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Let’s get real, Zachariah isn’t the Love Island villain everyone’s claiming he is

Remove him from the villa? I think not

Most probably, I’m going to live to regret standing up for this man. But, right now, the hate Love Island contestant Zachariah is receiving online for kissing Molly Marsh during a challenge while coupled up with Catherine is total overkill. People are calling him a villain, begging producers to remove him from the villa, his own sister (Snoochie Shy) was unimpressed. And according to Jess, Whitney and Catherine herself, he’s a “disrespectful weirdo”. But is he? Or are we just deeping these villa connections way too soon? It’s been one week.

Sure, the man you’re coupled up with snogging another girl in front of you is going to hurt. Having fellow Islanders and the show’s viewers’ hungry eyes witness the betrayal too is less than ideal in terms of preserving pride. But the alternative to Zachariah acting on his feelings and instincts is scarier: A show where everyone is trapped in couples they made as soon as they entered the villa, unable to explore other options out of fear of wrongdoing, despite having basically no spark to speak of with the person in their bed. Yes, Mitchell and Molly we’re talking about you.

It’s not abnormal for Islanders to be vilified for chopping and changing their couple choices— it happens every year. Ekin Su was slut-shamed for her legendary balcony crawl in 2022. Toby Aromolaran was dubbed a chaotic king when he went from Kaz Kamwi, to Chloe Burrows, to Abigail Rawlings, to Mary Bedford then back to Chloe in 2021. But aren’t we forgetting what little time these people have known each other? You have to try on a few pairs of shoes before you know the right ones fit.

On the outside world, as literally every contestant likes to put it, people slyly date around all the time. A Hinge date here, a friend of a friend there, an unexpected stranger at a party, before they settle on the person they match with best. ‘When you know you know’ is a romantic concept but it’s not one that effectively works in practise. And you’re certainly not going to know for sure after less than a week in a Mallorca villa with a bunch of total strangers. Yet, Mitchell is calling Zachariah a “snake” with “no respect for the boys” – as if that’s what really matters.

Mostly, the drama that ruffles feathers in the Love Island villa stems from broken loyalty. But in a house full of single people who are encouraged to kiss, challenge, and plot their way to the love of their life there will always be inevitable betrayal. Zachariah shouldn’t be removed from the villa. He’s not even a real Love Island villain— he’s just the only Islander playing the game right. Mitchell should probably take note – and tonight’s incoming bombshells will no doubt help with that.

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