Made in Chelsea

Why do posh people sleep with all their mates? A very serious investigation

The Made in Chelsea mayhem has gone on long enough

Made in Chelsea has been on our screens for 26 seasons. From Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing to Miles Nazaire and Sam Prince, the show has seen a never-ending supply of posh, pretty, cast members stirring drama, swilling drinks and – at the root of it all – shagging.

Back when we actually used to get the drunken season finale debrief studio episode with Rick Edwards, the same word, from their own mouths, would come up again and again to describe the group of SW4 locals: incestuous. “In Chelsea, everyone is really incestuous,” Jamie told Digital Spy. “We’ve all been with everyone for some reason.”

MIC posh people shagging mates (1)

Yup. This lot are borderline incapable of dating outside of their postcode. Every new girl is someone’s ex. Every stranger they stumble across on holiday in Bali has had “history” with Miles from a drunken night out at Raffles. Seemingly, they all know each other.

Obviously, the producers semi-design the show this way, but something is up with this tangled little social circle of exes. Yas and Sam, Maeva and James, Sophie and Jamie— the list goes on and on and on. So, we spoke to two psychologists to figure out what the hell is happening:

So, why exactly do posh people seem to shag all of their mates?

Aside from the fact they’ve all got really great hair, Dr Gayle Watts from Turning Tides Psychology says posh people just feel safer with people like them. Oh. “We’re often attracted to people who’re similar to us as this helps create a sense of psychological safety,” she says. “When rich people date other rich people, it’s often because there’s something deep down that feels familiar. As the brain’s number one motivation is survival, we have a predisposition to seek out safety in any way we can.” So anyone outside of Chelsea, seemingly = terror.

Obviously, there have been instances where the Made in Chelsea girls suddenly have gone seemingly off piste with their dating choices. Sophie Hermann and DJ Tom Zanetti actually seemed sweet together for their brief six months off the back of Celebs Go Dating. Millie Mackintosh even married Professor Green after he swooped into one episode of season three and picked her up on the Kings Road in a black Mercedes-AMG. But, ultimately, after two years, she went right back to her Chelsea on-and-off-again boyfriend: Hugo Taylor.

Made in Chelsea sleeping together

“We’re more likely to have more in common with people who have had a similar upbringing to us, or similar experiences and opportunities,” explains Dr Gayle. “We’re more likely to share values and perhaps political opinions with people from similar backgrounds, and to have similar educational backgrounds and interests. This can again help create a sense of familiarity, safety, and ‘togetherness’.”

Dr Ree Langham from Impulse Therapy explains this principle is called homophily: “This means individuals often naturally associate with others who understand their lifestyle and values, and can create a sense of belonging and familiarity,” she says. “People find it easier to connect.” Plus, there’s the odd consideration of lineage: “It can’t be denied that for some people it may also suggest a strategic relationship which can help to preserve their family status,” Dr Ree adds. “Or, even their own status amongst their circle.” Case closed x

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