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One Day to The White Lotus: Leo Woodall’s performances, ranked by how boyfriend they are

Impossible to say if Jack or Dexter is hotter

Let’s not lie, we’re all obsessed with Leo Woodall right now. After watching One Day, he actually came to my housemate in her dreams, such is his penetrable power over our minds. Most likely, it’s his humungous – sort of sad, sort of sexy – blue eyes. But one way or another, he’s become the whole internet’s boyfriend over the past month, to the extent where his girlfriend (Meghann Fahy) even hard launched him on Instagram yesterday to make everyone lose it with jealously. The world just isn’t fair.

Anyway, obviously, what Leo is famous for and talented at is acting. And so, it ‘s only fair to rank his performances – from The White Lotus to One Day – based by how much boyfriend energy they’re radiating out of the screen and in our direction:

Ben – Nomad


Credit: TXL Films

Now, there’s not too much I can say about this because the film isn’t actually out yet. But, apparently, Leo will be playing a guy called Ben who’s got some bizarre condition which makes him travel to the ends of the earth. A man with ambition is nice but it’s giving brooding mummy issues and I don’t have time for that. Nor do I want to “fight for survival across every continent”. Pass x

 Edward Brook – Prime Target

Leo Woodall shows and films

Credit: Apple TV

Fresh off the back of Leo’s success in One Day, he’s already filming the new Apple TV series Prime Target about the genius Edwards Brook. Not to be selfish, but I’m not too sure I can handle dating a man who’s actually smarter than me— especially not one whose goal is to crack a code which will allow him to access every computer in the world. Like, how are the girlies meant to get any attention if all their man is doing is coding. Mathematical geniuses just don’t make good boyfriends, end of.

Jack – The White Lotus

The White Lotus: Leo Woodall on Jack-Quentin Shocker, Finale Questions – The Hollywood Reporter

Credit: HBO

Now look, I know what you’re going to say: This man is a killer. And yes, he did seduce Portia with his cockney accent, flirty hand placement and Jack the lad energy, and then hastily try to have her done in – but does he not ultimately let her escape to the airport? We all like a bad boy don’t we. And did you see where he put his knee while they were making out? I’d risk it all. Sorry.

Dexter Mayhew – One Day

The 'One Day' Ending Explained by Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod - Netflix Tudum

Credit: Netflix

“I can change him” is every delulu girl’s favourite phrase. Except, with Dexter you genuinely can. Reformed party boy turned family man and coffee connoisseur? Sign. Us. Up. He’s got kind eyes, his own house, a cardigan collection and good music taste— nobody has ever been more boyfriend material than episode 13 Dexter Mayhew. Sob.

One Day is available to watch on Netflix now. For more like this and all the latest Netflix drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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