Lost Mary vape banned

Here’s what your favourite Lost Mary flavour says about you – before they’re banned forever

RIP Pineapple Ice x

The UK received some troubling news this week: The Government is planning to ban single use vapes – from as early as next week. Elf bars? Forget them. Lost Marys? Lost forever.

Be prepared for your local corner shop to transcend into some black market of vape chaos for the foreseeable future. The Depop and Vinted market could have a field day.

Anyway, before our single use vape era is snatched from our palms, it’s time for one more moment of fun. So, here’s what your favourite flavour of Lost Mary says about your overall vibe. From basic girlie to lost soul— there’s a Lost Mary personality out there for everyone:

Double Apple

You’re highly anxious and hit the vape more than anyone else. For that reason you need the most palatable flavour going: Double apple. Arguably a bit childish because it tastes just like sweets. But, let’s not kid ourselves, it’s delicious. Heavy hitter.


Phillip Schofield’s favourite flavour. Make of that what you will.

Pineapple Ice

The people’s princess. You’re the first in line to buy everyone a drink at the bar and love nothing more than a night that gets wildly out of hand. You have Peter Pan syndrome and a crippling 3AM habit, which you somehow balance with a seriously impressive career.

Strawberry Kiwi

Chill, funky and a lil bit understated. For some reason you radiate Harry Styles girly energy.  Just here for a good time.

Blue Razz Ice

You’re £2000 into your overdraft but you won’t let that stop you going out this weekend. You haven’t missed a friend’s birthday since you were 11 and if you make it home from a night out before 5AM something has gone, bitterly, glaringly wrong. Nobody loves the sesh more than you.


Your mum let your first drink of the day be a fizzy one as a child and it shows.

Peach Ice

You have basically never smoked in your life but are desperate to be involved. Fundamentally, you’ve had enough of looking after the drinks while your mates all go for a chat outside. Deeply unchic – but understandable.

Watermelon Ice

The only sex position you know is missionary.

Blackcurrant Apple

You’re into fitness and trying to convince yourself this is two of your five a day. Your! Lungs! Are! Collapsing! Please, get off the treadmill.

Kiwi, Passionfruit and Guava

You’re having an identity crisis. The vibes are all over the place. Please, seek professional help.

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