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Saltburn to Sacred Deer: Barry Keoghan’s chilling film roles ranked by how trauma they are

I’m low key scared of him

Right, I’m not sure if anybody else has noticed but Barry Keoghan has a penchant for playing uniquely bone-chilling characters. Yup. Saltburn was not the first time he’s entered the villainous (some may say misunderstood) realm and terrified everyone from Nanas to film critics across the nation.

So, in honour (fear) of Barry’s unbelievable acting talent, which has seen him slip into nightmare-haunting character so many times in his still early days career, here are all of Barry’s most disconcerting roles, ranked by how trauma they are:

5. Dominic – The Banshees of Inisherin

Barry Keoghan Is Ready to Lighten Up | GQ

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Dominic was at times quite disturbing. Did we feel sorry for him – sure. Was his behaviour questionable? Definitely, yes. Not a man you’d relax around at a party.

4. Scavenger – The Green Knight

The Green Knight (2021)

I wouldn’t fancy being tied up against a tree with Barry coming towards me with an axe. That’s all I’m going to say here.

3. Oliver – Saltburn

Barry Keoghan explains Saltburn full-frontal nudity scene

The lies! The schemes! The murder and dancing! We may never recover from Barry’s menacing Saltburn smize. Are these goosebumps arousal or fear? Who’s to say x

2. Joker – The Batman

Barry Keoghan Shares Failed Riddler Audition Tape for 'The Batman'

The Joker is scary anyway. But when The Batman team released a deleted scene of Barry as the Joker in 2022, the internet went into meltdown. Missing hair, bloody nails, that signature eery slowness Barry now brings to also every role— this will haunt me for ages.

1. Martin – The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

The strange allure of Barry Keoghan | Dazed

If there’s one thing Barry Keoghan is going to do, it’s terrorise a family. And if you thought Saltburn was bad, you’ve seen nothing until you’ve watched him chomp menacingly on some spaghetti in The Killing of the Sacred Dear. Seriously, brace yourself.

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