Meet Freddy Knatchbull: The hectic 19-year-old Newcastle Uni student on Made in Chelsea

He’s literally related to Prince Philip

Made in Chelsea is officially back for a Corsica spin off series and one of Joel Mignott’s super well connected friends Freddy Knatchbull has joined the cast for the six week holiday. Obviously, everybody on Made in Chelsea is posh. But this guy is next level. As in, he’s related to the royals, went to Radley College, and is one of Tatler’s most eligible people, category posh.

So, in case you’re curious about Made in Chelsea’s youngest socialite, here’s everything you need to know about Freddy Knatchbull’s family and career as the drama unfolds in the Corsica villas:

He’s a model with Select Model Management

Like a lot of MIC newbies, Freddy is a model and wants to work with high end designers like Burberry, Gucci and Prada. Despite being seriously well connected, Freddy actually started modelling after being scouted on Oxford Street by Select Model Management, who also represent David Gandy and Pixie Lott.

Freddy’s dad is the CEO of Curzon cinemas

Freddy’s dad, Philip Knatchbull, is the CEO of Curzon cinemas. They’ve got 13 cinemas across the UK and, obv, all of them are in boujee areas like Chelsea, Mayfair and Bloomsbury. Essentially, Curzon are the UK’s leading independent film distributor and cinema operator and turned over £12million in 2021. So, they’re doing OK.

He has links to the royal family

Freddy is the great grandson of Lord Mountbatten, who was Prince Philip’s uncle. “My great-grandad, Lord Louis Mountbatten, was very ‘in’ with the royal family,” Freddy told  OK! Magazine. “He was the last English Governor General of India before it became independent and he led the British against Japan in the Second World War. He used to holiday with the royals all the time. I’ve grown up in a generation that isn’t close with the monarchy anymore, but my aunts and uncles are still involved.”

Lord Mountbatten even features in the last season of The Crown. But Freddy says he hasn’t watched it.

His sister runs a women’s tailor on Savile Row

Freddy’s sister Daisy founded the fashion label The Deck, who became the first women’s tailor to have a store on London’s famous Savile Row earlier this year. The brand is pretty popular Cheltenham Festival goers and has been seen on everyone from Nicola Adams to Katie Piper over the past couple of years.

His family aren’t sure about his appearance on MIC

Freddy has revealed his family aren’t thrilled about his reality TV career choice. And, to add to their disapproval, he was taken off King Charles’ coronation guest list because he’s joined the show. “My close family will definitely have specific roles in his Coronation, but I doubt I will now I’m on MIC,” he told OK! ahead of the event.

He’s studying at Newcastle Uni

Freddy went on a gap year to Tanzania, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama between finishing at Radley College and starting his degree. But, since last year, he’s been studying politics and Newcastle Uni and told OK! he’s currently in the “student getting f****d up phase” of his life. Apparently, his uni friends didn’t know about his royal connections. So, they might have been slightly shocked when he popped on MIC.

Freddy admits he’s a nepo baby

Despite 2023 being the year for nepo babies denying they’re nepo babies, Freddy is well aware of his privelige. “It would be naive of me not to accept that my family background will give me an initial advantage in the modelling world,” he said told Femail. “But it cuts both ways. People might judge me without getting to know me first. A sort of judging a book by its cover situation. [Ultimately] I hope to develop my own identity through my hard work and dedication.”

He’s been trying to become an actor

Made in Chelsea isn’t Freddy’s first attempt at getting on screen. Last year he auditioned for a Netflix show and became “very close” to getting the lead role. “I didn’t land the role in the end but it has sort of inspired me to lean towards maybe doing some acting. It is not uncommon for models to end up in the acting industry,” he told Femail.

“I’m very comfortable being in front of the camera,” he added, which should make this season of Made in Chelsea: Corsica very interesting.

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