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Spencer Matthews shed

Lol, Spencer Matthews built an 18ft man cave and his neighbour wants it torn down

He didn’t get planning permission for the addition to his £7m Jersey pad

It’s fair to say Spencer Matthews is a man who’s generally done what he wants: Cheating on girlfriends, etc. But now his merrily self-serving behaviour has seriously pissed off one of his neighbours at his £7million house in Jersey – where he allegedly constructed an 18ft by 15ft man cave shed, reportedly without planning permission.

A petty neighbour feud is pretty much top tier gossip. And apparently, the Jersey residents problem with Spencer’s gargantuan shed was it could be seen from public ‘National Trust’ land. But Spencer didn’t think he needed planning permission for the “small agricultural tool shed” according to MailOnline as he assumed it was within the boundaries of his home (massive estate).

Spencer and his wife Vogue have now submitted retrospective planning permission for the shed but if it’s refused they’ll have to tear it down.

According to the Jersey resident who complained, Lyn Plaster, the agent working for Spencer had wrongly said the massive shed couldn’t be seen by the public. “This does not appear to be correct as it is clearly visible from the north end of Les Chemin des Hougues and a number of points within the National Trust and associated lands, most of which is also within the Protected Coastal Area,” she wrote in a letter of complaint.

“We understand that storage may be required by the applicant, however this should be located within the domestic curtilage or an appropriate place within the agricultural land subject, of course, to appropriate planning permissions,” she added.

“We would therefore request that the permission be refused, and the applicant be required to restore the field to its former condition.”

Spencer’s Jersey estate is unbelievable: It has a main house with a TV room, conservatory, library, breakfast room, conservatory, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a billiards room – and a wellbeing area with a 70ft by 30ft swimming pool, sauna, gym and solarium.

On top of that, there’s a guest cottage, two flats, a garage big enough for six cards, vegetable gardens, and lots of land. “The amount of maintenance involved presently requires only this small shed and which was erected in this location because there are no other buildings that have the capacity for storing the agricultural tools and equipment needed,” Spencer’s rep claimed.


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