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Once again, the worst men in Casa Amor are the ones encouraging others to cheat

Tyrique is the biggest facilitator

Which of your man’s friends do you hate the most? I’d take a bet it’s the one who, if your situationship had his head somewhat turned on a night out, would slap him on the back and tell him to go for it with another girl despite hanging out with you all weekend and telling you how much the guy you’re dating is into you. Correct? Correct.

Without a doubt, facilitators are the most evil breed of men on planet earth. Hardly acting up themselves, encouraging everyone else around them to destroy their relationships for drama and entertainment— because they know they have the social standing to make it happen. Never is this power play more evident than during Love Island’s Casa Amor.

Love Island Casa Amor

Back in 2021, Jake Cornish was chief facilitator convincing all the other boys to be unfaithful. He goaded Liam to swap Millie for Lily, cheating vicariously through him because he couldn’t himself after agreeing to be in a relationship with Liberty Poole before the challenge began.

Last summer, Luca Bish took over the position of master manipulator, celebrating and egging Andrew Le Page on as he sucked Coco’s tit, or whatever, despite having very clear feelings for Tasha Ghouri. It was like watching the nerdiest boy in the playground be peer pressured by the popular crowd. Unkind, with horrible consequences.

Casa Amor Love Island

For the 2023 season, the title of chief-egg-on-officer has fallen into Tyrique’s lap. When Sammy came to him with his bombshell love-triangle woes (“Between these two girls yeah I don’t know who I’m feeling more”), Tyrique advised:  “I’m not saying lips one tonight bro, I’m saying lips both of them tonight bro.” This is straight up sabotage.

Sensibly, Sammy replied: “No, but it don’t work like that because we’re in the villa. If I kiss both of them that’s not going to change how I feel about the pair of them and it’s possible going to fuck things up if I did get back with Jess.”

Did Tyrique care? Obviously not: “F*** Jess for now bro,” he doubled down, telling all the boys to treat Casa Amor like a “lads’ holiday”, demanding: “I’m closed off, but you’re not. Get on it.” But the internet can see straight through him:

“Tyrique is such a snake,” Tweeted one viewer in reaction to his goading, while another added: “I am familiar with Tyrique’s game. He wants to sabotage the other couples, while he remains loyal so that Ella and him are the only strong couple left remaining after Casa.”

But if there’s one thing to know about facilitators, is that their meddling comes back to bight them. Especially, when there’s Movie Night coming up to show all the girls the Casa Amor receipts. Like Liberty with Jake Cornish before her, Ella is likely to be unimpressed with Tyrique urging the boys to hurt her closest friends. There’s nothing less attractive than a man with a mouth bigger than his already ginormous ego.

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