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Chief Features Writer

Lydia Spencer-Elliott
Bournemouth University

Pop culture, politics, entertainment, trends, opinion, dating, real-life stories, guides, The Tab's Do Better Campaign, The Tab's You Matter Campaign

  • Lydia has interviewed everyone from the women who brought down Harvey Weinstein to Love Island's Ekin-Su.
  • Her expertise in pop culture has seen her appear in a documentary about Harry Styles and go viral on TikTok explaining the infamous Wagatha Christie trial.
  • Lydia pioneered The Tab's coverage of the Women's World Cup and wouldn't rest until her Mary Earp's profile was the most read story of the tournament.


Lydia Spencer-Elliott joined The Tab in 2022, currently working as the Chief Features Writer. She has previously freelanced for VICE, The Guardian, The Independent, Cosmopolitan and was Grazia's Senior Features Writer before joining the team.


Lydia graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA Honours in English Literature and Film Studies. After she graduated, she completed an MA in Magazine Journalism at City University, London and freelanced throughout her post grad.


The Tab's journalism is brought to you by young reporters who like being first. On university campuses, our writers deliver local news you care about. At The Tab HQ, our experienced journalists write about everything from breaking news to politics to pop culture to TikTok trends to the latest entertainment and celeb gossip. Our aim is to deliver sharp, original, and agenda-setting journalism to young people. All our stories are fact checked and sources verified. Further information on our editorial policies and processes can be found here.


If you own these 12 things, you’re officially a TikTok fashion girlie

My wardrobe has never been more influenced by the internet

Coachella conspiracy theories are claiming the festival is fully flopping

The glory days are OVER

How Dua Lipa finally learnt to dance, an investigation

We’ve come a long way from THAT viral 2019 video

All of Sex and the City’s most annoying characters, ranked

Flawed is an understatement

All the long and winding lore behind Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter visuals

The album cover alone deserves a dissertation

Debunked: Is Netflix’s viral ‘skip the foreplay’ feature actually real?

It ‘removes naughty scenes’ from shows like Bridgerton

Cry, there could be ‘challenges’ ahead for The Gentlemen season two

And it’s all to do with the cast

‘In the bin’: We asked the Samba girlies what the hell they’re going to do now

Nothing is safe from Rishi Sunak

Omg, Freddy from Made in Chelsea was KIDNAPPED while they filmed the series in Corsica

He was bundled into a 4×4 by gangsters

From ’90s to now: Gillian Anderson’s most slay outfits of all time

She’s always been Mother

Inside all of the stunning filming locations from Netflix’s Ripley series

I’ve never wanted to go to Italy more

Ripley: A side-by-side comparison of the cast of the film and the TV series

I fear no one will ever look better than Jude Law in white linen

Um, Andrew Garfield is dating a ‘professional witch’ called Dr. Kate Tomas

What is going ON

Right, what actually happens to Freddie Miles in Netflix’s Ripley?

He was never Tom’s biggest fan

Ok, why is Netflix’s Ripley series shot in black and white?

It looks SO different to the ’90s film

Right, who is Beyoncé talking about in her Jolene cover?

There’s been so much controversy over this song

Sex and the City’s most poorly aged moments as it airs on Netflix for the very first time

It’s getting hard to defend Carrie

Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer: What actually happened to murderer Dirk P?

He terrorised clubbers in Berlin

Favourite MAFS Australia 2024 couple dramatically broke up FOUR times after filming ended

‘It was all an act, he would cry on the couch and everyone fell for it’

Right, here’s what the Italian opera lyrics on Beyoncé’s song Daughter actually mean

We didn’t see that coming on the country album

Inside Kim Kardashian and Bianca Censori’s rocky relationship since she married Kanye

‘She is truly surprised’

Everything Blue Ivy has been up to since stealing the show at Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour

The greatest nepo baby of all time

What to know about Beyoncé’s hot bodyguard Julius since he sent TikTok into meltdown

Honеy honeeeey I could be your bodyguard

Omg guys, Jacob Elordi is going to Oxford University in October to study English

He fell in love with the campus while filming Saltburn

Where to watch Kaya Scodelario next if you loved her as Susie Glass in The Gentlemen

We’re all obsessed

Ok, here’s what scandalous book the Palm Royale series is based on

Get ready to clutch your pearls

Explained: What is the ‘dating birth order theory’ on TikTok and where did it come from?

Eldest daughters are SUFFERING

Right, here’s why Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs house has been raided by US law enforcement

He’s faced a lot of allegations

Ok, is the Palm Royale real? All you need to know about the boujee Apple TV+ country club

Need a membership ASAP

Omg, scientists say the shows you watch on Netflix reveal tonnes about your personality

True crime girlies, listen up

The Gentlemen fans just found out Theo James’ real name and everyone is shook

‘Thassa Greek king right there’

Let’s admit it, International Women’s Day has never felt more pointless

If I see one more cheesy quote I’m going to scream x

Okay, so what is actually inside the unhinged Oscars 2024 gift bags worth $180k?

This product list is chaos

What Netflix’s Supersex series doesn’t tell you about Rocco Siffredi

He’s the ‘Godfather’ of rough sex

Everyone’s worried Sharon Osbourne is ill – here’s why she looks so different

She’s spoken openly about her sudden weight loss

Actually good gift ideas for every type of mum this Mother’s Day

We all know mum is literally the hardest person to shop for

Right, here’s why people think barnacles could be the answer to finding the MH370 plane

Yes you read that right

Inside MH370’s Semiconductor theory which links the US government to the missing plane

It’s one of the most persistent conspiracies

Gary Goldsmith: How is Kate Middleton’s uncle even allowed on Celebrity Big Brother?

Women’s Aid have already spoken out about his behaviour

Toxic relationships are prompting women to go ‘boysober’ and the internet is loving it

‘Count. Me. In.’

Jamie Laing criticised for ‘mocking’ northern accent on air – one day into Radio 1 role

‘He’s taking the p*ss’

The Kate Middleton pics might have been grainy but these 10 memes are clearly hilarious

A pap shot has never been blurrier

All the theories about what happened to missing MH370 plane – 10 years after disappearance

A new hunt for the vanished aircraft could be starting soon

The Ambanis: All to know about the billionaire family Rihanna came out of retirement for

They paid her £5 million

Awkward exes and humungous hangovers: Inside the wild Brits 2024 after parties

Raye danced with her shoes off until 5AM

The Octopus Murders: What Netflix’s new documentary doesn’t tell you about the chilling case

There are so many theories

The harrowing true story behind Under the Banner of Heaven

This is dark

Reasons why your evil situationship is nothing like One Day or Normal People

Hate to break it to you baby girl

Ariana Grande fans are accusing her of ‘gaslighting’ them over Ethan Slater relationship

‘Girl, we can see the timelines’

Rumours to relationship: Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover’s chaos journey to exclusivity

This should give anyone in a situationship some hope

Raye’s top 10 best songs ever, ranked by just how wow they are

She’s just been named songwriter of the year

Demonic rituals and relatability: Every theory behind why Taylor Swift ‘can’t dance’

Clips from The Eras Tour won’t stop going viral

Can I Tell You a Secret: Where is cyber stalker Matthew Hardy now?

This documentary kept me awake for days

Who TF Did I Marry? A rundown of ‘pathological liar’ TikTok which shocked the internet

Her husband was NOT who she thought he was

Bradley Cooper roasted for crying over ‘missing’ Leonard Bernstein – who he never met

‘If we give him an Oscar will he stop doing this kind of thing?’

Love Is Blind’s Chelsea doesn’t deserve hate for saying she looks like Megan Fox

She’s just issued an apology

Can I Tell You a Secret? What Netflix’s documentary leaves out about Matthew Hardy

It took police 11 years to put him in jail

Saltburn mansion’s real-life owner says influencers won’t stop trespassing on his land

He’s had to set up a regular ‘staff patrol’ of the grounds

Ok, here’s the eerie ending of Expats fully explained

What even happened to Margaret, Hilary and Mercy?

Omg, The Bear fans are convinced Will Poulter is returning as chef Luca for season three

And their theory is seriously convincing

Gird your loins, there’s going to be a Devil Wears Prada reunion at the 2024 SAG Awards

Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, and Emily Blunt together again!!

Baby to Boyfriend: Justin Bieber’s all time biggest bops, ranked

Bieber Super Bowl half time show WHEN

Enough is enough, it’s time to free Barry Keoghan from the shackles of Saltburn

Let him out!

Omg, you can visit Dexter’s One Day cafe in real life and it looks EXACTLY like the show

Everyone on TikTok is heading there already

One Day to The White Lotus: Leo Woodall’s performances, ranked by how boyfriend they are

Impossible to say if Jack or Dexter is hotter

Vultures 1: Why Kanye West’s album distributor chose to pull his new record from Apple music

Drama drama drama

Can I Tell You a Secret? The terrifying true story behind Netflix’s new cyber stalker documentary

I’m never using social media again

Guys, Tinder and Hinge are being sued for deliberately turning people into ‘addicts’

Ok so this is why I can’t find love

One Day: Final episode Easter eggs which make Emma and Dexter’s ending even more tragic

Prepare to sob (again)

BAFTAs to Golden Globes: Ayo Edebiri’s awards season looks ranked by how hard they served

She’s so cool I could scream

Jamie Laing speaks out after criticism he’s turned Radio 1 into a ‘posh boys club’

He’ll be replacing Jordan North in March

Lads lads lads, Harry Styles has entered his football fan era and everybody’s freaking out

And just like that I support Man United

‘Shame on you’: Viewers furious after Matthew Perry left off BAFTA’s memoriam honours list

The British Academy were forced to make a statement after the backlash

From Tracy Beaker to How to Have Sex: Inside the rise of Mia McKenna-Bruce

She had a huge win at the BAFTAs last night

Meet Harris Dickinson: The vibey it-boy from Iron Claw who everyone’s obsessed with

He deserves all the BAFTAs

Balloon sleeves and ruffles: The secret meanings behind Poor Things’ costumes

I need them available to buy NOW

A rap song calling for the death of Dua Lipa has ‘topped the charts in Israel’

Bella Hadid is also mentioned

Connell’s chain to Dexter’s signet ring: The thirstiest on-screen accessories of all time

They know what they’re doing

One Day: What Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod actually thought of each other when they first met

It didn’t go smoothly at all

Right, here’s why a country radio station refused to play Beyoncé’s new song

Their loss, tbh

Ok, here’s the secret meaning behind Beyoncé’s 16 Carriages lyrics

So ready for my country era

Jacob Elordi to Paul Mescal: Your favourite it-boys’ icks, just in time for Valentine’s Day

They’re judging you x

Griselda: What Netflix left out about The Godmother’s gruesome life

She’s actually terrifying

How to handle Valentine’s Day if you’re in a situationship, according to dating experts

It’s time to call in the professionals

‘Go f*ck yourself’: Kanye finally responds to hate for posting nude photos of his wife

‘I don’t care, bro’

Real Valentine’s Day horror stories to make you feel instantly better about being alone

It’s hell out there

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: The show’s hectic twist ending fully explained

Still recovering tbh

One Day’s author shares romantic mixtapes Emma and Dexter sent each other and I’m crying

Can’t wait to look wistfully out of a train window to this

One Day’s author reveals one huge way Netflix’s series differs from the book

We all owe the producers a big thank you

Actually good Valentine’s gifts guaranteed to make them fall in love with you (fast)

Your situationship won’t know what’s hit ’em x

The Cranberries to Blur: Every song on the vibey decade-spanning One Day soundtrack

Bop after bop

Who was Justin Eely? The story behind One Day’s mystery dedication

The final episode is in memory of him

Right, this is what happened between Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl

He exposed her breast on stage in 2004

Set list to special guests: All we know about Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show


Right, here’s how Zac Efron got so jacked for his role in The Iron Claw

Respectfully, wow

Right, who actually killed Griselda Blanco in a drive-by shooting in Medellin?

Netflix’s ending needs some explanation

Ok, what happened to Griselda’s multi-million pound Miami mansion after she fled the city?

She knew how to throw a party

Gemma Owen to Arabella Chi: Outrageously expensive Love Island necklaces, ranked

Influencing is clearly going well

The ‘pick me’ boy explained: Who he is and how to know if you’re dating one

He just never really got into football haha x

Omg, Sofia Vergara has shared behind the scenes pics from Griselda and they’re iconic

The Godmother is mothering

Inside The Mutiny: The real life nightclub from Griselda you can still visit today

It looks very different now

Reporter claims Jacob Elordi ‘grabbed him by the throat’ after he asked for his bathwater

When will the Saltburn suffering end

Vicky McClure addresses Trigger Point plot hole which made viewers rage

People are vexed

Love Island: All Stars viewers accuse Joshua of ‘gaslighting’ Sophie over Joanna flirting

‘He’s a bit of a manipulator’

Julia Fox to Kim Kardashian: What Kanye’s exes have said he’s like as a boyfriend

‘There were definitely some red flags’

Inside the spiritual retreat where Georgia Harrison ‘saw’ Casey’s grandad’s ghost

Wonder what he was doing in Costa Rica

Lorraine Kelly breaks silence on Philip Schofield scandal and Holly Willoughby

‘They’re good people’

Love Island’s Cally Jane Beech ‘shaken’ over ‘scary’ deepfake nude photos of her online

‘First thing I did was panic’

Sofia Vergara reveals she injured herself ‘forever’ while playing Griselda

‘It got me into trouble’

What it was actually like at Oxford during the Saltburn era, according to a former student

2006 was WILD

Right, here’s what actually went down between Griselda Blanco and Pablo Escobar

She was running drugs before he even entered the game

You can now go to prison for cyberflashing, deepfakes and revenge porn

New punishments include jail time, fines and being added to the sex offenders register

Co-stars and mirror selfies: Inside Paul Mescal’s now-deleted Instagram account

He’s so mysterious I can’t cope

Fake teeth, prosthetics and wigs: Inside Sofia Vergara’s transformation into Griselda Blanco

The drug lord’s family were not happy with how Netflix made her look

Kanye West snatches reporter’s phone when asked about ‘controlling’ his wife allegations

‘Don’t come asking me disrespectful questions’

This is why dating apps are in their flop era right now, according to an expert

Things have never looked bleaker

We’ve worked out where Arabella’s necklace is from, and it’s worth thousands

She’s still not Gemma Owen though

Ok, here’s the twist ending of All of Us Strangers fully explained by the director

Haven’t stopped sobbing since

Here’s what Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott said about THOSE All of Us Strangers sex scenes

A film has never been so hot and so sad all at once

Kylie Jenner doesn’t deserve to be shamed for her surgery just because she’s young

Do you feel good about online bullying a 26-year-old?

Yes, chef! All of Jeremy Allen White’s wildest roles ranked from worst to best

I would run through traffic for Lip Gallagher

Inside Sushi Park: The inconspicuous LA restaurant where celebs are snogging in secret 

Dua Lipa is a big fan

No Oscar for Greta Gerwig is disappointing – but Barbie’s nominations aren’t sexist

You can be sad for Margot Robbie without coming for Ryan Gosling

Daniel Kaluuya reveals why he refuses to work with less successful white actors

‘Why would I shrink? Why would I dim?’

Maya Jama’s amazing Love Island: All Stars outfits, ranked by how hard they served

We are not worthy

Saltburn to Sacred Deer: Barry Keoghan’s chilling film roles ranked by how trauma they are

I’m low key scared of him

Kanye West accused of ‘humiliation kink’ after more distressing photos of his wife emerge

‘He hates Kim so much for leaving him so he publicly humiliates her lookalike’

Ok, here’s what Barry Keoghan actually slurped up in Saltburn’s bath scene

This is pretty gross

Right, what is the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ and why is it all over my TikTok FYP?

The uprising has started

Ha, Andrew Tate can’t make money from YouTube anymore

A lawyer called his videos ‘the digital equivalent of grooming’

All the drama that went down between the Love Island: All Stars cast BEFORE the 2024 villa

They’ve got a whole lot of history

The White Lotus: Meet the unbelievably star-studded season three cast

Mike White is trying to kill me

Omg, Modern Family’s Ed O’Neill almost joined the mob before making it as an actor

‘I had friends in organised crime’

King Kylie is BACK – but who is Kylie Jenner’s alter ego?

2024 is officially the new 2014

Reactions to Suki Waterhouse’s Emmys dress show we still have issues with pregnancy style

‘Classless and revolting’

In an Andrew Tate world, the 2024 Emmy Awards were a joyful display of male affection

Masculinity has never looked less toxic

The White Lotus stars were the best dressed cast at the Emmy Awards 2024

They only won once but they looked good doing it

Jonathan Bailey dedicates his Critics Choice win to the LGBTQ+ community

‘This is for you’

Everything the Critics Choice Awards 2024 winners list hints about this year’s Oscars

It’s not looking good for Bradley Cooper

All the best dressed celebs from the red carpet at the Critics Choice Awards 2024

Margot Robbie has finally been freed from her Barbie wardrobe

How lip-reading became the glue of Hollywood’s award season

Selena will never want to gossip with her girls again

The huge differences between the Poor Things film and the chaotic book its based on

Writers made a big change to the ending

Guys, the sofa from Jeremy Allen White’s Calvin Klein campaign is on Facebook Marketplace

And it costs $0!!

A winding history of all the times Selena Gomez has threatened to ‘quit’ Instagram

Her last break from the app lasted a whopping 18 hours

Ranked: The huge net worths of the iconic Modern Family cast

Adopt me into the Pritchett family right now

Government criticised for Windrush and Grenfell as Post Office convictions quashed

‘Look how quickly politicians can change things if they actually want to’

FKA twigs drags ‘double standards’ after Calvin Klein ad banned for ‘objectifying women’

‘I am proud of my physicality’

Sorry, but Stanley Cups are criminally ugly

Everybody has lost their MINDS

Saltburn’s weirdest sex scenes, ranked by how scream-worthy they are

I will NEVER recover from Oliver getting intimate with a grave

Selena Gomez quits Instagram AGAIN after Golden Globes viral Kylie Jenner drama

Something tells me she’ll be back very soon

All the glaring Saltburn plot holes which are guaranteed to annoy you forever

There are some questionable moments

Shut up! Here’s what the Mean Girls cast look like 20 years on from the film’s release

From the 2004 Mean Girls premiere to the 2024 Mean Girls Musical pink carpet

Bradley Cooper roasted online for looking furious after losing at 2024 Golden Globes

‘He’s going to go home and punch a hole in the wall’

Bad jokes and table whispers: Every piece of drama from the 2024 Golden Globes

Taylor was not happy

Here’s everything you need to know about Margot Robbie’s husband Tom Ackerley

He’s actually not just Ken

Right, this is why Rosamund Pike was actually wearing a veil at the 2024 Golden Globes

It wasn’t just a fashion choice

Kanye West slammed for ‘dehumanising’ his wife after posting explicit pictures of her online

‘It’s just sad’

Dating apps are officially more active than ever – and this is how to use it to your advantage

Brace yourself for the flirtiest day of the YEAR

This Saltburn fan theory makes Oliver even more calculated than we first thought

He went to Oxford with his eyes on the money

Guys, hundreds of single people are adding their names to this Google Doc to find love

Who needs Hinge x

Guys, tween girls are ‘invading’ Sephora and scaring everyone with ‘ruthless’ behaviour

They wont rest until they get their anti-wrinkle cream

Mr Bates vs The Post Office: This is where Paula Vennells and Angela van den Bogerd are now

There are calls for Paula to hand back her CBE

Ok, here’s what happens to your body when you actually manage to do Dry January

1) You feel superior to everybody else x

Erm, there’s a pretty dark side to Tik Tok’s new When We Were Young trend

This is not what Adele intended

Here’s what Saltburn’s director had to say about THAT vampire scene

Apparently it’s actually very romantic

Mr Bates vs The Post Office: This is where Alan and his wife Suzanne Sercombe are now

He’s still fighting for justice

Shock, rich people are using Saltburn to show off their humungous houses on TikTok

Because nothing says generational wealth like a murder spree

Here’s what Saltburn’s director has to say about THAT shocking grave scene

Members of the crew were asked to leave the set while it was filmed

Right, here’s what’s going on with Andrew Tate – one year on from his arrest in Romania

I still can’t believe a pizza box was the cause of his downfall

Omg, Love Island All Stars is in ‘chaos’ because the cast keep ‘demanding’ more money

They’ve already turned down a 433 per cent pay rise

Omg guys, Olivia Bentley wants to QUIT Made in Chelsea

I am bereft

Right, who actually is Ariana Grande’s new boyfriend Ethan Slater?

Aside from SpongeBob

Here’s what Saltburn’s director has to say about THAT controversial bath scene

My eyes will never recover

Ok, this is why there are photos of Paul Mescal running all over your timeline right now

Prepare to have your head scrambled

Only people with elite vision can spot these matching snowflakes in under 30 seconds

I have never needed my glasses more

Right, was Barry Keoghan wearing a prosthetic in THAT Saltburn final scene?

It’s murder on the danceflooooor

All Mary Earps has achieved since securing icon status at the Women’s World Cup

Yet Piers Morgan claims she doesn’t deserve to win Sports Personality of the Year

All the best dressed Lionesses at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards

Mary Earps slayed the house down

Sorry, you can already tell the new Mean Girls musical film is a big fat flop

Thanks, I hate it

Harry Styles to Taylor Lautner: These are 2023’s sexiest men, according to People magazine

Justice for Jeremy Allen White

Escaping Twin Flames: Where are the real-life Jeff and Shaleia Ayan now?

Their so-called ‘cult’ is still active

If you like any of these things, you’re officially ‘common’ according to an Old Etonian

10. Aperol

Timbaland says Justin Timberlake should have ‘put a muzzle’ on Britney Spears over memoir

Fans are absolutely fuming

Right, here’s everything we actually know about Dua Lipa’s new album

Her Instagram posts are so cryptic

Omg, Chandler was going to cheat on Monica in Friends but Matthew Perry changed the script

He told writers the audience would never forgive the affair

King Charles just said the government is cracking down on ‘poor quality’ university degrees

They’re really pushing the apprenticeship agenda

These are officially the most eligible dates of 2023, according to Tatler

One of them has a pet lion?!

Shock, Boohoo has ‘broken promises’ to make its clothes ethically

The brand committed to a huge overhaul three years ago

All of the Tory MPs embroiled in sexual misconduct scandals in the past year

Members of the party have denied there’s a ‘cultural issue’

Pret to pub roast: Plan a hungover Sunday and we’ll tell you how posh you are

*cries into Ralph Lauren sheets*

Bonfire Night is the weirdest night of the year and these chaos traditions prove it

Yes that is a flaming barrel

Selena Gomez threatens to delete Instagram after backlash over Gaza posts

‘I’m done’

Right, here’s why the guy who ghosted you is always the first to watch your Instagram story

They are never not lurking

Ranked: Who was categorically the worst of Ross’ girlfriends?

Maybe he’s the problem

Five episodes of Friends which are suddenly sadder now Matthew Perry is gone

Brb crying

We spoke to the influencer who made THAT pub TikTok and he doesn’t care what you think

Pints, chit chat and good people x

The most horrifying part of Halloween is all of these boring celebrity photoshoots

Get them some fake blood and a cheap wig asap

Liza Drake: Is Emily Blunt’s character in Pain Hustlers real?

She’s like the Jordan Belfort of prescription medicine

Kardashians to DiCaprio: Celebrity Halloween 2023 costumes, ranked from worst to best

I will never recover from Christina Aguilera’s outfit

‘We are so utterly devastated’: Friends cast release statement after Matthew Perry’s death

Their joint tribute is heartbreaking

There’s a reason why Matthew Perry’s death feels personal even though we didn’t ‘know’ him

Fans are experiencing intense feelings of loss

Matthew Perry’s death has shown we need to change the way we speak about addiction

The way his suffering has been shamed has been horrendous

Matthew Perry detailed how he wanted to be remembered a year before his death

‘I don’t want Friends to be the first thing that’s mentioned’

Love Island’s Whitney reveals she wants to marry Lochan and won’t move in until he proposes

She chats to The Tab about their exciting future together

‘The loves of my life’: Inside Britney’s relationship with her sons Jayden and Sean

She’s dedicated her memoir to them

A definitive list of all the things TikTok considers ‘micro-cheating’ on your partner

Some of these seem a bit harsh

No ifs, no buts: These are the saddest Gilmore Girls episodes of all time

Sometimes it’s nice just to feel something

Meet Andrew M Wallet: The man ‘paid $426,000 per year’ to control Britney’s finances

Of course his surname is Wallet

Ok, so this is why Michelle Williams is reading Britney Spears’ The Woman In Me audiobook

I will never recover from her Justin Timberlake impression

You’re not a British girl unless you had all of these style disasters in the 2000s

5. Jeggings

‘They’re scared we’re disruptive’: Meet the vibey student activists changing the world

It’s not all Just Stop Oil

You can like Justin Timberlake’s music and still think he owes Britney an apology

This man’s behaviour has been horrendous

From book deals to spa demolition: Inside the winding saga of Captain Tom’s family drama

Someone turn this into a Netflix docuseries right now

Jennifer Lawrence’s nude scene shouldn’t be the most interesting part of No Hard Feelings

People are fully shaming her for it

These are 2023’s hottest Halloween costumes according to Depop and Pinterest

The fashion girlies have spoken

Right, this is what’s actually going on with David Walliams’ Britain’s Got Talent lawsuit

He’s suing the show’s production company

Double denim to break-up text: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ relationship timeline

He allegedly ended things with a two word message

Right, here’s what the results of TikTok’s moon phase compatibility test actually mean


These are officially the hottest students on campus, according to Tinder

It’s not looking good for anyone studying languages

Justin Timberlake to Colin Farrell: Every big revelation from Britney Spears’ book so far

The stories just keep on coming

Student banquets and Balenciaga: Inside life at Britain’s most expensive private school

Brighton College costs up to £64,920 per year

The backlash against Halle Bailey’s ‘pregnancy’ shows we still have a problem with young mothers

Fans are horrified

Millie Bobby Brown calls people who take pictures of food ‘ridiculous’ and ‘cringe’

Let us live!

Why Britney Spears fans think Everytime is about her abortion with Justin Timberlake

It’s given the song a whole new meaning

Co-star romances and age-gap relationships: All of Paul Hollywood’s biggest controversies

He’s back handing out handshakes on another series of The Great British Bake Off

Tour buses and family dramas: A brief history of One Direction’s run-ins with the law

Liam Payne has just had his driver’s license suspended

‘You’re scared to step outside’: Two women share their stories of being stalked at uni

This doesn’t only happen to celebrities like Holly Willoughby

‘It’s not funny’: Love Actually’s creator has finally addressed the film’s fatphobia

Justice for Natalie

Why do posh people sleep with all their mates? A very serious investigation

The Made in Chelsea mayhem has gone on long enough

Devil On Trial: The haunting true story behind Netflix’s new Arne Johnson documentary

His crimes inspired one of The Conjuring films

A definitive ranking of all of Pret’s mediocre yet overpriced sandwiches

I have been robbed BLIND

Madeline Argy to Emma Chamberlain: Inside TikTok’s problem with sleepy girl influencers

My bed rotting could never be this aesthetic

Let’s just admit it, EastEnders is one of the best things on TV right now

We haven’t seen drama like this since Ben killed Hev

The Rise and Fall of Juul: What happened to the founders of the world’s chicest vape

Their mango pods changed my life

You’re not a British girl unless you owned all of these beauty products in the 2000s

Zoella’s hauls had me in a chokehold

Drake’s audience has grown up – so, why hasn’t he?

This man is embarrassing

It’s time to realise Holly Willoughby quitting This Morning isn’t a national emergency

Let’s gain some perspective x

‘It haunts me’: The true stories behind David and Victoria’s most iconic photo moments

God bless the Beckham documentary for resurfacing this golden content

Jorja Smith being called ‘fat’ shows how warped our body standards still are

She can’t perform without her weight being relentlessly trolled online

Matilda Djerf drama explained: Why the TikTok girlies are ditching Djerf Avenue

She’s deactivated her personal account

It’s David’s Netflix doc but Victoria is the most iconic Beckham and these moments prove it

I will simply never get over her asking for her drivers license to be photoshopped

Here’s how to create the ’90s AI yearbook photos you’re seeing all over TikTok

It’s giving Sex Education

A thread of men discussing how much they ‘hate’ their girlfriends has horrified the internet

Relationships are TERRIFYING

Love Island Games: All of the contestants’ opening lines, ranked from cringe to pure hell

Trigger warning: Curtis Pritchard is doing the worm

If a girl says any of these things on a first date, run and never look back

We’re not always perfect

So, what happened to Rebecca Loos after her alleged ‘affair’ with David Beckham?

Her life looks VERY different now

Age gap ‘romance’ and controversial comedy: All of Noel Fielding’s biggest controversies

He’s back on TV for another series of The Great British Bake Off

Did David Beckham have an affair? The marriage ‘difficulties’ in his Netflix doc explained

He and Victoria discuss the allegations on camera

Ew, men are demanding to see Taylor Swift’s ‘sex tape’ to prove she’s dating Travis Kelce

‘Until then I think she’s using the NFL to make her star bigger’

Omg, Made in Chelsea’s Miles Nazaire is going to be a Dancing on Ice contestant

This is a crossover I didn’t see coming

If a guy says any of these things on a first date, run and never look back

It’s hell out there

You need to calm down: Taylor Swift isn’t ‘ruining football’ by attending NFL games

God forbid a globally adored woman go to a sports event

Guys, Beyoncé’s Renaissance film is coming and it includes all of the album’s music videos

Get me to the cinema NOW

Omg! Made in Chelsea is back TONIGHT and the drama did not stay in Corsica

Liv snogging Temps is my villain origin story

Boujee holidays and backflips: Inside Sam Kerr’s vibey life off the pitch

Her and her girlfriend are so cool I actually can’t deal

This week has been another harsh reminder of why women are afraid to say ‘no’ to men

Rejecting a man could cost you your life

Lawsuits and compensation: What happened to Barry George after the Jill Dando trial

He was imprisoned for her murder for eight years

Jill Dando’s house: What happened to the BBC presenter’s Fulham home after her shock death

A new owner moved in just three months later

So, who killed Jill Dando? Key theories about what happened to the beloved BBC presenter

The case has been unsolved for 24 years

Let’s ride: Girls on TikTok are taking parts of their ex-boyfriends’ cars for revenge

Between the For You Page we can build one whole vehicle

‘Ketchup and seemingly ranch’: The obsession with Taylor Swift’s food really needs to stop

She can’t have a condiment without the internet imploding

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is back and it still feels just as toxic as ever

A four year hiatus wasn’t long enough

Royal links and A-list neighbours: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ extravagant ‘forever home’

They’d allegedly planned to spend this Christmas there as a family

Lizzo sued by another ex-employee on the same day she receives humanitarian award

The lawsuit alleges an environment of bullying, harassment and racial discrimination

From meet-and-greets to marriage: A look back at Zoella and Alfie Deyes’ YouTube romance

13 year old me will never be over this relationship

Sob, here’s why Sex Education is actually ending with season four

I need answers

Postcards and quizzes: How Russell Group unis are protecting Freshers from sexual assault

Sexual violence is one of the biggest problems on campus but prevention strategies seem paper thin

So, where is Jenna Coleman’s character actually from in Wilderness?

Her accent has left the internet confused

Right, this is why Halle Berry is seriously angry at Drake right now

‘I just wish these men would give women respect’

Murder and revenge porn: The wild true story behind Netflix’s Burning Body

This is more intense than Line of Duty

Princess Diana and ex-best friends: These are the girl equivalents to the Roman Empire

We love to mull over women scorned

Giant cakes and the Barbie cast: Inside Sydney Sweeney’s ’80s prom-themed birthday party

This is so 13 Going on 30 coded I could scream

It’s unsurprising Russell Brand’s accusers preferred to speak to journalists than police

The Met has been found to be institutionally misogynistic

Here’s what actually went down between Russell Brand and The Geldofs

There’s been ongoing drama

The twinning effect: Why we start dressing like men we want to date

Kylie Jenner is fully in her soft girl Timothee Chalamet era

Right, this is exactly how to get tickets to Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS tour

She’s selling some for $20!

Here’s what your favourite Lost Mary flavour says about you – before they’re banned forever

RIP Pineapple Ice x

‘Every damn day’: We asked a psychologist why boys think about the Roman Empire so much

What is going ON

Tech bros and divorce: Inside Ashton Kutcher’s anti-child-trafficking charity Thorn

Mila Kunis seemingly referenced the project in their recent apology video

Olivia Rodrigo to Taylor Swift: The very best dressed girlies on the 2023 VMAs pink carpet

Selena slayed the house down

Selena Gomez’s side-eye should be everyone’s reaction to Chris Brown’s VMA nomination

We all know he has a history of violence against women

Wait, are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher actually Scientologists?

They were seen at the Church for two years running

Every Ashton Kutcher controversy that’s re-emerged since the Danny Masterson drama

Twitter is pulling up receipts

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ backlash is a reminder – ‘good friends’ can be rapists too

‘Oh, he’s lovely, he would never do that’

If you see any of these things in a boy’s lounge, run for the hills

DJ decks are a RED FLAG

A woman has gone viral for charging her date an £80 ‘cancellation fee’ after he rescheduled

‘I was gonna cancel because it’s raining but he doesn’t know that’

Right, this is why everyone is furious with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis right now

Their Instagram apology video just dropped

A chef’s outfit and a delivery van: Inside 21-year-old Daniel Abed Khalife’s prison escape

This is all very Paddington 2

Unhinged Timothée Chalamet moments to get you over the pain of him dating someone else

I’m actively trying to give you all the ick right now

Blaming Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce on her ‘party’ lifestyle is totally unfair

‘This is just a bad attempt at framing Sophie to be some careless mother’

Let’s call the backlash to Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet kissing what it is – sexist

They actually make total sense as a couple

TikTok thinks Madeline Argy and Central Cee have broken up and there’s convincing evidence

How many iconic celebrity couples must we lose to 2023

A-list stars and nepo babies: Inside Jacob Elordi’s long and winding relationship history

This man is too fine for his own good

Mahek Bukhari: How 24-year-old TikTok star went from viral videos to double murder

Her TikTok account is still live

‘Circle jerking and d**k pimping’: All the wildest stories from Burning Man festival

This is very different to Coachella

‘Beware the Tabi Swiper’: Inside the $1k shoe-stealing saga all over your timeline right now

This story just keeps getting wilder

Every dish Luca Bish has made on Celebrity MasterChef, ranked by how shockingly peng it looks

Nobody saw this coming

Say cheese and enjoy these 25 memes of Donald Trump’s presidential mugshot

Make mugshots great again

Right, let’s talk about the dark side of TikTok’s ‘girl math’ trend

I’m not sure this is healthy

Um, Lizzo is going to sue her backup dancers for ‘malicious prosecution’

Her lawyer claimed the performers’ lawsuit is ‘a sham’

Black eyes and Ibiza: All the Lionesses’ first posts since flying home from Australia

Alex Greenwood has been THROUGH it

Here’s exactly what your August bank holiday plans say about your overall vibe

I want to see nothing but havoc

Solitary confinement and $7,999 tickets: Inside the chaotic plans for Fyre Festival II

The sequel literally nobody asked for

Meet Kaspar Basse: Joe & The Juice’s hot founder who’s charging us all £7 for fruit pulp

Robbing the girlies BLIND

Everything Catherine’s been up to while Scott causes mayhem in the Love Island USA villa

Sooo maybe they’re not getting back together after all

‘Hurting is an understatement’: Lionesses’ heartbreaking statements as they arrive home

‘We created history but we wanted more’

‘The best self-made dancer ever’: How Olly Bowman became the luckiest man on TikTok

He spoke to The Tab about dating and his new life in London

Exactly how much the Lionesses are paid in comparison to men’s football wages

This is a bit of a joke tbh

Enough is enough, it’s way too soon to produce a Lucy Letby documentary or crime drama

Our appetite for true crime has officially gone too far

‘I pretended to vomit’: Love Island’s Indiyah Pollock on how to survive festival season

She spoke to The Tab about all day raving and how Dami gave her the ick

Girl’s trips and a football star boyfriend: Inside Alex Greenwood’s life off the pitch

She’s been dating her partner since they were at school

Sexist backlash against Sarina Wiegman coaching the men’s England team is insane

‘It’s never coming home now’

Liv Bentley to Lucy Watson: A considered ranking of Made In Chelsea’s most iconic women

The girls are CARRYING this show

Tell us your A-level Results Day plans and we’ll tell you how posh you really are

Let’s pop those bottles baby

‘Catch this, you little pr*ck’: Made In Chelsea’s most dramatic drink throws, ranked

Sam Prince is on the receiving end of a LOT of these

Bucket hats and Ibiza sessions: Inside Lioness Ella Toone’s wild life off the pitch

It’s coming home!!!

Swap some plasma and enjoy these memes about the millionaire who’s trying to live forever

Bryan Johnson would definitely get on with Gwyneth Paltrow

Mayfair nights out and glam holidays: Inside Lioness Alessia Russo’s life off the pitch

I simply must go clubbing with this woman

Enough is enough, the abuse Made In Chelsea’s Yas Zweegers is getting has gone too far

Let the girl snog who she wants

From botox to filler: Inside the rise in demand for men’s plastic surgery

Tweakments aren’t just for the girlies

Boujee holidays and TikTok fame: Inside Lioness Mary Earps’ life off the pitch

She’s just been named BBC’s Women’s Footballer of the Year

Ikea trips and family time: Inside Whitney and Lochan’s adorable life after Love Island

They just became boyfriend and girlfriend!!!

‘It was so sad’: MIC’s Inga Valentiner on her ‘heartbreaking’ split from Sam Prince

She tells The Tab why their break up almost made her leave the show

Infinity pools and concierge: Inside the €22k per week Made In Chelsea: Corsica villa

Sign me up as a cast member right now

Three sisters and a £50million estate: Inside Liv Bentley’s insanely boujee family life

Please say her parents are adopting

‘We were learning on the job’: Joel reveals all about being in MIC’s first ever throuple

He spoke to The Tab about his newly open relationship with Robbie

‘I’m nervous for the show to air’: Yas on being this season’s Made In Chelsea villain

She chats to The Tab about entering her chaos era

‘I was stunned’: MIC’s Liv Bentley vows she won’t take Tristan back after shock betrayal

She spoke to The Tab about single life and who she’s dating next

Cut-throat lawyers and six more allegations: Lizzo’s ‘sexually-charged’ scandal one week on

This is so messy

Omg, you can turn yourself into a Barbie doll with this scarily accurate AI

I’ve never looked better

Wait, is there going to be a second Barbie movie?

I’m so ready for a sequel

Um, fans think Matty Healy has been bad mouthing Taylor Swift in public

Will this saga never end

‘He’s so in love’: All of the signs Catherine and Scott are actually back together

Crying with joy brb

Only a member of Pink Slip could get full marks on this Freaky Friday trivia quiz

Happy 20th birthday to the best film of all time

RIP Wilko: An ode to the best shop on the high street

WHERE will we buy our reasonably priced bits and bobs now

Omg, Made In Chelsea is back and the new season looks absolutely unhinged

We haven’t seen drama like this since Spencer Matthews’ antics

In defence of Ariana Grande and her ‘boyfriend stealing’ behaviour

Ok hear me out

Um, fans think these Lizzo lyrics contain clues about the lawsuit against her

This is wild

You’re not cool if you won’t watch the Barbie film – you’re just annoying


Hi Ken! All of Ryan Gosling’s iconic film roles ranked from worst to best

I would die for Noah Calhoun

What Netflix doesn’t tell you in the Missing: The Lucie Blackman Case documentary

There’s much more to the story

A timeline of every accusation made against Lizzo and her dance captain Shirlene Quigley

‘This seems to go against everything Lizzo stands for’

We asked people who voted for Jess and Sammy to win Love Island: Why?

This could be the most shocking result in Love Island history

Omg guys, Nando’s is finally doing cocktails and they’re a game changer

I’m never going to the pub again

Lol, Spencer Matthews built an 18ft man cave and his neighbour wants it torn down

He didn’t get planning permission for the addition to his £7m Jersey pad

Cardi B to Bebe Rexha: Why the trend of hurling objects at artists on stage is spreading

Cardi B really said enough is enough

August supermoons: Get ready for big feelings, intense passion and mayhem

Leo season is out of control

Right, aliens are apparently ‘real’ so here’s a quick rundown of what’s actually going on

I don’t have the mental bandwidth for this rn

‘His whole game is destroying couples’: All the signs Tyrique has a Love Island agenda

Whitney better not be his next target

PSA, here’s how to use the Barbie movie as the ‘ultimate relationship test’

Time to find out if your boyfriend is really Kenough

If you do 14/20 of these things you’re officially having a posh girl summer

1. Wear linen trousers clubbing

‘It’s going to be tough’: Lioness legend reveals pressure on England at Women’s World Cup

A repeat of last summer’s Euro victory may not be so easy

Cheating rumours and tears on stage: Inside Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro’s devastating split

I’m a child of divorce

Right, this is why Ken is so obsessed with horses in the Barbie movie

And it’s not because of the patriarchy

An ode to Lochan Nowacki: The unproblematic king of the Love Island villa

Tyrique and his toxic energy can do one x

‘You sound like a f***ing k******d’: A considered ranking of Scott’s Love Island comebacks

This man is SAVAGE

Meet Bobbi Althoff: Another deadpan TikToker girlie taking over your FYP

Amelia Dimoldenberg is shaking rn

Billionaire parents and Ivy League sport: Meet Emma Raducanu’s boyfriend Carlo Agostinelli

His sister was on Made in Chelsea!!

Financial crimes, boobs and a doll empire: Inside Barbie creator Ruth Handler’s wild life

An icon tbh

Hi Barbie! The absolute best-dressed girly pops from Barbenheimer’s opening weekend

The cinema slayed like it has never slayed before

Why America Ferrera’s Barbie monologue was much more than ‘basic feminism’

Her speech has completely divided audiences

Hang on, does the Barbie movie have a hidden post credit scene?

I don’t have enough Kenergy for this

Inside the incredibly vibey Instagrams of the Women’s World Cup England squad

The Lionesses are LOVING life in Australia

Over two thirds of students’ mental health has worsened as a result of the marking boycott

‘I’ve had trouble sleeping, heart palpitations and panic attacks’

This is how many followers the dumped Love Islanders have since leaving the show

It’s not looking good for the bombshells

Boujee dinners and long haul holidays: Inside Lochan’s posh boy life before Love Island

Him and Whitney are the only reason I’m still watching this season

Everything you need to know about Sistine Stallone: Sylvester’s TikTok famous daughter

She might be the funniest nepo baby out there

Royalty and Hollywood stars: The most well-connected Love Island 2023 contestants

They have some insane celeb links

This is what all the Love Island 2023 contestants do, according to their LinkedIns

Of COURSE Whitney is a CEO

This is exactly how long the 2023 Love Islanders would survive in a zombie apocalypse

My girl Whitney is coming out ALIVE

Dear Love Island, pitting two women against each other is regressive and boring

Ella is right to try and resist the catfight narrative

Attenzione pickpocket! Meet Amine: The chaotic 22-year-old student adored by TikTok

He told The Tab about getting famous and his life in Paris

Pink, neon and sparkles: All the best dressed Love Islanders at the Barbie movie premiere

Margot Robbie is obsessed with them

Erm, men online are claiming Margot Robbie is ‘mid’ and now I’ve lost faith in humanity

The audacity

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how much of a rat girl summer you’re having

Let’s get FERAL

Omg guys, Hinge is down and people’s accounts are getting ‘deleted’

Noooo all my mediocre matches

Hi Ken! All of the actors you didn’t realise are playing Ken in the new Barbie movie

It’s not just Ryan Gosling

Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Beyonce: Inside the race for the first ever billion dollar tour

They are making BANK

Jonah Hill’s ‘boundaries’ texts prove we should all beware of therapised men

He allegedly banned his girlfriend from ‘surfing with men’ despite her being a professional surfer

What is girl dinner? The TikTok food trend low key adopted by women everywhere

Ten pickles and a punnet of strawberries anyone?

Dancers, actors and footballers: Meet the parents of the Love Island 2023 contestants

They’re entering the villa tonight!

Omg, Love Island finishes in under TWO WEEKS and there are still no strong couples

Whitney and Lochan are my winners but they literally just met?!

Tears and yelling: Predicting the carnage about to go down on Love Island’s Movie Night

Tyrique is going to rage

Graduates may lose job offer at KPMG as a result of marking boycott

The big four firm said it was reviewing on a ‘case by case basis’

Three of Big Four firms commit to taking grads even if they don’t have any grades

The marking boycott is causing chaos

Farming and picking fruit: Is this the end for regional work gap years in Australia?

The Tab asked backpackers how they felt about the big change to Visa requirements

Enjoy these 24 Casa Amor re-coupling memes while Mitch picks his jaw up off the floor

The boys have never been more rattled

Once again, the worst men in Casa Amor are the ones encouraging others to cheat

Tyrique is the biggest facilitator

Right, what ever happened to Love Island’s Casa Amor postcards?

We need to get a message to Scott ASAP

Judging Love Island women for the size of their swimwear is seriously boring and outdated

Leah’s bikinis have got everybody seriously vexed

Year-round holidays and black tie parties: Inside Amber Wise’s boujee football girlie life

It’s giving Gemma Owen

Neon bikinis and crochet crops: The very best dressed festival-goers at Hideout 2023

It’s giving Love Island contestant

All-night raves and mid-sesh bungee jumps: Inside the Brit abroad chaos at Hideout Festival

This is the wildest summer party you could possibly attend

Modelling, music videos and Miami trips: Inside Ella’s celebrity life before Love Island

She literally worked with Brad Pitt when she was 12

If you use any of these responses on your Hinge profile, you deserve to be single forever

‘I’m overly competitive about everything’

Another footballer is joining Love Island for Casa Amor and he already has links to Ella

It’s not looking good for Tyrique

Omg, a huge pop star is booked to perform at the Love Island villa tonight

They’ve literally won a Grammy

‘I want to prove I’m a good guy’: Love Island’s George Fensom addresses abuse allegations

He spoke to The Tab about his side of the claims

The sexiest thing about Tyrique is the way he’s defending Ella in the Love Island villa

Dare I say he’s waving some huge green flags?

Omg, this could be when Casa Amor is coming to the Love Island villa for 2023

Tyrique is going to unleash CHAOS

Inside Ronald Gladden’s seriously fun celebrity life after getting pranked on Jury Duty

He’s been hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence!

What to know about the five passengers on board the missing Titanic sub

The OceanGate CEO is married to a woman whose family were on the original Titanic

Jess Harding being called ‘fat’ shows how underrepresented ‘normal’ bodies still are on TV

Trolls are still talking about her weight

Every single one of Maya Jama’s Love Island outfits, ranked by how hard they served

Give her stylist an Academy Award

Every theory about what happened to the missing Titanic sub, unpacked by experts 

Rescuers are still searching for the vessel

Right, is there going to be a seventh season of Black Mirror?

I need more episodes ASAP

A look inside the horrifyingly claustrophobic missing Titanic submarine

Experts fear the vessel could have imploded

Exactly what your iced coffee order says about your overall vibe this hot girl summer

Inject it into my VEINS

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if you’d survive to the end of a Black Mirror episode

Loch Henry is coming for us all

Stanley Tucci to Tasha Ghouri: Celebs who’ve been spotted at Harry Styles’ Wembley shows

The vibes look immaculate

The Love Island super league: Ranking every footballer who’s ever entered the villa

Tyrique should probs retire x

‘Influencers to bankers’: Every type of young professional sneaking into the botox clinic

According to the aesthetician who does the procedures

Ok, this is roughly how long it takes to walk from stage to stage at Glastonbury

Step count through the roof

‘She’s trying to be iconic’: Every time Molly Marsh copied Molly-Mae’s Love Island energy

This can’t be a coincidence

The dos and don’ts of shagging at a music festival, according to seasoned experts

This is vital information

‘I hate you’: All the chaos reasons Kim and Kourtney are STILL fighting on The Kardashians

Kourtney called Kim a witch!

An ode to Whitney Adebayo: Love Island’s funniest contestant in years

Give her the prize money right now

Who is Peggy Gou? The vibey Korean DJ whose mixes are soundtracking everyone’s summer

She’s blowing UP on TikTok rn

Exactly what to pack for your first time at Glastonbury, from festival veterans who know

PSA: Vapes are banned

It’s never been clearer that abortion laws in the UK need to change

Women are marching for their rights on Saturday

20 memes you’ll only relate to if you’re in the deep depths of hay fever hell right now

This summer’s pollen count wants me DEAD

Omg, stay calm: Taylor Swift has announced her UK and EU tour dates

Excuse me while I hyperventilate

A brief history of all of Molly Marsh’s many attempts to get famous before Love Island

She’s a huge panto girlie

Let’s get real, Zachariah isn’t the Love Island villain everyone’s claiming he is

Remove him from the villa? I think not

Nicola Sturgeon’s shock arrest had soap opera levels of drama and these 16 memes prove it

She’s had a WILD 24 hours

All of the Never Have I Ever season four filming locations you can actually visit IRL

I’m moving in to Devi’s house

Candy Aesthetics: A look inside Jess from Love Island’s boujee West London beauty clinic

Someone call Alan Sugar

Inside Elle Brooke’s luxurious OnlyFans life which left Piers Morgan speechless

She’s got an insane salary

Cya, bitch: Women are finally saying no to the contraceptive pill after years of torment

We’ve had ENOUGH of the side effects

So, just how rainy and grey is the weather actually at the Love Island villa?

None of them are coming back with a tan

Ummm it turns out 2023 Love Islander Molly Marsh has dating history with Tommy Fury

Maybe she really is the next Molly-Mae

From Molly-Mae to Molly Marsh: Why all hot girls sleep with stuffed animals

Plop has entered the villa

Dear Love Island, sleeping with lots of people isn’t a big deal so stop making it shameful

Tyrique was branded ‘disgusting’ for taking home over 100 women

Ok, was Ruchee actually still in a relationship when she applied for Love Island?

Let’s debunk the rumours

Enough is enough, George Fensom should never have been allowed in the Love Island villa

Get him off my screen right now

Right, this is how good Tyrique from Love Island actually is at playing football

‘I’m the one who gets the goals’

You are literally not going to believe how much Maya Jama’s Love Island outfit cost

I could pay my rent for four months with this

Here comes André: The youngest and most ‘charming’ guy entering the Love Island 2023 villa

He’s ‘done with situationships’

Meet Jess: The 22-year-old Love Island 2023 star who already has famous guys in her DMs

She has a LONG list of icks

We’ve never been less excited for Love Island to return so why can’t we stop watching?

PLEASE unshackle me from this programme’s clutches

Brilliant, the government’s new rent reform bill is going to cause total chaos for students

As if finding somewhere to live wasn’t hard enough

‘Do you guys ever think about dying?’: The best unhinged memes from Greta Gerwig’s Barbie trailer

I simply can’t wait until July for this film to be released

An Indian restaurant in Sunderland has shared Beyoncé’s takeaway curry order and I’m obsessed

Our girl loves a chicken bhuna

‘You can’t give us responsibility’: We asked men if they’d take the male contraceptive pill

It doesn’t even have any side effects

This is what your choice of London night out says about your overall vibe

Infernos is for absolute reprobates

Exactly how old the Friends characters are actually meant to be in each season

This helps me to know my life’s on track

Enough is enough, here’s how to stop being attracted to boys who’re horrible to you

Negging is DONE

Guys, Spotify DJ is officially here and it’s got better music taste than you ever will

But its AI voice is SO cursed

Chandeliers and city views: Inside Melissa Tattam’s seriously luxe London house

It’s getting a full Made in Chelsea makeover

Here we go! These are the contestants rumoured to be entering the Love Island 2023 villa

ITV is flying Islanders out to Majorca any day now

If you do 19/24 of these things after graduating you’re officially a posh girl

1. Move to Clapham

Made in Chelsea to Love Island: The best-dressed guests at Sophie and Jamie’s Spanish wedding

Proudlock’s wife looked UNREAL

£10k dress to all-night after party: Inside Jamie and Habbs’ stunning Spanish wedding

This is my royal wedding

Brace yourselves, Love Island is back in TWO WEEKS and there’ve been some big changes

Maya Jama is ready to slay

International students aren’t causing immigration problems – they’re solving them

‘We make a lot of money for universities, so to now say we don’t have the right to enter is a bit absurd’

Every celebrity in southern Spain for Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo’s second wedding

Riddle me why Jack Whitehall is invited

These are the top 20 richest Brits under 35, according to The Sunday Times Rich List

Number one is a billionaire Newcastle Uni grad

‘She’s a symbol’: How Beyoncé’s mum Tina Knowles wound up in the Renaissance tour mosh pit

She loves getting involved

‘She doesn’t seem her usual self’: We asked a podiatrist to examine Beyonce’s foot injury

Fans think she’s wearing chunkier heels to help her dance

Friends to fiancés: A full timeline of Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo’s drama-filled romance

They’re getting married in Spain this week!

Inside Anna Nicole Smith’s confusing marriage to 89-year-old J.Howard Marshall

She always denied marrying him for money

Anna Nicole Smith ‘never got over’ turning down a role in The Mask with Jim Carrey

She was replaced by Cameron Diaz

Fans think Renaissance is Beyoncé’s goodbye tour – here’s the evidence she’s calling it quits

Surely this isn’t the end?!

Ok, what actually happened to Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter?

Dannielynn Birkhead is nowhere to be seen in the new Netflix documentary

All the OG Made in Chelsea cast who’ve unfollowed each other since leaving the show

The drama lives on

Live animals and CDs: All the bizarre items banned from the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Leave your umbrellas at home!

What’s going on with Beyoncé’s foot? Inside the mystery surgery stopping her dance on tour

Fans are literally going into meltdown

Overworked and underpaid: Why grads are ditching jobs at the Big Four

‘I was just crying all the time’

Rich hot girl era: The toxic TikTok trend ripping joy away from everyone one treat at a time

‘What about happiness?’

The Diplomat: Surprising filming locations from Netflix’s new political thriller series

The set is seriously stunning

Love Island’s Tom Clare quits his football career after only two months back on the pitch

He’s entering his influencer era

Right, how much has King Charles’ coronation actually cost all of us?

Seems like money well spent

Help, Britain has officially lost the plot and this unhinged coronation behaviour proves it

Coronation chicken vape, anyone?

The hottest young royals to look out for this coronation this weekend

Prepare to get obsessed with the Chatto brothers again

Okay so what does ‘sprinkle sprinkle’ actually mean, and why is everyone on TikTok saying it?

The girlies love this phrase rn

King Charles, your coronation is the last thing the UK wants or needs right now

A multimillionaire riding through the streets in a golden carriage is tone deaf in the cost of living crisis

Erm, King Charles has invited a Love Island contestant to his big coronation party

Well, that was unexpected

Right, this is what your choice of UK festival says about your exact vibe

It’s time for a warm can of Red Stripe

Surprising Love Island contestants who’ve ditched drinking to try teetotal living

Paige Thorne is over six months sober

Ranking the Brits who attended the Met Gala by how hard their outfits slayed

Michaela Coel ate and left no crumbs

Bella Hadid, Beyoncé, Blake Lively: Celebs who didn’t attend the Met Gala and why

The best dressed stayed home

Purr, inside the wild life of Choupette: The supermodel cat behind Doja’s Met Gala look

Karl Lagerfeld’s pet lives a better life than me

Inside Jessie and Will’s adorable trip to Paris which sparked engagement rumours

They’re SO cute

These are the surprising celebrities who’ll never be invited to the Met Gala again

Miss Gwyneth Paltrow?!

No ifs, no buts: These are the chicest Love Island contestants of all time

Get Anna Wintour on the phone NOW

Marks & Spencer food hauls are the latest Tory flex taking over TikTok’s FYP

My Tesco Clubcard is shaking

Here’s everything going on in Sudan explained as simply as we can

Military violence has broken out across the country

Sorry TikTok, quiet luxury is the last fashion trend we need right now

There’s nothing subtle about a £14,000 handbag

You can only call yourself a posh girl if you do all of these 13 things on your birthday

This isn’t a birthday it’s a birth MONTH

‘I f**ked up’: Jamie Laing admits why Spencer Matthews wasn’t invited to his wedding

Spencer was NOT impressed

Iconic Love Island contestants who want absolutely nothing to do with the show now

SCRUBBED from their CVs

James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke moments, ranked by level of ick

RIP to a truly cursed pop culture era

Meet Glen Powell’s ex-girlfriend GiGi Paris who just unfollowed Sydney Sweeney on Insta

She’s so done

Wait, what ever happened to Spencer’s girlfriend Funda from Made in Chelsea?

She married Caggie’s ex boyfriend!

Things about British festivals that would send a Coachella influencer into a coma

2. Mud

Extras and fake mirrors: How Jury Duty producers successfully pranked Ronald Gladden

This show was an OPERATION

Backgammon, eye drops, and a pet lizard: We asked stoners what’s in their blaze bag on 420

‘Shit to stay alive’

These are inarguably the most wronged Love Island villains of all time

Remember when everyone hated Chloe Burrows?!

Range Rovers and LA meet ups: Inside Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet’s ‘casual’ dating timeline

NOBODY saw this coming

Love Island’s Tasha has TikTok video banned after breaking advertising rules

Oops x

No Rishi, forcing people to study maths until 18 will only help students at the poshest schools

My teacher could barely get me through GCSE

Drake, Ariana, Michael Jackson: TikTok’s most popular AI generated song covers, ranked

Kanye singing Made You Look by Meghan Trainor will haunt me on my death bed

Ok, this is where you’ve seen all of the Jury Duty improv actors before

James Marsden isn’t the only star among the cast

Celebs snogging and $64 burritos: Every bit of juicy gossip from Coachella weekend one

Justin Bieber has been letting LOOSE

Crochet crops and cowboy boots: Coachella 2023’s best dressed are all British influencers

The Love Island girlies SLAYED

Drake to Ariana Grande: How TikTokkers are making those viral AI cover songs

Who knew Ari singing Passionfruit would be such a bop

From Met Gala to meta TV: This could be the end of the Kardashian era as we know it

Academics believe the family is scrambling to stay relevant

The hidden meaning behind Beef’s many ‘shameful’ sex scenes according to Ali Wong

She really likes that gun

A long and winding history of Liam Payne’s most unexpected vibe shifts

His face off with Tommy Fury is just the latest rogue move

Everything you need to know about Ronald Gladden: The man who got pranked on Jury Duty

He really didn’t see James Marsden coming

Ariana Grande doesn’t owe the internet an explanation of her weight loss

She was forced to make a statement after ‘concerned fans’ caused headlines

Here’s what the mysterious ending of Netflix’s Beef really means for Amy and Danny

We NEED a second season asap

Right, this is what each art work at the start of every Beef episode actually symbolises

Every piece was painted by one of the cast

Okay so, where was Netflix’s road rage series Beef actually filmed?

🚨 Amy’s house is real 🚨

If you do even one of these activities over Easter you’re officially from a posh family

7. Playing badminton

This is what your Easter egg of choice says about your overall vibe

Mini eggs are so Fiat 500

Miles claims Made in Chelsea producers used specific tactic to stop him quitting the show

He’s sticking around for another season

Ozempic has arrived in the UK: What you should know about the Hollywood ‘skinny jab’

You can literally buy it in Boots

‘Homicide and fraud’: Every shocking Murdaugh Murders update since Netflix’s series aired

The drama never ends

This easter egg from the Barbie trailer basically reveals the whole plot of the film

Greta Gerwig is a genius

Omg, these truly iconic celebrities are rumoured to be in The White Lotus season three

They could be clearing their schedules as we speak

Everything we know about Robbie from MIC’s super supportive parents

They’re intriguingly elusive

Antonia Bronze: Inside Antigoni’s co-ord clothing brand all the Love Islanders are wearing

So. Many. Matching. Sets.

Guys, Love Island has announced a new spring season and it starts…NEXT WEEK

And Will and Jessie are hosting Aftersun!!!!

From Gwyneth Paltrow to Taylor Swift: Why celebrities sue people to win one dollar

She’s officially gwynnocent!

How the cost of living crisis is secretly fuelling an eating disorder epidemic

For young people with eating disorders, this economic climate means more suffering

Inside Luca Bish’s single life – nine months on from his chaotic split with Gemma Owen

He’s actually slaying on Celebrity MasterChef

Ok, who actually was the mole in The Night Agent?

Is anyone else confused?

Naomi Pierce is the it girl of Succession season four with the Roy family’s fate in her hands

Her outfits are giving Princess Diana

Let’s admit it, Made in Chelsea is tiring to watch in the cost of living crisis

‘People can’t pay their gas bill or fill their car up’ 

From rockstar to businessman: How MIC Issy’s dad Marc Francis-Baum made his mega fortune

No wonder Harvey wanted to set up a meeting

Meet Temps: TikTok’s 32-year-old ‘Shirtless Chef’ who’s causing drama on Made in Chelsea

His friendship with Miles is INTENSE

Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t deserve to be slut-shamed for making out with Harry Styles

‘She’s literally been with everyone’

Inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s hectic ski accident trial that has taken over the internet

‘Is this a practical joke, is someone playing a practical joke?’

Where is Blaine Gibson now? Inside the life of MH370’s debris finder who went into hiding

He received SO many death threats

A fool proof guide to all the best festivals happening in the UK and abroad this summer

Let’s get drunk and sunburnt asap

Meet Pearl Davis: The anti-feminist influencer raising a new generation of misogynists online

Andrew Tate’s fans absolutely love her

Inside the affluent life of the MH370 pilot blamed for the plane’s disappearance

His family say he ‘loved life’

Private chefs and wild apres sessions: Inside Jamie Laing’s chaotic ski resort stag do

Of COURSE he’s in Val d’Isère

Love Island’s Olivia reveals she would love a career in comedy after leaving the villa

She spoke to The Tab about the career choice no one saw coming

‘My body shut down’: Olivia reveals she was ‘bed bound’ with illness after Love Island stress

She spoke to The Tab about the villa’s ‘very intense environment’

Who is Mr B? The mysterious spy who claims ‘Americans know’ where missing MH370 plane is

He features twice in the new Netflix documentary

Meet Freddy Knatchbull: The hectic 19-year-old Newcastle Uni student on Made in Chelsea

He’s literally related to Prince Philip

Arguments and shade: Predicting the carnage that’s going down at the winter Love Island reunion

Brace yourselves for Zara v Olivia round two

Every location debris has been found from missing flight MH370 over the past nine years

There’s actually been loads

Inside MH370’s cargo theory that links the United States Air Force to the missing plane

Electronics on board allegedly hadn’t had proper security screening

Phantom cell phone theory: Why MH370 passengers’ mobiles still rang after plane was lost

Families claimed they heard a dial tone multiple times

Get ready, the viral Lidl merch is back in stores from next week and it’s actually a slay

Trainers are already being flogged on eBay from Europe for £170

Guys, millions of young people have £2k each in trust funds they didn’t even know about

Here’s how you can claim it from the government

These are officially Samie’s best looks from her time in the Love Island villa

Because we know a slay when we see one

Right, which songs did Phoebe Bridgers actually write for Daisy Jones and The Six?

The Aurora album is an undeniable bop

Clear your diaries, Made in Chelsea is back tonight and here’s what to expect

Yep, it’s MIC’s 25th season and now I feel old

Maxwell stands by calling Jessie ‘fake’ and spills all about post Love Island life with Olivia

The Tab spoke to the Casa Amor bombshell about his biggest villa drama

Um, people think Love Island’s Tanyel and Zara are shading Olivia in a Hailey Bieber style TikTok

‘And I’m not saying she deserved it, but God’s timing is always right’

RIP winter Love Island, you were a big waste of time

Every episode I watch feels like I’m clocking in for work

Chicken nuggets and festivals: Inside Paul Mescal’s wholesome boyfriend material life

Of COURSE he took his mum as his date to the Oscars

‘I thought I’d end up dead’: Cara Delevingne addresses those airport pictures six months on

She had her first public appearance since going sober at the Oscars on Sunday

A TV script supervisor and a sheep farmer: Meet the parents of the Love Island 2023 cast

Some of them are seriously wealthy

Every 2023 Love Islander as what British chain restaurant they undeniably are

Ron is Wagamamas because no one can decide if he’s good or not

We found Samie’s slay red dress from last night’s Love Island and it’s actually affordable

She’s officially the It Girl of the season for this outfit

Meet Tom from Love Island’s famous influencer sister who could be entering the villa on Sunday

He can’t WAIT for Samie to meet her

This is what all the Love Island 2023 contestants do, according to their LinkedIns

Casey has been endorsed for communication but I’m not sure Claudia would agree x

We asked students what it’s actually like to be a woman in STEM

‘Representation is crucial’

Um, Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny were spotted ‘kissing’ and the internet is furious

This is harder to process than Avril Lavigne and Tyga

Moving in and falling out: Predicting which Love Island couple will break up first after the villa

Not everyone can handle the outside world

If this country actually cares about romance, we’ll crown Kai and Sanam winners of Love Island 2023

They’re the best couple by far

Brand deals and millionaires: Predicting who’s going to thrive outside of the Love Island villa

You just know Olivia is going to hustle her way to a huge fortune

Where has the talent gone from the Love Island talent show? Last night was a flop

Things have gone seriously downhill since Cara breathed fire in season two

We asked women how long they actually want a man to last in bed so you never disappoint again

It’s time boys knew the truth x

You don’t have to support Hailey Bieber to know this endless online abuse is too much

‘If I was Hailey Bieber and I logged onto TikTok right now I would have a mental breakdown’

This is what actually happened between Will and Layla in bed during Casa Amor

Movie Night made it look BAD

‘Don’t forget about us’: Ukrainian students on the one year anniversary of the Russian invasion

‘Putin won’t stop at Ukraine’

Sylvanian Drama: We met the 21-year-old creator behind everyone’s favourite TikTok account

Give this woman an Academy Award

Festivals, activism and two uni degrees: Inside Maxwell Samuda’s life before Love Island

He’s the quietest man in the villa

So, are Islanders actually allowed to drink more on Love Island’s movie night?

‘To take the edge off after all the drama’

Ok, what actually is the speed bump position Love Island’s Tom and Samie are obsessed with?

‘We’re saving that for outside the villa’

Molly-Mae is being ridiculed for going to the gym and the comments are totally ridiculous

People have claimed she should be cuddling her new baby instead of exercising

Love Island 2023’s biggest villains, ranked from slightly chaotic to straight up toxic

The vibes in South Africa are HECTIC

Tell us your pancake toppings and we’ll tell you which Love Island contestant you are

Protein powder should not be a key ingredient x

Tears and walk outs: Predicting the carnage that’s going to go down on Love Island’s Movie Night

Expect nothing less than chaos and fury x

‘It’s going to be longer, bigger, crazier’: All we know about The White Lotus season three

Spoiler: Another cast member is getting killed off

Sorry to say it, but this could be the most unlikeable Love Island cast of all time

Give the prize money to Maya Jama

I asked ChatGPT some big life questions to find out whether it’s a secret Tory

Even a robot should know who caused the cost of living crisis

These are the winter Love Island contestants who went to private school

Shockingly, farmer Will is not on this list

Every Love Island boy’s behaviour in Casa Amor, ranked from unhinged to pure evil

As if Ron is the one sleeping on a day bed

All of the Love Island cast members’ career ventures that flopped hard

Not everyone can be a Molly-Mae mogul

Yachts in Monaco and private villas in Mykonos: Inside Claudia from Love Island’s nepo baby life

Her dad is worth £39million

Meet Harry Carter: The Channing Tatum lookalike stripping in Magic Mike’s Last Dance

He has a LOT of fans on TikTok

After years of tears, it’s time for Love Island women to go absolutely feral in Casa Amor

Lana, I beg, do something outrageous

This isn’t the first time Jessie has been betrayed by Casa Amor on Love Island

Will is about to give her some serious deja vu from the Australia series

If you’re given any of these Valentine’s Day presents, you’re dating a walking red flag

You’ve been warned

Every smart business move that made Rihanna a $1.7 billion fortune

Work work work work work work

Headaches and hair loss: Why Olivia from Love Island’s high pony is a danger to herself

Her scalp is screaming for release!!

Omg, there are some serious signs Rihanna’s planning a stadium tour

The Super Bowl show could just be the start

How to pull using the new Instagram Notes feature without looking like a total pick me

It’s like BBM all over again

Tanyel is the best contestant of Love Island 2023 and the way she’s being treated is wrong

Every move she makes is being criticised and judged

I went on a night out in London with £5 and this is how far I got

There were desperate times and some very desperate measures

Ibiza beach clubs, Printworks closing parties: Inside Will from Love Island’s raving and misbehaving

I simply must go clubbing with this man

Made in Chelsea’s Verity Bowditch closes down vegan restaurant after eight months

It’s curtains for the Notting Hill branch x

Right, who are these dancing white dogs? And why are they all over my TikTok FYP?

Their choreography is living in my head rent free

Serial rapist police officer David Carrick handed life sentence for ‘brutal’ sex crimes

‘No sentence is enough for what he did’

‘Who do we report to when the rapists are police?’: Protestors gather outside David Carrick’s sentencing

More than 1,000 Met Police officers are still working despite being accused of sexual or domestic abuse

‘I encountered evil’: Women raped by ex-police David Carrick tell court of impact on their lives

Follow The Tab’s live blog as we report from inside the sentencing

Right, why exactly are all the Love Island boys wearing pearl necklaces this year?

Ron thinks he’s Harry Styles

So, when exactly is Casa Amor starting?

It’s nearly time for the most chaotic week of the series

Sorry, but Tanya is about to break Shaq’s heart and here are the signs you missed

They said I love you after TWO WEEKS 🚨🚨🚨

Shaq holding the other boys in the villa to account is the best part of Love Island 2023

He had Ron quaking in his little boots

‘Women are on the back foot’: Female contestants on the eye-watering cost of going on Love Island

‘I would spend around £2,000’

Inside Matty Healy’s surprisingly beige £1.2 million London home

It’s where he has all his deep and depressing thoughts x

What your choice of ski fit says about your overall vibe on the slopes

If I see one more Napapijri jacket, I’m going to scream

We’ve worked out where Samie’s designer necklace is from and it’s expensive AF

She’s Love Island’s new Gemma Owen

Meet Tom Leeb: The hot doctor from Netflix’s Women at War who represented France in Eurovision

He’s a man of many talents

Every single time Tom Clare warned us he’d be the true villain of Love Island 2023

Just because he doesn’t like drama doesn’t mean he’s not causing it x

If you see any of these items in a boy’s bathroom, run and never look back

Tingly mint shower gel is a RED FLAG

Everything you should know before your first smear test that the invitation letter won’t tell you

This is key info x

I purely drank Prime on a night out to see if it would get me wavy

Tropical punch flavour nearly tipped me over the edge x

Say hello to Spencer Wilks: The posh Love Island bombshell who sells vibrators for a living

He calls himself Spenny and played water polo for Team GB

Inside the ‘cockroach-ridden hellhole’ prison Andrew Tate is emailing his fans for sympathy from

He’s a long way from his mansion now x

There’s a seriously believable theory behind where Olivia and Zara’s historic feud came from

Tom simply can’t be the only thing they’re fighting over

Warning: All of the innocent behaviour that could get you banned from Hinge

Whatever you do— don’t mention sugar daddies

Endless gifts and private villas: Inside Tarte’s ‘tone-deaf’ luxury influencer trip to Dubai

Nobody wanted this on their For You Page

Love Island’s first female bombshells are always the icons of the season, here’s the evidence

Zara has hacked the system

These are all the theories why the Love Island boys were fighting after just 72 hours in the villa

Shaq and Harris’ beef suddenly makes sense now

Greta Thunberg is officially the internet’s favourite person – and these viral moments prove it

Getting Andrew Tate sent to jail was just one of many slays x

There’s an older generation Love Island coming – here’s how to nominate your parents

Tasha Ghouri is already begging her dad to take part

Instagram has officially been told to free the nipple by Meta’s advisory board

FINALLY the grid’s ban on boobs could come to an end

It’s already harder than it should be to get an abortion in the UK – and it’s getting worse

A woman has just been sentenced to 28 months in prison for ending her pregnancy

These are the most and least compatible Islanders, according to their star signs

Of COURSE Olivia is a Gemini

So, just how cold and windy is it actually in the Love Island villa? An investigation

Everyone is FREEZING

Gemma Owen hits back at trolls who call her style ‘boring’ as she releases another beige PLT line

‘Neutral is authentic to me’

Never having been in a serious relationship isn’t the flex the Love Island boys think it is

The red flags are seriously waving

All of the feeble excuses the Met police has made for having serial rapist David Carrick in its ranks

‘I can’t promise women reporting crimes won’t be speaking to a sex offender officer’

This is exactly how Love Island contestants choose which second hand clothes are gifted to the villa

They receive one huge ‘dream’ item before they even enter

On a scale from Miley Cyrus to Shakira, how gloriously petty are you?

I can buy myself flowers x

Meet Olivia: The ring girl on Love Island who’s been in Bond films with Daniel Craig

She’s planning to bring ‘drama’ to the villa

Introducing Shaq: The airport security officer looking for a wife on winter Love Island

‘I’m not scared to just go for what I want’

All the names Molly-Mae has hinted she’s chosen for her baby girl after giving birth

‘I’ve had it picked out for years and years!’

We asked Americans what these British abbreviations mean and their answers were hilarious

One thought cozzie livs was…being cosy

Meet Yesly Dimate: The TikTok star behind the ‘rubber band’ dance everyone’s obsessed with

You be the cash, I’ll be the rubber band. You be the match, I’ll be a fuse, boom!

I’m sorry but, farmer boys are officially the hottest boys in the UK

Farmer Will simply does not deserve to be in the friend zone

The horrifying voice notes Andrew Tate sent the woman who accused him of rape

‘I f**king loved how much you hated it’

All of the most chaotic Golden Globes moments from The White Lotus cast

Inevitably most of these viral clips involve Jennifer Coolidge

If you say any of these cursed abbreviations you need to reassess your life choices

Cozzie Livs can get straight in the bin

All the signs you’re the oversharer of your friendship group and how to stop

You need to set boundaries babes x

Lucky Girl Syndrome is the new TikTok mindset that’s even better than manifesting

Apparently you can get everything you want without trying x

I was assaulted on the train – this is what I wish people around me had done to help

‘Don’t be completely passive – there’s always something you can do’

These are the MPs who make the most from their questionable side hustles

The devil works hard but Theresa May works harder

So, it turns out having icks is now the biggest ick of all

Picking apart the way other people behave might only make you unattractive

How Evri became the most hated delivery company in Britain

Even Indiyah from Love Island has been calling them out on Twitter

All the reasons why the OG Made in Chelsea cast members finally quit the show

Even Jamie Laing left and he’s been on it for an actual decade

These are officially the sexiest names in the world and some of them are shocking

Update your Hinge matches accordingly

This is what actually happens to your body when you finally quit vaping

Things might start to feel rough around day three

Here’s what Rishi Sunak actually had to say to young people in his first speech of 2023

No more dropping Nos canisters in the park x

It’s seriously time to stop using the Idaho murders case for TikTok clout

One uni lecturer has already sued an online detective for incorrectly linking her to the case

Um, there’s a Shrek Rave coming to a UK city near you and it looks totally unhinged

Buying my Lord Farquaad costume as we speak x

Why being cringe is the coolest thing you can do in 2023

This is your in-depth guide on how to embrace embarrassment x