left Richard a voice mail

Having been based on a true story, Baby Reindeer leaves viewers with a lot of questions they want answering with one of the most pressing being: What happened between Teri and Donny?

The Netflix follows Richard Gadd’s character, based on himself, wrestle with his own self hatred in order to date Teri, a trans woman he’s in love with. After Martha’s stalking brought them together initially, it ends up being the very thing that tears them apart and their story line ends with Donny seeing Teri in the street with another man, seemingly very happy. Whilst this offered no closure for Donny himself, it also offered none for the viewer.

But now Nava Mau, the award winning Mexican actress Nava Mau who plays Teri, has revealed that their was actually more to the real Teri and Richard’s story and a scene showing exactly what happened between was actually filmed for Baby Reindeer before being deleted.

Baby Reindeer deleted scene

via Netflix

According to Nava, in real life Teri left Richard a voice mail about five months after the events of Baby Reindeer took place explaining that she was in a new relationship and had found her “happy ending”.

Speaking to GQ, she said: “There actually was one more piece of Teri and Donny’s relationship in the script, and I performed it. Teri leaves Donny a voicemail five months later. So I think, for me, I got closure because Teri did too.

“That’s what gave me so much comfort, knowing that they found peace with regards to their relationship. Teri got her happy ending, you know? Teri found a new man, she didn’t lose her friends, she didn’t lose her job, she didn’t lose her smile. She’s good. And I think that is remarkable, because so often we’ve seen stories of trans people that end with them broken.”

Whether fans of the top rated Netflix show ever get to see this deleted scene, one can only hope.

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