Whitney and Lochan Love Island

Love Island’s Whitney reveals she wants to marry Lochan and won’t move in until he proposes

She chats to The Tab about their exciting future together

When Love Island couples emerge from the villa, there’s usually a clear timeline to follow: They’re already in a relationship despite knowing each other for eight weeks, they’re looking for a house together to move into asap, and after roughly three months together they’re ready to split and forget it ever happened. But 2023’s runners up Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki are moving at a different pace.

“I’m quite a slow and steady kind of girl,” says Whitney, who left the Love Island villa without being Lochan’s girlfriend but agreed to enter into the relationship two weeks after leaving the show having spent more time together on the outside. “I’ve got quite traditional values,” she says. “So, I’m ready to take the journey. I don’t want to skip any steps,” adding she’d only agree to move in with Lochan “if he marries me”.

“Hopefully [it will happen],” she laughs. “God willed.”

Since leaving the villa, Whitney says she and Lochan’s biggest challenge has simple been existing outside of the show’s bubble. “You’re adjusting…now you’ve got different perspectives,” she says. “He’s going one thing, I’m doing a different thing. It’s good but it’s definitely adjusting to reality.”

Additionally, they’re both learning how to come to terms with their new online following. “Lochan’s a natural at photoshoots,” she says. “But me and him are not social media people actually…I didn’t post on Instagram. I think when I went into Love Island I had six pictures and now I’ve got like 30. I’m still struggling with it. But I’m getting into the swing of it. It’s just about the journey.”

Whitney has collabed with some sought after photographers since leaving the villa to create content, though. At the Pride of Britain awards her and Lochan were shot by twins Lucy and Lydia, who’ve previously worked with Maya Jama on award show shoots and Little Mix’s Leighanne Pinnock.

Stateside, when she visited LA, she was contacted by A-listers favourite photographer Miles Diggs (@Diggzy), who famously shot Rihanna’s first ever baby bump photos, which revealed her pregnancy to the world. “When I first come out of Love Island, we just followed each other on socials and then when I was in LA, he just hit me up,” says Whitney. “I was gassed. I was like, not me and the likes of Rihanna!” 

Now three months on from Love Island, Whitney is turning her sights to her next big project. “I see myself doing more TV,” she says. “And I see myself obviously doing business as well,” she adds, referencing her wig business which was thriving long before Love Island. “My mum is my role model,” she says of her career idols. “She’s like a hot mamma. So, I haven’t got time to slack…I focus on myself.” 

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