Love Island’s Olivia reveals she would love a career in comedy after leaving the villa

She spoke to The Tab about the career choice no one saw coming

People are always curious about what Love Island contestants will turn their hand to after returning from the villa. Throw their all into influencing, accumulate some brand deals, get an ITV spin off show, or return to their old job are the usual options. But 2023 cast member Olivia Hawkins has surprised everyone by revealing she’d most like to get into a career in comedy.

“Going into Love Island, I always knew that I’d come out and have the exact same career,” she tells The Tab. “I want to stay in television, stay acting and I’ll just see what comes my way.

“I would love to do a comedy series,” she explained of her surprising post-villa goals. “I already did a little bit of one with Simon Bird a few years ago. He was the director. I’d love to do another comedy for sure.”

Back in 2017, Olivia worked with the Inbetweeners actor Simon Bird on his BBC Three mockumentary comedy series Pls Like. The series followed a struggling comedian who tried to win a competition to become a vlogger and £10,000 prize money.

Olivia Love Island

And comedy isn’t Olivia’s only unexpected career aspiration as she remains uninterested in influencing but reckons she has the skills to film a cooking show.

“For the moment I’m more focused on acting. But never say never with influencing,” she says. “I’d actually love to do a cooking programme or something else really under pressure. They always look like so much fun and I do have alright cooking skills. I think I’d be quite good. But don’t hold me to that.”

Well before entering winter Love Island 2023, Olivia has had a seriously varied CV when it comes to TV, appearing in everything from EastEnders to No Time To Die. So, don’t be too shocked if she becomes the next Nigella, too.

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