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Five episodes of Friends which are suddenly sadder now Matthew Perry is gone

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Since it was announced Matthew Perry had tragically passed away aged 54 at his home in Los Angeles on Saturday, re-watching episodes of Friends has felt very different: Less comforting, more gut-wrenching. And there are some episodes which definitely hurt more than others.

So, in case you’re trying to avoid the Chandler Bing moments, which are undoubtedly going to have you crying through your Sunday scaries – or you’re just ready to feel something – here are the five episodes of Friends which are suddenly much sadder now Matthew Perry is gone:

1. Season two, episode three

In The One Where Heckles Dies Chandler finds loads of similarities between himself and Rachel and Monica’s upstairs neighbour who’s just passed away. They were both class clown, couldn’t find the right girl – and he starts to worry he’ll die alone: “We were both on the same track. Sure, my train is thirty years behind, but the stops are all the same.”

2. Season two, episode sixteen

sad Friends episodes

In The One Where Joey Moves Out there are two moments which are pretty emotional viewing: Joey running back in to hug Chandler after he’s packed up his stuff and left their flat to start his new life in his Days of Our Lives bachelor pad. And, when he arrives at his new home and glances over at Chandler’s empty chair. Sob.

3. Season three, episode eight

Friends sad episodes

In The One With The Giant Poking Device, Chandler and Janice have their final break up. “Goodbye, Chandler Bing,” she tells him, while he clings on to her shoe after realising he doesn’t want her to go back to her husband. He then goes back to his apartment and listens to Lionel Richie records to get over his heartbreak.

4. Season nine, episode five

sad friends episodes

In The One With Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner, Phoebe tells everyone in the coffee house as they’re making plans: “We all haven’t been together the six of us in such a long time,” to which Monica replies: “What are you talking about? We’re all together right now?” And Rachel points out: “Um, Mon, Chandler’s not here.”

5. Season 10, episode 18

friends sad episodes

Whenever you reach The Last One – Part II it’s hard enough saying bye to the series anyway. But knowing Matthew Perry is gone the final episode hits even harder. “Sure, where?” he says in the show’s final line when Rachel asks if everyone wants some coffee as him and Monica push their babies’ prams out of their apartment for the last time.

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