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Gemma Owen to Arabella Chi: Outrageously expensive Love Island necklaces, ranked

Influencing is clearly going well

It’s absolutely no secret that a Love Island contestant’s necklace has a seemingly direct correlation with how much of an icon they are in the villa. Starting with Gemma Owen in 2022, continuing with Samie Elishi in winter 2023, and presenting again with Arabella Chi in 2024— the girlies have cottoned on that your neckwear can get everybody talking.

The boys were even at it with pearl necklaces at one point, and lest we forget the drama of when Millie Court gave Liam Reardon her Sagittarius necklace – only for him to crack on with Lillie in Casa Amor. Essentially, Love Island chains bear a significance that will baffle anthropologists for years to come and it’s time the accessories were studied.

So, to refresh your memory, here’s a recap of all the iconic Love Island necklaces so far, ranked from high-street shoppable to outrageously expensive:

Millie Court – £60


Millie Court never confirmed exactly where her Sagittarius necklace was from but best believe Love Island’s partner at the time – ISawItFirst – quickly started flogging a version for a fiver. But, seeing as Millie didn’t emerge with green skin every time she hopped out of the villa pool, I’m assuming her necklace was at least gold plated and closer to this £60 version from Wolf & Badger – if not more.

Samie Elishi – £382

Love Island necklace

Compared to the other big spenders on this list, Samie’s necklace might seem relatively reasonable. But, Samie’s Miller logo-plaque choker is being sold for £382 on Farfetch, which is the same price as 141 packs of Lurpak or 98 Tesco meal deals without a Clubcard. Do with that information what you will.

Arabella Chi – around £3k

Love Island necklace

Arabella made a smart business move with her necklace because it’s actually a piece from a collection she designed and ITV are now giving her free advertising. Arabella’s chain is a collab with the brand LuLu Kachoo, who create seriously boujee bespoke designs, and can cost between £2,300 and £2,950 – depending on what metal you want, how many letters are in your name and how many diamonds you fancy. So, guessing hers is in the upper echelons.

Gemma Owen – over £20k

Love Island necklace

Shoot me, I’m a Love Island nepo baby apologist. Because, when Gemma Owen sauntered into the villa wearing a vintage Tiffany and Co. Graffiti X collection chain from the 1980s, estimated to be worth between £20,000 and £40,000, lives were changed.

She never needed that prize money and she made sure everybody knew about it.

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