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Saltburn TikToks

Shock, rich people are using Saltburn to show off their humungous houses on TikTok

Because nothing says generational wealth like a murder spree

Saltburn was always destined for intense online obsession: Tuxedo-clad parties, smudged eye-liner, cocaine, a soundtrack fuelled by MGMT and Mason and Princess Superstar— the film possesses – like Skins before it – a vibe Tumblr would be proud of.

But over the weeks since Emerald Fennell’s second full-length feature landed on Amazon Prime, TikTok has reached insufferable levels of Saltburn saturation. Under every video of a home counties girl showing off a new sequin dress on the For You Page is the comment: “It’s giving Saltburn”. Ditto content of Boxing Day hunts.

Scroll after scroll it goes on, with the most common trend being anyone with a humungous house and generational wealth draping themselves through their home as Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Murder on the Dancefloor plays (sans Barry Keoghan’s penis). To give you an idea of the extent of just how wide this has spread, the hashtag Saltburn now has 1.6billion views. Murder on the Dancefloor has entered the UK Top 20 Spotify chart—23 years after it’s release.

In said footage, one user even claimed they’d had “the Saltburn summer” which “everyone going made over”, merrily ignoring the fact that to enjoy said summer you either had to be psychologically unsound or, crucially, wind up dead. “Wishing I could go back,” they mourned in the caption as the footage showed them whacking golf balls into a lake. No bath tubs. No graves.

“POV: Family Christmas giving Saltburn,” posted another. “Saltburn is when big house,” responded a viewer bluntly in the comments.

Of course, it’s not unusual for films with a clear aesthetic to gain obsessive following. But, as the TikTok timeline becomes unbearably awash with mansion-based Murder on the Dancefloor performances, the trend of filming from a glaringly privileged position has begun to feel more than a little boastful. These people are rich rich. And they’re not afraid to shout (post) about it.

But – truly hate to say it – no matter the size of your house, the only way your life could truly be “giving Saltburn” is if your best friend from uni (spoiler) came to stay at your ginormous gaff for the holidays and murdered your entire blood line.

Congratulations to your parents on their beautiful home though!

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