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Love Island Tyrique Ella

The sexiest thing about Tyrique is the way he’s defending Ella in the Love Island villa

Dare I say he’s waving some huge green flags?

Tyrique and Ella initially seemed to be the most toxic situationship the Love Island 2023 villa had to offer us. Their flirty, fiery, what-do-they-actually-want-from-each-other chemistry was hot but dangerous— until last night when Tyrique’s communication skills did a seriously sexy U-turn. He started sticking up for Ella.

Yup, there’s nothing less sexy than a spineless man and nothing hotter than one with a back bone. So, when Tyrique asked Mitch “What’s wrong with you? Why are you saying that to Ella? Bro, don’t worry about how Ella moves because it’s not you that has to deal with her it’s me,” it was swoon-worthy. He basically said, in the words of Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars: “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth.”

This green flag behaviour is confusing. Tyrique was meant to be the seriously good looking fuckboy archetype, with a roster of woman to flirt with, set to cause chaos in Casa Amor. But now he’s giving Ella butterflies and proving even if he doesn’t agree with her in private— he’ll always take her side in public. Genuine loyalty.

“Babe, babe, babe, if you just sit down and let me talk to you,” he told her when it all kicked off after the Never Have I Ever challenge. “Obviously I feel like that was a light hearted game and I feel like you did overreact a little bit. I’ll back you in the public. But in the private, like we are now, I’ll tell you what I think you did wrong.”

Tyrique Ella Love Island

That smile and a good communicator?! A lover and a friend?! This man is FINE. “Tyrique is actually husband material,” one viewer reacted on TikTok. “This made him even more attractive,” said another. “If my man don’t stand up for me like this I don’t want him,” commented a third. “Ella and Ty need to be protected at all costs.”

Now we know Tyrique has not just the capability but the natural instinct to act right, his attractiveness levels  just shot through the roof—he’s prioritising protecting Ella over being any of the boys’ “bro”. Suddenly, the impending chaos of Casa Amor isn’t laughable but terrifying. We’re invested in Tyrique and Ella’s growth. These are our hectic but heartfelt 2023 winners, if he manages not to twirl any girls for the five days they’re apart.

Hopes and prayers their situationship survives because they’re the best couple in there. End of.

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