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The Diplomat filming locations Netflix

The Diplomat: Surprising filming locations from Netflix’s new political thriller series

The set is seriously stunning

The Diplomat is Netflix’s latest plot-twist-turning political thriller that literally nobody can get enough of right now. Starring Keri Russell, the show follows the new US Ambassador, Kate Wyler, as she figures out her new role in Britain, after being swapped in from duties in Afghanistan.

Dealing with international crises, soothing a dramatic marriage, and forming strategic alliances with other key political players— it’s all going on for Kate. But what everyone has been Googling while watching the series aren’t plot points or spoilers but where the cross continental show is filmed. So, here’s a rundown of The Diplomat’s surprising filming locations:

Ok, where exactly was The Diplomat filmed?

The Diplomat filming locations

To film The Diplomat, Netflix  headed to the Cotswolds in South West England and also shot some scenes in London, mainly around the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwhich. For other parts of the show, they travelled to Paris to filmed outside the Louvre gallery.

But there was some deception as, although Kate’s residence, Winfield House, was made to look like Regent’s Park, London, the scenes were actually filmed outside of the city, according to Manchester Evening News. 

The Diplomat filming locations

In episode one of the show, Kate lays a wreath at the memorial outside the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwhich. And Keri Russell and the rest of the cast were spotted filming the show there by fans across April to September last year. Post-filming Keri has admitted, like Bridgerton, “there’s definitely location porn” going on in The Diplomat.

“London has a pretty fun wild scene,” She told Newsweek. “It’s not all pomp and circumstance, but that is absolutely one of the characters of the show. Even though there’s definitely location porn.

“Debora [Cahn, showrunner] has said many times that doing these hour shows is a grind. So many times it’s like she was in Morocco at a night shoot, like five in the morning going, ‘This could be in England during the day.’ That’s literally how we ended up here.”

And where is The Diplomat actually meant to be set?

The Diplomat filming locations

The Diplomat’s episodes span across multiple different countries, including the UK, France and the US. But despite several of the scenes taking place in Washington DC, the majority of the scenes are in the UK, where Kate Wyler has just moved. Most episodes are set around Westminster and at London’s US embassy, which is in Nine Elms in real life.

The Diplomat is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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