Guys, Love Island has announced a new spring season and it starts…NEXT WEEK

And Will and Jessie are hosting Aftersun!!!!

 In a shocking turn of events that literally no one saw coming, ITV has officially confirmed that a spring season of Love Island is coming— and it starts next week. Yup, Love Island’s first spring series is scheduled for next Monday, 3rd April. As in, it’s only two days (!) away.

And as if that weren’t enough to have everyone clear their social calendars asap, a source also informed The Tab that the new spring series of Aftersun will be hosted by former 2023 contestants Jessie and Will, with a huge villa currently being installed on his family’s picturesque Buckinghamshire farm for the show.

“Jessie and Will have been incredibly popular on TikTok since they started posting videos together from Will’s farm,” the insider revealed. “So, ITV execs thought there’d be no better place for 12 new flirty singles to let loose than amongst the hay bails and lamb sheds at Will’s countryside home.

Love Island Will

“It makes total sense for Will and Jessie to host Aftersun, they both have so much energy” they continued. “ITV is certain the new villa, currently being built, will provide the perfect setting to get love in the air at the Buckinghamshire farm— once Islanders get over the smell of manure!” they joked.

The cast of the new season is yet to be announced, with our source not giving away any clues. But other exciting changes to Love Island for the spring farm-based series include axing the infamous baby challenge in favour of a new sheep herding game, where couples will be put to the test as they negotiate with a group of six large ewes.

Jessie Wynter on OnlyFans TV show Model Farmers

“Will’s really excited to bring the series at his family home,” the insider claimed. “He wants to show the nation more about farming life, all while helping contestants find love and a passion for the countryside. With Islanders mucking in and cracking on, it’s sure to be explosive.”

The news comes after reports revealed that ITV is going back on its plan to ditch winter Love Island and is instead commissioning another series in South Africa for 2024.

Obviously, the spring series announcement throws up a LOT of questions. Like, will the pool in the farm-side villa be heated?! What if it rains? Do contestants still have to wear bikinis all day long in the English springtime weather? And will the summer season still start in July when this is all over??

All we know is, cancel any plans you had because Love Island is officially back on Monday.

Before you get too excited… maybe check the date?

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