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Matty Healy

Um, fans think Matty Healy has been bad mouthing Taylor Swift in public

Will this saga never end

There is a long and winding list of wanky things Matty Healy has said out loud. But now another drama has emerged on TikTok: allegations he’s been chatting about Taylor Swift in public where a fan allegedly overheard him talking about her after their rumoured break up earlier this year.

In a video captioned “POV: you hear someone next to you talking shit about Taylor Swift and it turns out to be Matty Healy,” a user called Denyse @sweetandloaf claimed she recorded “Matty saying how he is glad to be out of LA and away from Taylor Swift and her ‘stupid fucking Swifties'” while she was at baggage claim in Honolulu airport.


Matty saying how he is glad to be out of LA and away from Taylor Swift and her “stupid fucking Swifties” 👀#taylorswiftmattyhealy

♬ karma sped up – ✨️j <3 ✨️

Although Denyse’s phone didn’t pick up “any audio” of Matty speaking about Taylor in the airport, she told users in the comments “he was complaining about her and that’s the only reason why I looked up.” But, obviously, there’s no evidence this is what he was actually saying.

However, after Denyse posted the video of Matty with the original audio (where you can only hear background noise from the airport) all of the fans in the comments started begging lip readers to get involved and figure out whether he was actually bad mouthing Taylor in public. This saga is seriously never going to end.


Replying to @Artemis =] i dont think my phone picked up any audo 🙁

♬ original sound – E

While some fans were quick to slate Matty for “talking about Taylor” others pointed out that the musicians “were friends” and it looked more like he was having a discussion with the blonde woman he’s at the airport with – not talking about somebody else.

When rumours of Taylor and Matty’s relationship emerged earlier this year, a source close to Taylor told People and the MailOnline: “They are absolutely not together and aren’t even in contact anymore. She’s enjoying being single and has been spending time in the studio and hanging out with friends in New York. This is all rubbish.”

The Tab have contacted Matty’s representatives for comment about the video who are yet to respond.

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