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Netflix icons, TikTokers and pop stars: Inside Olivia Rodrigo’s mega famous friendship group

At this point, who isn’t she friends with?

Olivia Rodrigo has slowly transitioned from Disney Channel child star, to pop princess and all around IT girl. In a Taylor Swift Eras tour frenzy on Ticketmaster, following the release of her second debut album GUTS, you were lucky if you were able to bag yourself a ticket to her now sold out world tour. It seems like every one and their mother wants a bit of The Rodrigo.

Part of what makes up her IT girl persona, aside from her super relatable all-American charm, is the fact that she is friends with equally as vibey people, many celebs and famous faces included. The launch party for GUTS saw the likes of Central Cee, Madeleine Argy and Chicken Shop Date’s Amelia Dimoldenberg in attendance. Despite only being 20 years old, Olivia has really established an elite social circle for herself, from pop stars, Netflix icons, nepo babies and TikTokers. Here’s all the people who are privileged enough be in the friendship group of the one and only Olivia Rodrigo:

Joe Locke

It’s currently unclear how the American Pop singer Olivia Rodrigo and the British Heartstopper actor became friends but it seems that Joe Locke has truly established himself as part of her friendship group as the pair were spotted last month out and about in London. The unlikely duo were seen leaving a restaurant together and then getting into a car.

Jenna Ortega

olivia rodrigo friendship group

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Olivia and Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega first met when they both worked for Disney Channel growing up and even acted opposite each other. Jenna made a cameo in an episode of Bizaardvark in 2018 called The BFF where she played Olivia’s character’s best friend.

The two have seemingly grown close ever since as in interview with Wired last week, Olivia said: “Yes I am [friends with Jenna Ortega].

The two have seemingly grown close ever since as in interview with Wired last week, Olivia said: “Yes I am [friends with Jenna Ortega].

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Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray first went public with their friendship in 2021 when Olivia soft launched him as part of her group with an Instagram post of the pair listening to Taylor Swift. Since then, the pair have been spotted literally everywhere together from attending the Met Gala together, going to concerts together and even performing together.

In June 2022, Conan told Rolling Stone: “|With Olivia, she’s someone that I just adore. And it’s always nice to have friends that you can depend on. [Fame] is a very confusing thing, and it’s nice to have people that you can relate to and find comfort in.”

Central Cee and Madeleine Argy

Central Cee and Madeleine Argy were in attendance at Olivia’s launch party for her second album GUTS in London. Whilst it’s unclear how the rapper x TikTok star couple became friends with Olivia, photos were snapped from the night of the trio getting cosy.

Iris Apatow

Not only are Iris Apatow and Olivia besties but they’re also roommates and honestly seem to have the most wholesome friendship ever. They even matching heart tattoos on their pinky fingers! Iris Apatow is the daughter of powerhouse director, producer and writer Judd Apatow and actor Leslie Mann and is also the younger sister of Euphoria’s Maude Apatow. However, Iris is an actress in her own right, having appeared in Knocked Up, This is 40 and Netflix’s The Bubble.

Speaking about her and Olivia’s friendship on The Drew Barrymore Shore, Iris said: “Well, we live together, so we do everything together. We have Sex and the City movie nights. It just makes me happy.”

Charli D’Amelio


@avani @irisapatow @livbedumb @mezafram

♬ Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

In March 2023, Charli D’Amelio shared of TikTok of her, Olivia, Iris Apatow and Avani all hanging out. In the video, all four got tatooed with Charli and Avani getting matching smiley faces whilst Olivia and Iris got matching hearts on their pinky fingers. 

Billie Eilish

Yes, Olivia is friends with the one and only Billie Eilish. The pair have kept their friendship a bit more on the down low but have made it Instagram official. In July 2021, Billie posted a photo of her and Olivia hugging with the caption “this is where the real love is” and a year later, posted another vibey picture of them together but this time with Olivia’s roomie Iris Apatow.

Madison Hu

Madison Hu and Olivia’s friendship is one for the ages as they’ve literally been friends forever. They met when they starred across from each other as the leads in Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark from 2016 and 2019. Since then, the pair have been inseparable, constantly posting each other on their socials and Olivia even described Madison as “literally my soulmate” and as her “best friend in the whole world.”

Selena Gomez


♬ original sound – Selena Gomez

Having had very similar starts to like both growing up on Disney Channel, Olivia shared in a Variety interview in 2021 how Selena Gomez had given her some advice on her rise to fame. She said: “I met Selena, and she was so kind. 

“She talked to me a lot about prioritising mental health, which I think is really important in this industry. All of us were in the limelight very young, that can be taxing on your psyche and can bring about all these weird issues.”

And it seems Selena is also a huge fan of Olivia’s music as in 2022 she took her little sister Gracie to Olivia’s SOUR tour and uploaded a video of them singing Drivers Licence to each other. How adorable. That same month, Olivia attended Selena’s 30th birthday party with Iris Apatow and Billie Eilish.

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