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‘I f**ked up’: Jamie Laing admits why Spencer Matthews wasn’t invited to his wedding

Spencer was NOT impressed

After Spencer Matthews didn’t attend Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo’s city wedding in Chelsea earlier this month things seemed off. Like, the two of them have been best friends for decades. He should have been there. And, it turns out, Spencer wanted to be— it’s just that Jamie didn’t invite him, or his wife Vogue.

Speaking on a tense episode of Jamie and Sophie’s NearlyWeds podcast, Jamie explained he didn’t invite Spencer or Vogue to his London ceremony because he knew they were planning to be on holiday in Portugal. “I f**ked up,” he admitted. “We had our wedding, our civil ceremony, in the UK. It was a hectic process.

“Amongst the hectic-ness of getting people there and things like that, I thought Spen and Vogue were away,” he added. “Actually, Sophie took over and said, ‘Are they coming?’ and I said, ‘No, they’re in Portugal’. And I didn’t send out an invite… for you guys to come.”

When Jamie found out Spencer was upset that he hadn’t been invited to the wedding, he sent Vogue a message, hoping to get support on his side of the miscommunication. “Vogue went, ‘To be honest, Jamie, it’s not good’. And I was like, ‘F**k’,” Jamie said of the couple’s initial reaction. “I was hoping Vogue would be like, ‘Don’t worry about it!’ But she was like, ‘No, to be honest, it’s not good’,” he added.

Vogue said she had “never seen” Spencer so upset over anything as Jamie leaving him off his wedding invite list throughout their entire relationship.

“To be honest, Jamie, like, you’re my best friend in the world. Which is why I think it hurt so much,” Spencer explained himself. “Like if it was anyone else. For your wedding – I would fly three times around the world to come to it because I care about you so much.”

Oops. Fingers crossed Jamie and Sophie’s second ceremony in Spain later this month goes down a little smoother.

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