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mob wife tiktok

Right, what is the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ and why is it all over my TikTok FYP?

The uprising has started

TikTok’s clean girl is dead and a mob wife killed her. If you’re not chronically online you’ll have next to no idea what that sentence means – but the seismic vibe shift marks a big style for 2024. So, strap in, take notes, and buy a fur coat ASAP as we take a look at TikTok’s new mob wife aesthetic and how exactly you’re meant to get it.

So, what actually is mob wife aesthetic?

mob wife tiktok

mob wife tiktok

I think we can all agree we’re sick of the clean girl manifesto: dewy skin, green juice, matching gym sets and minimalist gold hoop earrings. And – thank god – the mob wife look has entered the chat for 2024 to save us from lycra and 54 step skincare routines and return us the glamorous state of existence we all deserve to be thriving in. Think big hair, fur coats, leopard print trousers and gold rings on every finger. Very D&G circa 2005 / Adriana La Cerva from The Sopranos energy.

“We’re doing messy hair, we’re doing big fur,” said fashion designer Mikayla Toninato on TikTok. “It’s an attitude. It’s an aura. We all want to be the mob bosses wife because she is a boss in and of herself. Mob wife is unbothered. She has places to be. She has people to see. She does not deal with your bullshit. She does not take any thing from anyone.

mob wife aesthetic

Credit: MediaPunch/Shutterstock

“We’re going to continue doing the big blow outs,” Mikayla continued. “Tiger print head to toe. I want leopard print. I want cheetah print. I want all of the animal prints…We want big, bold, outfits. We are never extra enough. We are giving glamour and there is nothing quiet about this luxury.”

“We have shades on ALWAYS. We are blocking every hater . We want all the jewellery. We want big chains, we want big rings, we want to be covered in jewels. Chunky old school French manicures. Square ones.”

mob wife tiktok

Credit: Matteo Prandoni/

Essentially, this is maximalism for maximalism’s sake. It’s the bold glamour filter, Dua Lipa’s attitude and Hailey Bieber’s winter wardrobe all tied up in a very extra, very loud bow. Welcome into the fold. We never go against the family.

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What is the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ and why is it all over my TikTok FYP?